10 Verified Tips To Improve Your Memory Retention

How to increase your memory retention in ten steps

Written by Happiness Hassan

Happiness Hassan is an eloquent writer and an avid reader. She is obsessed with her faith and loves assisting women to become a better version of themselves. Her progress in life is a direct impact of her parent's endless support. That's why she is keen on self-development, parenting, and family niche. She realizes how a healthy relationship between parents and their kids can make our world a better place. In her spare time, she listens to motivational audios. In addition, she enjoys decorating, dancing, singing, and crossword puzzles.

March 30, 2021

I was once a skilled crammer who could retain thousands of words at the same in my brain and recite them all without omitting a single word. So great was the compliments that kept trolling in that at that instance, I felt like a genius. However, something was off. I discovered that once the aim of my cramming was accomplished, a few days later I wouldn’t be able to recall the things I claimed to have read. This method of reading exerted a negative effect on my memory, academic, career, and daily life. Hence, I went on a quest on how to improve my memory retention without cramming.

While cramming has its advantages, they are mostly short-term, with lots of disadvantages. Therefore, instead of cramming whatever comes your way, try understanding and applying the steps on how to improve memory retention I will share in this post.

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10 Steps To Improve Your Memory And Retention Capabilities

1. Embrace Mnemonic Methods

These are techniques used in remembering things easily, and they include;

  • Personal Interpretation

Create your abbreviation for information and ideas you want to retain permanently in your memory. Perhaps, you can be more creative by changing them into songs. For instance, I read a cookbook guide on how to bake a cake. I needed a way of remembering the major ingredients needed, so, I made my abbreviation as follows; FEBS which means F=flour/flavor, E= eggs, B=butter, and S=sugar/salt. Trust me, it works like magic and you should try it out.

  • Connect Them With Real-life Experiences

Most times people find it so hard to retain things for a long time because they only read words and information as fiction. To enhance your memory capability always relate things to real-life experience which has happened to you or someone else.

  • Restructuring

This implies that you group similar words and information, to avoid mixing up ideas in your memory. Also, break words down into similar categories to aid your remembrance and don’t crowd your brain with unnecessary information.

2. Always Focus

Do you want to master how to improve memory retention? If yes, avoid multitasking your brain when reading stuff you hope to remember forever. Learn to set your attention to one thing at a time and ensure you have understood it properly before hopping onto another.

Learning how to rein in your thoughts and focus is going to help you to achieve your goals in life.

Eric Phillips

Without focus, you can never achieve anything. Hence, to improve your retention ability become more focused.

3. Visualize The Concepts

When learning about something new, get your imaginative faculty at work and exercise them in picturing what you have just read. It’s easier to recall images of things no matter how long it might have happened.

4. Repetition Is Crucial

Repetition is another step on how to improve memory retention and shouldn’t be like cramming. The more you read words over and over again, the more your brain becomes conversant with those words.

5. Always Take A Healthy Diet

Medically, nutritional diets such as beans, tomatoes, blueberries, milk, oily fish (contains omega-3 fatty acid), Seeds, and nuts (walnut, peanut, almond) help enhance memory retention.

6. Don’t Forget To Exercise And Rest

This step might sound ridiculous to some people, but it works. Regular exercise helps to keep the brain alert and sensitive to new incoming knowledge. Likewise, rest eases the stress from the body including the brain. Both combined are effective tactics to combat forgetfulness irrespective of your age.

Take some time off right now to rest!

7. Avoid Certain Medications

There are drugs that, when taken, reduce the retention capability of the brain and affect its reasoning. They include Quazepam for anxiety, clomipramine for depression, hydrocodone, and hard-drugs like marijuana, and lots more.

8. Meditation Is Important

Always keep your mind fixed on that which you intend to remember and dwell on it for a long time. This exercise helps you study and understand that phenomenon.

As you fix your mind one fact at a time your brain adapts as you continue.

9. Read Out Loud

Oftentimes, the human brain seems to understand what is being read but in a real sense, we communicate what we want to the brain not what is written.

Hence, there can be the omission of words, but when you read-out-loud you become conscious of every word as you come across them.

10. Take Short Notes

Do you know that writing also boosts your retention capabilities? As you write your brain becomes familiarized with what is taken down.

Reading directly from a book or the internet is bulky and large for the brain to assimilate all at a time. Instead of forcing yourself, make short notes on what you need to understand.


Age is not a factor when it comes to improving memory retention. The more you practice the steps listed above you expand the speed rate at which your brain retains information, events, ideas, and phenomenal permanence.

If you enjoyed this, you can check out how you can master the art of reading fast here.

As for me repetition and mediation were my favorite steps in improving my retention and living above cramming. What are yours? Tell me in the comments section.

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