This is Why You Should Let Your Children Make Their Own Decision

This is Why You Should Let Your Children Make Their Own Decision

Should parents make their children’s decisions? This has been a challenging question most parents can’t seem to find an answer to. However, there is a need for a balance in terms of decision-making for one’s kids. When it comes to the relationship between parents and their kids; the one who pays the piper dictates the tone becomes the reality. Parents believe that since they provide the necessities for their children, they are also responsible for making decisions for them.

The Need For Balance

Imposing your will as a parent on your children is one of the parenting mistakes to be avoided. However, it’s your responsibility to guide your children on the right path to tour in life. This guidance becomes more effective when you hear their opinions about a matter.

In as much as you want the best for them academically, socially, morally, financially, and otherwise. Ensure that you strike a balance by carrying them along when making decisions regarding them.

Most teenagers feel caged and deprived of their freedom of decision-making when they are being forced to do something outside their choice like being pressured to select a particular career.

Therefore, as a parent, the best you can do for your children is to offer them your advice regarding certain decisions. By stating the reason for your decisions.

Perhaps, you feel your children are making the wrong decisions, sit with them and talk about it. Tell them the consequences of their decision and also give them room to outline the reason for making such decisions.

7 Reasons Why You Should Let Your Children Make Their Own Decision

1. They Learn to Be Self-reliant

To enable your children to learn how to be independent when away from you, begin by letting them make certain decisions by themselves.

The more they learn about good decision making, the more they attain a state of self-reliance capable of managing their affairs without being confused by all other sorts of counsel that may come from their friends or others.

2.  Decision making Boosts Their Confidence

Low self-esteem can tear down a child’s emotional coordination. Subsequently, it affects every other aspect of that child’s life ost especially their academic performance.

In contrast, you can boost the confidence of your child by guiding them on the right decision to take.  Subsequently, they develop a sense of self-worth and value in themselves.

3. It Brings about Self-discovery

Most parents are yet to learn about how to discover their child’s interests. However, this is made easier when you study the choices made by your kids. For instance, instead of shopping for all the cool stuff, you think kids love, you can go with your kid and watch them select the things they prefer.

It will amaze you how your child would prefer shopping for a bunch of papers, crayons, poster color, and its kinds. Instead of shopping for fancy toys, shoes and clothes. The above is a pointer to that child’s interest— being an artist.

Furthermore, decisions made by a child that leads to self-discovery automatically provides an answer to our initial question; should parents make their children’s decisions?

4. Creativity is Enhanced During Decision Making

Decisions making helps fosters the creativity of a child—applicable to other aspects of their lives. Most importantly, decisions are taken in an attempt to solve a problem. Consider a child who lost contact with his mom in the shopping mall.  At such a point, most kids will give in to tears and appear afraid.

However, despite this, they’re compelled from within to make a decision to solve the problem by figuring out a way of locating their mom.

Next, that child approaches an adult still in fear and tears requesting to place a call across to his mom through any available cell phone. In a nutshell, that child will be found sooner than expected. Subsequently, his creativity grows to solve other problems.

5. Kids Learn to Be Responsible Whenever They Make Their Own Decisions

When children make their decisions they automatically become responsible for the aftermath of their decision—either good or bad. In other words, they learn to make quality decisions to avert negative consequences.

In addition, should parents make their children’s decisions wouldn’t be asked by most parents. This is because their children can take responsibility for their decisions.

6. It Makes Them Trust You as Their Parents

Whenever parents impose their choice on their kids unconsciously their kids begin to lose trust in them. Furthermore, they view their parents as being selfish without needing the best for them. Therefore, avoid imposing but choose to advise them. It’s easier to gain your child’s trust for future decisions when you seek their opinions before arriving at a conclusion.

When your kids trust you, they become open to tell you things bothering them. In addition, they look up to you as the right role model for them to follow.

7. Allowing Your Kids Make Their Own Decision Communicates Value

Parents communicate the feeling of value and the message of love across to your child each time you allow children to make their decisions. They realize that it’s out of a loving heart you offer them quality advice regarding their decisions.

Once this is known, be rest assured that they wouldn’t make wrong decision choices but will do what will make you proud as their parents.


Therefore, should parents make their children’s decisions? Certainly yes by offering their children advice and guidance on the right decision to make. In addition, while you advise them to be mindful of imposing your choice on them. Your role is to state the advantages and consequences of the decision they are about to take and watch them select their preference—they would always go for positive decisions with excellent outcomes.

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