10 Tips For Planning A Honeymoon

How to Plan a Honeymoon

Written by JB Mairubutu

April 7, 2021

Whilst wedding preparation is going on, how to plan a honeymoon is usually the number one thing on couples’ minds. After a beautiful wedding event, couples look forward to an awesome honeymoon. There are usually thrills that come with every honeymoon. It creates a bond and it is a way of recuperating from the exhaustion caused by the wedding ceremony. Honeymoons are a must. One thing that brings a strain to the minds of the couple while thinking of a honeymoon is the budget. So many couples think a memorable honeymoon can only be achieved through big budgets. Really? This is what Nollywood, Hollywood, Bollywood, and all the woods have caused. 

This is why this article was written for you to discover how you can plan a great honeymoon with that small budget. Are you ready? Leggo: 

10 Tips To Plan Your Honeymoon

1. Start Your Plans Early

It is often said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with just a step, right? Here, we say the journey to a memorable honeymoon begins by planning early. It is never too early to start your honeymoon plans for 8- 6 months before your wedding.

Look at very beautiful places around the country and if you want to travel abroad; look through places, compare prices then you can start working towards it.

2. Don’t Plan Alone

This is a warning to men. You know how egoistic men can be sometimes, they want to decide where the honeymoon will be. Please, don’t do that. It might backfire. I know how tempting it can be for choleric romantic folks, “Let me surprise her”. Please, don’t do that either. The honeymoon should be planned by you and your partner. Why? The reason is simple, the honeymoon isn’t a vacation for one person so why should only one person plan it?

Couples should do the planning together. It will help them make great choices and have them looking forward to having a great time. So, plan together! 

3. Don’t Copy Others

We were told while growing up to cut our coats or kaftans according to our sizes. Nope. Don’t cut your cut according to your size, it will put you in trouble. Cut your cloth according to your material, please. Don’t say my friend or neighbor had his or hers in Canada or Dubai so my honeymoon must be there too. It must carry the same plain and pattern.

Let your honeymoon be tailored according to the budget you and your partner can come up with. Even if you have the money to go abroad, don’t follow a generic pattern, be creative. The two of you should think of a style to have a unique honeymoon. Don’t you agree?

4. Don’t Depend On The Internet

It is good to surf the internet while planning for a honeymoon concerning beautiful places but don’t rely solely on the internet. There might be beautiful places in your locality that might not be on the internet that only friends or people around you know of. 

While planning for a honeymoon is also good to talk to friends, relatives, and colleagues. You will be amazed at the very good recommendations you would get. I remember my visit to Jos, I googled for some fine places on the internet and of course, I saw the places while I was there but my cousin took me to places that are breathtaking but not on the internet.  you can read about all the beautiful places you can visit in Plateau state here.

5. Ensure You Budget

 It is very important while planning for a honeymoon to work with an appropriate budget or set aside a budget. After doing your research and discovering places you would love to spend time together, consider the cost involved; traveling, feeding, accommodation, and others. 

6. Make Plans That Best Suits You

It will be a waste of time if all you end up doing on a honeymoon is sightseeing and mingling with new people and so on. Don’t get me wrong, having fun, seeing new places, sampling new cultures are all parts of the honeymoon itineraries. You and your partner need to have time for yourselves. It is always important to have time for R &R & R; Rest, Romance, and Relaxation. Don’t overcrowd your honeymoon. It will make sense if you spend so much time together being alone, you know? The bond between you guys will be inseparable. 

7. Make Room For Surprises

Because we mentioned earlier that you shouldn’t plan this alone doesn’t mean you should not sneak in surprises here and there for your partner during the honeymoon. Please, do this! Get her flowers, get her gifts. Gift him gifts, surprise him and see the wonders it will do. This will fuel the romance between you two. You can get more gift ideas for your spouse here.

8. Have Specific Plans

You and your partner must talk at length during the planning to know what you need; this will help you draw up specific plans and it will make your honeymoon enjoyable and not cumbersome. If you want to travel to a foreign country, find out the languages used for communication if it is a language you don’t know, plan how you would go about it and what is obtainable there and what isn’t.


9. Inform The Hotel Of The Choice Of Your Special Requests

This is after you have done all the necessary planning and have chosen a place. Let your hotel know that you’re coming for a honeymoon that could help with special packages (some hotels offer honeymoon discounts).

Inform them if you have special requests to enable them to plan ahead. 

10. Ask For Ideas on Social Media

Someone will say this is an ‘Unafrican’ thing to do. The fear that making it public might bring bad luck. Nah, ask for other people’s opinions on social media. While social media has its effects, it also has its numerous benefits. People will give recommendations and even suggest how to have your way around the place you have chosen. 

Follow these tips and I bet you you’re going to have a memorable honeymoon and don’t forget to pay up for consultation.

Lol. Enjoy your honeymoon and don’t forget to share pictures with us.

Thank you!

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