Improve Your Memory and Retention Capabilities with These 10 Tips

Improve Your Memory and Retention Capabilities with These 10 Tips

I was a skilled crammer who could retain thousands of words at the same in my brain and recite them all without omitting a single word. Great!  Was the compliments that kept trolling in and at that instance, I felt like a genius. However, something was off. I discovered that once the aim of my cramming was accomplished, a few days later I wouldn’t be able to recall the things I claimed to have read. This method of reading gained a negative effect on my memory, academic, career, and everyday life. Hence, I went on a quest on how to improve memory retention without cramming.

However, cramming has its advantages, but they are short-term, with lots of disadvantages. Moreover, instead of cramming try understanding and applying the steps on how to improve memory retention which I will share in this post.

How To Improve Your Memory And Retention capabilities

1. Mnemonic Methods Helps Improve Retention Ability

These are techniques used in remembering things easily, includes Personal interpretation: Create your abbreviation for information and ideas you want to retain permanently in your memory. Perhaps, you can be more creative by changing them into songs. For instance, I read a cookbook guide on how to bake a cake. I needed a way of remembering the major ingredients needed, so, I made my abbreviation as follows; FEBS which means F=flour/flavour, E= eggs, B=butter, and S=sugar/salt. Trust me, it works like magic you should try it out.

Connect them with real-life experience: Most times people find it so hard to retain things for a long time because they only read words and information as fiction. To enhance your memory capability always relate things to real-life experience which has happened to you or someone else.

Restructuring: This implies that you group similar words and information, to avoid mixing up ideas in your memory. Also, break words down into similar categories to aid your remembrance and don’t crowd your brain with unnecessary information.

2. Focus Enhances Memory Capability

Do you want to master how to improve memory retention? If yes, avoid multitasking your brain when reading stuff you hope to remember forever. Learn to set your attention to one thing at a time and ensure you have understood it properly before hopping onto another.

Eric Phillips once said “Learning how to rein in your thoughts and focus is going to help you to achieve your goals in life. Without focus, you can never achieve anything. Hence, to improve your retention ability become more focused.

3. Visualizing The Concepts Fast Tracks Memory Retention

When learning about something new get your imaginative faculty at work and exercise them in picturing what you have just read. It’s easier to recall images of things no matter how long it might have happened.

4. To Improve Your Retention Ability Continuously Engage in Repetition

Repetition is another step on how to improve memory retention and shouldn’t be like cramming. The more you read words over and over again your brain becomes conversant with those words. Oftentimes unconsciously they begin to reply to your remembrance without struggling to recall.

5. Healthy Diet Boost Your Assimilation Ability

Medically, nutritional diets help enhance memory retention. Such as beans, tomatoes, blueberries, milk, oily fish (contains omega-3 fatty acid), Seeds, and nuts (walnut, peanut, almond). Click here to learn more about food to avoid.

6. Exercise and Rest More Often to Increase Your Retention Ability

This step might sound ridiculous to some people, but it works. Regular exercise helps to keep the brain alert and sensitive to new incoming knowledge. Likewise, rest eases the stress from the body including the brain. Both combined are effective tactics to combat forgetfulness irrespective of your age.

7. Avoid Certain Medication That Hampers Memory Retention

There are drugs that, when taken, reduce the retention capability of the brain and affect its reasoning. They include Quazepam for anxiety, clomipramine for depression, hydrocodone, and hard-drugs like marijuana, and lots more

8. To Enhance Your Memory Enjoy The Act of Meditation

Always keep your mind fixed on that which you intend to remember and dwell on it for a long time. This exercise helps you study and understand that phenomenon. As you fix your mind one fact at a time your brain adapts as you continue.

9. Reading Out Loud Improves Retention Ability

Oftentimes, the human brain seems to understand what is being read but in a real sense, we communicate what we want to the brain not what is written. Hence, there can be the omission of words, but when you read-out-loud you become conscious of every word as you come across them.

10. Taking Short Notes Helps to Active Your Brain Retention Ability

Reading directly from a book or the internet is bulky and large for the brain to assimilate all at a time. Instead of forcing yourself, make short notes on what you need to understand. Do you know that writing also boosts your retention capabilities? As you write your brain becomes familiarized with what is taken down.


Age is not a factor when it comes to improving memory retention. The more you practice the steps listed above you expand the speed rate at which your brain retains information, events, ideas, and phenomenal permanence. As for me repetition and mediation were my favourite steps in improving my retention and living above cramming.

Furthermore, do you have other methods which have helped you improve your memory retention? feel free to share in the comment section below.

This is the Correct Ways to Market Your Business Online

This is the Correct Ways to Market Your Business Online

It’s an online world and one amazing thing about it is the worldwide reach, everything is accessible to anyone just at the click of the mouse or the tap on your screen. In addition, it can create huge social networks in minutes and put you in touch with thousands of people in a fraction of a second. Every entrepreneur needs visibility and a reach to their target audience, online marketing does that well. There are two ways- spending a lot of time or a lot of money. Most people have access to the former, which is why I am going to share tips on how to market your business online without breaking a bank.

