15 Reasons Why Women Cheat

Cheating in a relationship

Written by Anita Ayibatari

July 7, 2020

Cheating. This word should be among the top ten words in our Nigerian vocabulary now. It has become so predominant and normal because everyone is doing it. Women are created to be pampered as they are seen as weaker vessels, therefore, they should be handled with care. If this is true of the female gender, how then can they cheat? Why would a woman want to cheat in the first place? This is what ill explain in this article as I list out 15 of the commonest reasons why women cheat. But before that, we need to understand what is cheating?

What Then is Cheating?

Cheating can be seen as an act of deception or trickery. It could also be seen as being unfaithful or adulterous. Cheating is a very big sin in the eyes of every religion and the world in general and that is why a lot of people hide while cheating or feel shame when they are caught.

When it comes to cheating, men are always seen as the culprits and that’s why it is believed that ‘all men cheat’. Women on the other hand? Nah, women don’t cheat. They are mothers, caregivers; how then can they cheat? They barely have time on their hands as they’re so busy taking care of the home, children, husband, and everyone else in the family. So no, they can’t cheat.

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But presently, I think our eyes are opened and we can see that these believes have changed as women as seen as even better cheats than men. Stealth is a word that could be used to describe women who cheat because finding out usually rarely happens. This is the more reason why people become wary of women. They could be having an affair with two friends and yet, the men are in the dark about it. Someone once said cheating when it comes to women is mainly psychological.

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1. Attention 

As earlier stated in this article, a woman would not cheat on a man that would give her the attention she feels she deserves. Women are made to be pampered and protected and so when they feel the man no longer has an interest in them, they could go out. Why? In search of the person that would give them what they seek the most; attention.

2. Money

This is one of the 15 reasons why women cheat. A lot of people will agree to the fact that some women leave their men because they are broke. A lot of them are selfish and desire the finer things in life so they go in search of them. And they don’t want to go for silver or bronze but the Gold.

3. Payback or Retaliation

This one cannot be overlooked. What better way to repay a man than using his woman? The man would raze hell. So if you annoy your woman as a guy, just go and beg because as the saying goes ‘Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned’.

4. Sexual Issues

Simply put, if the man doesn’t meet up to the girl’s expectations, there’s bound to be issued leading to cheating.

5. Polygamy

Believe it or not, some women just can’t stay with one man. And so they just keep going from one man to another. Likewise, when they are in a polygamous relationship, they might want to cheat to be on the same level as the man.

6. Fun and Excitement

Ah, Fun! Everybody loves to have fun. This is one of the 15 reasons why women cheat. Some women just want to play around and probably make up for the boredom they’re experiencing in their relationships. Some even see as it as tasting another soup.

7. Less Effort

This is When a woman feels the man isn’t putting enough effort into the relationship or is probably using it to achieve a particular goal. So they move on to find someone who will put in all the work and effort. A classic reason why women cheat.

8. Searching for Something New

Truthfully, there’s a certain joy, attraction, and excitement that comes with something new. We have all experienced this when wearing new clothes or accessories as kids, some of us still do. In search of that feeling, they add something else to the cart instead of leaving the current relationship.

9. Lost Thrill

Cheating can seem like an adventure and yes, there are thrills to adventures. The thrill of getting caught. Or disguising messages and calls. Meeting at hangouts. As strange as that sounds, some like the peeling. It’s like a game to them. Just keep playing until you run out of lives!

10. The Ex Syndrome

Oh yes! This happens and is one of the commonest reasons why women cheat. Some women get into a relationship still having feelings for their ex and so they just find themselves going back. Some might think they’re over him but then, if they probably get to encounter him privately, they might fall again.

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11. Lack of Satisfaction

Some girls are not just satisfied. The relationship might be good but not good enough for them. So they go in search of satisfaction somewhere else. Ask any serial cheater why she cheats, and she’ll probably tell you this.

12. Lack of Intensity

Albeit very rare, some women prefer men that are rough with them and so if there’s no force, they want no part in it. This might be due to the orientation they’ve gotten in the past. Your guess is as good as mine, they need therapeutic help. Nevertheless, it’s still among the 15 reasons why women cheat.

13. Lack of Interest

Perhaps the commonest reason why women cheat. When a woman loses interest, She might not want to walk away so it won’t be like it’s her fault. So she’ll just cheat and make the relationship a living hell for the guy until he eventually leaves. likewise, when she feels the guy is no longer interested, she might not only flirt cheat but will try to justify it as well.

14. Bleak Future

If you don’t see a future with the person you are dating probably because of incompatibility or other factors, its best you leave. Yet for reasons, some women continue with the relationship and still go ahead to cheat.

15. Lack of Communication

​​​Another thing that’s normal in a long term marriage or relationship is the decline of communication. The fire in the relationship seems to fizzle out, and she starts to feel like the relationship has gotten very routine to the point where you barely speak, she’ll be much more likely to flirt and even cheat when the opportunity presents itself. Or when you barely comprehend each other, she might start looking for an alternative.

In the long run, cheating is bad and will forever be bad. No matter the reasons listed for cheating, no reason or excuse is ever good enough to justify the act itself. Cheating is a choice that people decide to go through with knowing fully well it will hurt the other person.

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Even though cheating has become almost normal in society, we should stand against it as it is killing the core of humanity and relationships. A lot of people have given up on looking for the right one as a result of the series of stories we hear on social media. Some have even gone as far as to believe they can never find true love. They can hardly be blamed, as the level of cheating has risen far beyond the reach and understanding of so many.

Trust is now bought instead of earned. And one is left to wonder if there’ll be a change. Even as we pray and hope to see a change, we should also work to be the change.

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