10 Hobbies that Can Make You Money

10 Hobbies You Can Use To Make Money

Written by Johnson Temiloluwa

Johnson Temiloluwa is many other things creative but, first a storyteller laced with simplicity. Times when she’s not writing, she is watching movie or thinking of how to get plantain.

June 1, 2021

Do you have something that you enjoy doing? A hobby? What if I tell you that you can make money from that? In essence, you will be killing two birds with one stone. What makes a habit a hobby is the pleasure that is gotten from doing it, that you keep wanting to do it. What are those hobbies that make you money you might ask?

Stay with me and I’ll tell you.

Top 10 Hobbies that Can Make You Money

1. Writing

Do you love to write and you have your way with words that you weave them so perfectly and compellingly? Great job! This is one hobby that can make you money. You can create and monetize a blog with 5000 Naira and be earning monthly from your home or start freelance writing without any cost, which is a sure bet to making money.

You just have to know your niche and develop in it.

2. Dancing

There are numerous opportunities in dancing and most involve money. If you dance so well that it has become a hobby, you can monetize it by performing at events, applying for a competition, and putting your dance videos on social media pages to increase your chance of getting paid while dancing.

3. Photography

This is a hobby that most millennials and Gen Z take pleasure in. It can be made as a career too. Pictures can be taken with smartphones now as technology has made provisions for clear crispy megapixels of smartphones. If you are passionate about photography and know your stuff so well, you can take courses on sites like Shaw academy and Coursera to add some professionalism to your hobby. Images can be sold on sites like Shutterstock.

This is one hobby that can make you money in Nigeria. Master these 6 steps of photography and you’ll become an expert.

4. Cooking and Baking

Home cooking and baking, especially snacks and pastries are quite fashionable and trendy now. So long as you make good quality food and pastries, people will always pay for consumption.

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5. Social Media

Social media is one of the hobbies that makes you money that most people don’t know about. If you are not making any cash from your use of social media, then you really should stop that aimless late-night scrolling.

While social media has its own pros and cons, you can make good use of Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms if you have decent followers and engagements.

Social media usage is a good hobby that pays in Nigeria. Be dedicated, play it right and put in efforts to make money by promoting brands and creating content for them. Become an influencer now, and get paid. 

6. Drawing/Painting

This is one hobby that pays. Drawing is a form of visual art in which an artist uses instruments to mark paper or other two-dimensional surfaces.

If you draw or paint visual-appealing arts, you can sell them on Etsy or apply for grants and competitions. 

7. Traveling

Do you have traveling as a hobby? You can become a travel agent now as it is a good way to travel and still make money. You can also start a travel blog, where you document all your travels for your viewers.

8. Make-Up

Standing in the front of a mirror for hours and admiring the make-up you did on your face, friend’s or even a family member is cute. You can have even more fun while making several people up and get paid for it. The sweet thing, it isn’t even a 9-5 job and the working hours are flexible. 

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You could apply to work in events and media houses and get paid by making people beautiful.

9. Driving

In Nigeria, there are car-sharing apps likUber and bolt, where you can register your car and be a driver who transports people on demand. It can be a part-time job or even a full-time one.

Also, some companies hire drivers to help transport their employees to their homes and back to work. If you are one who enjoys being on the wheels, then this is one hobby that make you money.

10. Playing an Instrument

A skillful musical instrumentalist can perform at the event and can also start classes for people who want to learn thereby, gets paid from engaging in their hobby. Are you an expert in playing the guitar, drums, trumpets, or any other musical instrument at all? You can also do that. 

Now that you know how you can kill two birds with one stone by knowing the 10 hobbies that pay in Nigeria, which one will you start? Tell me in the comments. If you enjoyed this, you can check out businesses you can start with ten thousand Naira or less.

Have fun while you engage in your hobby, but make sure you make money out of it.

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