5 Ways to Market Your Business Online

1. Blogging

This started as a diary-style entry but lately, it has been incorporated into websites for many businesses.

It involves creating a blog or website with the intent of depositing writing, designs, and other media by self-publishing.

An entrepreneur that wants to get visibility for their business online should create a blog and follow through with it. However, it does not matter how small your business is, blogging helps build trust and establish clout in your industry. So long as your content is valuable and has expert information, your potential customers get to see the knowledge you have gained in your field.

2. Email Marketing

Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email.

More so, in its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing. It involves using email to send advertisements, request business, or solicit sales or donations.

How does this help your business?

It helps you reach your customers in real-time as potential customers engage emails nowadays. In addition, it allows targeted messaging and it is free (except you want some premium packages.

Mailchimp and sendinblue are good bulk emailing channels that can be used to market your business online.

3. Social Media Marketing

Social media is becoming more popular for researchers and practitioners.

Let’s check a definition – Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms to promote a product or service.

Furthermore, there are lots of ways for social media marketing to be effective. YouTube is a place to upload tutorials or videos of your product and services, Instagram is a platform to build your niche and lots more.

Social media is more than a platform to socialize now, it’s a place to make money too. Network while socializing and build your niche and your target audience will find you.

4. Search Engine Optimization

Every business owner that is interested in visibility (which I know you are) should know about SEO.

What does this mean and how does it market your brand and content?

This is a good question. SEO involves multiple strategies, actions, and best practices, all of which have the end goal of improving your website’s position and ranking in search engines – which is why it’s called “Search Engine Optimization”.

I mentioned earlier how most business owners have a lot of time to spare relative to a lot of money. SEO involves your time and learning the tactics and step-by-step ways of optimizing search engines.

It builds reach and qualified traffic without directly paying for it. This is one important “how” to market your business online.

5. Content Marketing

Content marketing isn’t about blogs, articles, and maybe social media, it is much more than that. More so, it is the format of your business content, a long-term strategy that uses content to create and build a strong relationship with your audience, improve engagement, branding and hone their attention.

This is a sure bet to getting returns from marketing your business online. It all boils down to the kind of content put out though.

In addition, good content is original, actionable, answers a question thereby providing solutions. It is creative, unique, concise, and formatted properly. This is what should be marketed.


We cannot ignore the importance of online marketing on businesses. It has now become a focus, an important one even for most entrepreneurs as you look to reach customers online and grow sales.

Start marketing, increase your branding and build your search Engine Optimization skill.

You are on a journey to sales.

How to Start Mini Importation Business in Nigeria

How to Start Mini Importation Business in Nigeria

Importation sounds like something that requires a considerable amount of money to start. In recent times, you do not need so much money to start a mini importation business as it is one you can start with 10k or less in Nigeria.

Have you been thinking of starting a small-scale importation business in Nigeria? This is for you and I’ll be your tour guide. I’ll be taking you through the steps and hows. But first…

How Does Mini Importation Business Work?

Importation is a long-standing industry that has a tremendous impact on the lives of people and the economy of the country. Mini importation business is a small-scale business that involves buying goods from abroad (mostly China or other countries) at a wholesale price (mostly in bulk) and selling in Nigeria with your profits added.

What Are the Basic Tools Needed to Start a Mini Importation Business?

These tools are things that you have access to, making it even easier to start up the mini importation business and start cashing out on time. They include:

A smartphone or personal computer

Good internet connection

A valid email address

A valid ATM card (visa or MasterCard)

An easily accessible residential or physical address

A minimum of 10k in your bank account.

How to Start a Small Importation Business

1. Decide on a Niche for Your Products

An importer should first know what they want to import, this is crucial. You can decide to import several things but deciding beforehand builds organization.

Several products can be decided on. You could even do more than one niche with a bulkier capital. This includes; clothes, accessories, gadgets, home appliances, shoes, furniture, etc.

2. Search for Products

If you have decided on the niche you want to delve into, you search for the kind of products you intend to sell. Where?

This is where your smartphone or pc comes in handy, while connected to a good internet connection, you can get access to online retail stores like Amazon, AliExpress, Alibaba, and so on, just make good use of your device in searching. The one who seeks finds.

3. Find a Supplier(s)

This is an essential step as one can easily get duped if connected to a fraudster. Also, making sure your products are quality as to do with the kind of supplier you are dealing with. So, watch.

How do you do this?

There is a section in online stores that shows reviews, ratings, and recommendations, watch this and make the best decision.

4. Buy Your Products

This is also one of the ways to start small importation business in Nigeria. After finding a quality supplier, connect with the supplier and buy your products. How?

The good news is, paying for your products is not as stressful as it used to be. Here is when your ATM card (visa or MasterCard) comes to play. The process is seamless and quite straightforward. Just ensure your bank account is funded with the amount of money you will be needing to get the products so it goes through. Doing this is your sure way of knowing your products will be shipped to you.

Now, you have paid for your goods and you are waiting for them to be shipped to you. How?

There are two ways they can be delivered:

Free Shipping

This is a long process that takes 20-30 days to get your goods delivered. You won’t be paying any money to have your goods delivered to you if you choose this.

