10 Ways You Can Become A Better Cook Today

1o ways you can become a better cook

Written by Feyikemi Olusesi

As a passionate writer and cooking sensation, Feyikemi Olusesi believes in express creativity with a massive touch of fun. She's especially skilled in poetry, fashion, recipe creation and photography, and she believes in all of You.

July 12, 2021

Through time, I discovered that cooking is an art and adventure. It requires skills, yes! But even more; passion, trust and a message, what you want to communicate.

As a child, playing around with ingredients, creating wonders, was what I loved doing the most, and though they weren’t always that wonderful, thankfully they were edible‚Ķsometimes.

I will therefore be sharing with you tips I’ve learnt through time, to becoming a better cook and being the best version of yourself when it comes to kitchen and creativity. I hope this helps you and I look forward to your comments on tips you’ve tried, how they worked out for you and questions you have when it comes to cooking and baking. I’ll be here for you.

Let’s dive right in.

10 Tips That Can Help You Become A Better Cook

1. Learn To Explore With A variety Of Herbs and Spices

Cooking requires practise and diligent study. When it comes to herbs and spices, just a tint could go a long way in making your foods taste even better than they use to, but knowing the right spice to use for different cooking and the right amount is very important.

A little glance through recipes books and a little study would also help.

2. Work On Your Timing

There are so many ingredients we use when cooking and different timings to use them. For example, when cooking with acids, it’s important to add them at the end of your cooking because when added early, too much heat could reduce the effects of the acid.

This also applies to diverse ingredients.

3.Work In A Clean Organized Environment

A clean environment equals a clear head. Organization is very important while working to reduce stress and improve a very nice energy flow.

It’s important to chop the onions before it’s time to use them, wash the vegetables, defrost your proteins, have a well-sharpened knife close, and bring out every tool you’ll need before you need them to avoid confusion and maintain a perfect working environment.

4. Take It Calm And Slow

It’s never too bad to take a peek online or into a recipe book when you find yourself stuck at some point. Don’t be too pressured to finish fast, it’s more important you finish well.

So if it’s getting too stressful and you’re confused about the next step, it’s advisable to get a glass of water and just relax, or better still, take a deep breath in, and have a little peek, just to be sure.

5. Master Your Taste Buds

One of the tips that made me become a good cook is every time I cook, I try to study the food with my taste buds, noting every ingredient, and spice, feeling the flavour from within and studying the effect of every ingredient has on the food. With this, I know how to balance each flavour the next time I cook.

This isn’t just with your foods, each time you eat, study the food with your taste buds and try a little, ‘guess game’.

6. Taste and Tone Will Help You Become A Better Cook

As you cook, the flavour of your food changes and develop. It’s important to taste and balance.

7. Your Measurements And Quantity Make You A Good Cook

While you want to try a little freestyle, don’t forget measurements play a huge role in cooking. From your ingredients to your spice, make sure they’re all in the right proportion.

8. Reinvent Yourself

Even while practising and becoming better daily, a little more study and questions from friends and mentors wouldn’t hurt. Add to your knowledge by increasing what you already know.

Study more, improve where needs to be and a little touch of research.

9. Practice, Practice and Practice

No great chef is born in a day. It’s important to keep practising and improving daily, growth is of the essence.

10. Be Creatively Adventurous

Don’t be scared to try out something new. Remember, different methods produce different results.


I hope these tips help you become the perfect cook you aim to be.

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