10 Signs that Your Partner is Cheating On You

10 signs that your partner is cheating on you

Written by JB Mairubutu

April 3, 2021

I have spoken to many people who are in a relationship and when I ask them what their deal-breaker is, they tell me without mincing words, ‘Cheating!’. Some say when a partner cheats on them it makes them feel inferior and leaves a negative print on them and that’s why they can never condone a cheating partner. What about you? Can you condone a cheating partner? Tell me in the comments box. Anyways, in this article, we will be looking at 10 signs that point in the direction that maybe your partner is cheating on you.

10 Signs Of A Cheating Partner In A Relationship

1. When The Communication Starts To Drop

The unspoken rule in a relationship is having good communication. That is why it is a relationship in the first place. No communication, no relationship. You can learn how to improve your communication skills here. You often hear excuses like, “I have been busy”, ” I don’t feel like it.” He or she might even avoid you guys having face-to-face communication. This is a sign that your partner might be seeing someone else.

2. When Your Partner Becomes Unreachable

When you notice that there is a particular period you can’t reach your partner maybe via phone calls or social media, it might be a sign that they are cheating on you. Or if you live together, and you notice they use their phone more often at a particular time, answers a particular call, and go far away or chats for a long period at a particular time. Sir and Ma, your baby is keeping another baby.

3. When your Partner Flares Up At Every Little Thing

When one is tired of a relationship or seeing someone else, they get irritated by one’s partner easily. He or she starts to find faults in every little thing you do. Man, it is a sign that he or she is seeing someone else. Situations like this can make even your good gesture seem bad.

4. When His Or Her Friends Start Feeling Uncomfortable Around You

There is a likelihood that the person being cheated on might be the last person to find out whereas friends are always in the know. When you notice that their friends are acting funny around you and they try to avoid you, by all means, It is a sign that your man or woman is cheating on you.

5. Emotional Intimacy Begins To Die

When a partner cheats or is cheating, he or she begins to detach from the partner emotionally. If you notice that the strain in your emotional Intimacy and you’re certain that it isn’t caused by exhaustion from work, It is glaring that he or she is seeing someone else.

He or she wouldn’t want to touch you not to talk or to kiss you. Anything that looks like intimacy with you he or she runs off. Just know that your relationship is about to end while another is about to begin.

6. When Your Partner Begins To Compare You With Someone Else

If your partner starts a new habit of comparing you with someone that he calls his friend or acquaintance, Gee he or she may be cheating on you perhaps with that person. ” Dress like this, this is how this person wears her dress and it is classy. Why don’t you do this? Can’t you see how this so person does his thing?” Cheating alert!

7. When They Start Using Their Phones Secretly

There is a sudden change in how your partner uses his or her phone. He or she starts to guard the phone as life depends on it. You can’t even touch it to check the time, you might be pounced on. This is a sign that he or she is hiding someone from you.

8. When They Begin A Close Relationship With A Particular Person Of The Opposite Sex

You notice that all of a sudden your partner is becoming very close to someone of the opposite sex. They talk for long periods, exchange text messages, and are all over each other on social media. They might even be colleagues. This could be a sign that you’re being cheated on.

9. Their Schedule Changes

Most people in a relationship know the schedule of their partners. When you give a round down of your days’ activities every day, your partner becomes accustomed to your schedule. When you notice that you can’t keep tabs on his or her activities anymore, they’veve changed their schedules and you aren’t even aware.

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It might be a sign that there is someone new and the change of schedule is to fit the person in their lives.

10. More Or Lesser Sex

If your partner starts to demand more sex in a relationship, don’t be deceived to think he or she has more cravings for you ( maybe in some situations) but most times your partner is trying to cover up a lie so he or she tries to do more so you wouldn’t suspect. If your partner starts to look less interested in sex then it is obvious that he or she is seeing someone else and they aren’t interested in making love to you anymore.

If you notice these signs, the probability that your partner is cheating on you is very high. We cannot tell you what to do or what not to do. Just do whatever brings you peace and always learn to love yourself. It is important.

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