15 Types of Friends Around You

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Written by Anita Ayibatari

June 14, 2020

Imagine a world without friends, a world without someone to lean on, to gist, or share our sorrows with? Nah! That world would be funless, to say the least. Friends are the extra spice we need to improve our appetite, the glitter to the entire brand. We could be nothing without our friends hence the saying ‘No man is an island’. I, therefore, decided to bring you The 15 Types of Friends Around Us.

But Before That, Who Is a Friend?

A friend could be someone whose company we enjoy or someone who encourages us to be better versions of ourselves. No matter the situation, a friend is more or less a confidant, someone who knows when we feel down by just taking a glimpse at us. The importance of having friends cannot be overemphasized. Little wonder the saying ‘Friends of the same feather flock together’.

Types Of Friends Around You

Generally, the types of friends we have are always limited to two basics – Good and Bad friends. Parents are wary of bad friends and always warn their children of them. The list of friends goes beyond the good and bad.

1. The Supporters

This the kind of friend everyone wants to have. They have often tagged the ‘supporters club’. They’re always there no matter the decision you decide to take. They always find a way to be the extra motivation you need even in the lowest of times.

2. The Hype

These are almost like the supporters club but with more energy. They know to make a big deal out of even the smallest details. They support you and are all hyped about that new business no matter how small.

3. The Parent Figures

Whew! This one is your mom but in 3D. They are very honest and blunt and also very wise and mature. They’re the ones that will always be like ‘Don’t drink in my car’ ‘The music is too loud’. They are supportive but they give the parent vibe, almost boring or lacking entertainment.

4. The Narcissists

With these people, pride has a new meaning. They’re so full of themselves and see everyone else as beneath them. They can even make you feel bad and question yourself.

5. The Religious Ones

These carry the entire religion on their heads. Whatever religion they belong to is held dear to them. They don’t miss prayers and will always lead you to God in times of need.

6. The Life of The Party

These know where all the parties are happening. They always have VIP invites to all the shows and they are always persuading you to loosen up and have fun.

7. The Gossips/Backstabbers

NTA and BBC in your crew. Any single thing you say might just have been aired on international TV because these will give the world a first-class seat and entry into your private life. They are also the ones with a tab on everyone’s life. They know something about everyone and are quick to give you the full news. All you have to do is ask.

8. The Connected Ones

Don’t we all need a friend we can call when in need? These friends are friends to the governors and all the commissioners. Once the Police hold you, you can rely on them to know the DPO.

9. The Emotional Ones

Ah! They will cry you a river. Watching an emotional movie with them can be a bad idea because your tissue will finish!

10. The Hungry Ones

With an appetite of a lion, it is always wise to hide your fridge or all of its contents because these will make your pantry empty. Never ask them if they’ve eaten because the answer is always NO!

11. The Money Guys/Girls

These are the children of Dangote and Atiku. Whenever you need money, always believe that Cash Money Young Money will always come to the rescue.

12. The Broke Ones

Is there any crew that is complete without this one? They are always in a financial crisis. Like who isn’t? Sometimes, they might never repay you but, they’re your friends. The entire group of friends should just set up a trust fund for them.

13. The Late Ones

They are always late even if they were aware of the event years before the others, they always still manage to be the last.

14. The Crazy/Funny One

These take on the role of Bushkiddo and Fatherdmw in our lives. They are the life of the party. Without them, the crew might just be bored always. They make you laugh and smile and just surprise you with their madness.

15. The Forever Ones (BFF)

These are everything in one. And this friendship is almost always till death do us part. Through the highs and lows, they will always be there. In every landmark of your life, their legacy always remains.

These are just some of the types of friends we have or need. As crazy as some of them are or seem, they are the life of the party and will always bring some fun and entertainment to our daily lives. So, look through and take a pick on which one you are, which one your friends are and which one you’d like to recruit into the crew.

Remember friends bring out a part of us we didn’t even know we had. Cheers to all our friends. Don’t forget to appreciate them today and every other day.

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