10 Essential Kitchen Tools You Must Have As A Baker

10 baking tools every baker should have

Written by Aisha Zakari

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July 5, 2021

Are you a baker or aspiring to be one? YES? As a baker or an aspiring one, there are certain baking tools you must have to make your work efficient, less stressful and time-consuming. I’ll be telling you these tools in this article so you can start building your indispensable baking toolkit now!

This list of tools will help you kick-start your baking once and for all. If you’re a new baker, start with this list of baking tools to set up your passion with everything you require to get that recipe right, local or international.

Baking Tools Every Baker Should Have

1. Measuring Cups And Spoons

Every baker should have this important baking tools
Every baker should have these important baking tools

As a baker, I’ve ruined recipes by using incorrect measurement and trying to use my senses and hands to get it right or even by using cups and spoons around the house. Trust me, there are ingredients that even a pinch will not suffice and that’s why you need this tool.

Baking always goes wrong when there’s no precise, accurate and adequate measurement. Having a full set of measuring cups and spoons is a beginner’s guide and a must-have to getting recipes right every time.

Most spoon sets have tablespoon and teaspoon (1tbsp, 1tsp, ½ tbsp, ¼ tsp) while cups have 1 cup, ½ cup, ¼ cup and more. Your fingers cannot give you ¼ tsp, not even a pinch can. Get these sets because you’ll use them all the time. Every time. You can get them on Amazon between $35-50.

2. Kitchen Scale

A kitchen sieve is one indispensable tool for bakers
A kitchen scale is one indispensable tool for bakers

Weighing gives you balance and this leads to an adequate mixture of ingredients. In baking, precision is everything and key. A slight mistake in measurement ruins your effort, both time and money spent.

A small kitchen is the most used and essential tool in the hands of a baker. I recommend it to every baker or aspiring to be a baker out there. You can get it on Amazon for between $20-45

3. Sieve

Sieve is an essential baking tool many bakers can't do without
Sieve is an essential baking tool many bakers can’t do without

This is useful in sifting dry ingredients like flour, sugar, leavening and rising agents as it gets out the dirt by separating them. Sometimes, flour has lumps in it and using this helps to separate the lumps and gives you fine particles as a result and your recipe turns outright.

This tool comes in handy as it can also be used to strain out water from fruit extract, say apple sauce or even mashed ginger drink. It is durable and doesn’t make any mess – also easy to clean (just dip in soapy water and rinse). It is quite affordable on Amazon, selling between $15-20.

4. Spatula and Whisk

Spatulas and whisks are a must have tool for every baker
Spatulas and whisks are a must-have tool for every baker

In baking, from mixing to stirring to folding is what you do! A spatula or a stirrer is an essential tool in baking as it gives incorporate and homogenous mixture. It is an ideal tool as it reaches every nook and cranny of a mixing bowl in folding and mixing wet and dry ingredients,
To get a thorough mixture of wet ingredients, a whisk is your best friend.

You can use it for other wet ingredients and not just eggs. You can get the full set on Amazon between $20-50.

5. Mixing Bowls

Baking could not be done without this essential baking tool
Baking could not be done without this essential baking tool

Mixing bowls come in 3-6 sizes – pick your poison. There are sizes for beating eggs and mixing dough. They are durable and amazing as it helps in giving a generous mixture of ingredients, both wet and dry thereby making them one of the essential tools for baking. Check them out on Amazon for $25-70.

6. Rolling Pin And Board

Rolling pin is a must-have for every baker
A rolling pin is a must-have for every baker

Can’t get your mind off that cookie or puff pastry or even doughnuts? I encourage you to get a rolling pin and board, it serves dual purposes. The pin is ideal for rolling out dough and the board in cutting out the desired shape as it gives you a surface to work on.

You can also the pin to crush cookies, crackers or even tortilla chips. You just need to get a bag or a sealable bag with your cookies and begin to roll on the bag to crush the cookies. It is also affordable between the range of $40-65 on Amazon.

7. Wire Rack

A wire rack is an essential tool for bakers
A wire rack is an essential tool for bakers

A wire rack or a cooling rack is a tool used in cooling baked goods like cupcakes, cakes, muffins, doughnuts. It serves as a means to get the air circulated around your baked goods – so they’ll taste just as great as they were out of the oven. It is truly an essential baking tool you must own.

You can find it for a great price of $20-35 on Amazon.

8. Hand Mixer/ Stand Mixer

Every baker should have this essential tool
Every baker should have this essential tool

Choices? Yeah, I’m giving you two! You definitely need a hand mixer in your baking toolkit. It makes mixing, stirring, blending, creaming and whipping much easier, quicker and of course, your arm doesn’t get tired.

A good hand mixer can be used in mixing dough but I suggest a stand mixer so you don’t damage your hand mixer in the process. The dough takes a long time to fold, mix and incorporate – a stand mixer is ideal for that as it has a higher voltage than a hand mixer.

As a beginner baker, a hand mixer is perfect BUT if you can afford both, get both! The hand mixer is more affordable for between $50-75 on Amazon, while the stand mixer can be gotten for $100-150 on Amazon.

9. Thermometer

A thermometer is one essential tool every baker must have
A thermometer is one essential tool every baker must have

Incorrect temperature ruins baking just as an incorrect measurement does. You end up wasting hours and money on ingredients.

There are different thermometers, of course, the oven type and the meat/oil type and lots more. Having and knowing the right temperature of the oven, the oil helps in preventing soggy, cracked, undone and burnt snacks/cakes.

Most recipes require 350-360 degrees. Have a digital thermometer so you can prevent wastage of money and time spent, like these ones found on Amazon for between $9-15.

10. Baking Pan

A baking pan is one essential tool every baker must have
A baking pan is one essential tool every baker must have

You can use a pan for almost everything and you’re in luck because there are varieties you can select from. Cakes? Brownies? Tart? A pan is an essential tool for baking.

There’s the round pan, heart, loaf pan for bread, pizza pan, muffin pan, bundt pan, square pan, pie pan and so much more. Pick your poison again – just make sure you have an oven and of course, the stovetop also comes in handy for beginner bakers. This can be gotten for $20-35 on Amazon.


As a baker, there are more tools you’ll need, these are some small basics to make your work easier as you make some recipes you’ve always wanted to. So when next you want to shop, add these to your cart!

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