Premium or Express Shipping

This is a short process that involves using external logistics companies to deliver your goods and it takes 2-3 days. If you are choosing this, you should calculate the cost also with your goods.

The two processes will need your valid and accessible physical address as this is where your goods will be delivered to. You will be contacted to ensure your products gets to where you are.

What Do You Do Next?

Market your goods however you want to. Be tactical and expressive. Show the value of your products and advertise them; you can do this with the internet also. At this point that you are, selling your goods is all that matters as it is what brings the profit.

After the advertisement has been done, sell to customers.

How Do You Advertise Your Products?

Talking about your business does the job of the advertisement but, placing it on the internet aids the speed and number of audience it gets to. Online Stores like Konga and Jumia can be used for this.

Also, sell to your friends and family members and ask that they refer you. Your product should speak for itself.

How Do You Deliver to Your Buyers?

There are reliable courier agents here in Nigeria that deliver fast and carefully. You just need to find one and start selling.


Mini importation business is a sure way of getting profits. It is even done in the comfort of your home and good internet. Being diligent with the processes and business also pays.

I liked being your tour guide on how to start a small importation business in Nigeria, go make profits.

Check out These 9 Businesses You Can Start with 10k or Less in Nigeria

Check out These 9 Businesses You Can Start with 10k or Less in Nigeria

Are you a Nigerian? Do you want a start a business here in Nigeria? You might wonder, “how can I make a business out of this 10k with me?” Oh, or do you even have less? Well, I am here with uplifting news – businesses that you can start with 10k or less in Nigeria. Just read on.

In a country like Nigeria, there are lots of businesses that you can set up with 10k or even less. Here are a few of them:

Businesses You Can Start with 10k or Less in Nigeria

1. Freelance Writing

Do you weave words to make readers feel every word used or do you have a delivery that gets readers hooked? Then here is your complete guide to starting freelance writing.  With less than 10k you can start up your writing business either by creating profiles on platforms like Fiverr or Upwork; or pitching to blogs or just creating sharable graphics for the services you offer and let your mutuals know.

2. Hair Making Business

Do you perhaps know how to make hair? This is for you. You could start up a hair business with 10k or even less. You could start making hair for people at the front of your house or your backyard, you don’t need a shop to begin.

3. Plantain Chips Making

If you love plantain as I do, and you’re looking to make a business out of it; making plantain chips is a profitable business you can start with less than 10k. Plantain chips are virtually everywhere; supermarkets, shops, streets, by the roadside, and even traffic hawkers. You could make yours exceptionally well and go to deliver to people that will sell them.

4. Importation of Used Clothes

The mini-importation business is one of the lucrative businesses now in Nigeria. It takes a lot of diligence but no expertise is much needed. It is also one of the many businesses that can be started at the comfort of one’s home.

Every business needs a good outlook and packaging, I’m sure you must have seen the word “thrift wears” or “thrift shop” around. It’s a trending business and it makes a lot of good cash. It takes 10k or less than to start.

5. Recharge Card and Data

Did you know that there are about 188 million mobile subscriptions in Nigeria? That is, 188 million active SIM cards which people buy airtime or data on every day. Don’t you think you can make something out of those numbers? With 10k, you can make a lot of profit from recharge card and data business.

6. Poultry Business

This is one of the most profitable businesses you can start with 10k. The poultry business is a very popular business in Africa and it has a lot of ways to work around it. Although, you need to exercise patience and do a lot of studies to know what works for the kind of birds you’re trying to rare.

7. Food Business

Are you worried about the cost of food items? You don’t have to buy a whole bag of rice to begin to sell rice. You can start small with less than 10k and grow as the profit comes in.

9. Mobile Car Wash

A car wash can be made mobile. It will involve you transporting yourself to the clients’ house and washing their car(s) in the garage or drive-ins.

It’s a business you can start with 10k. All it takes is trust-building to land more jobs though as there is insecurity in the country and potential clients have to be sure they can trust you before inviting you to their garage.

Your personality and communication skill comes to play a lot in this business. Knowing how to make people like you and want to work with you is also key.

10. Home and Office Cleaning Services

This involves the cleaning of homes and offices of clients. It will involve dusting, mopping, washing the rooms and floors of the home or office. There are also ways you could agree with your client, wiping appliances, counter, and washing toilets might be included to increase the cash to be gotten.


The good news is, you don’t need much capital. You only just need transport fare to move around to clients’ locations and relatively affordable cleaning services. This is quite a good business to venture into if you have the flair for cleaning and arranging.

These 7 C’s of Communication Will Help You a Lot

These 7 C’s of Communication Will Help You a Lot

The 7 C’s of communication are sets of guidelines and principles for effective written and spoken words. However, communication is an inseparable act of our everyday activities.

Hence, the main aim of the 7 C’s of communication is targeted at enhancing a quick understanding of what Is been communicated. 

What are the 7 C’s of Communication?

1. Clarity

It’s difficult for the human brain to assimilate series of complex words at the same time. Hence, clarity as a key factor of the 7 C’s of communication entails your spoken or written words are not ambiguous. The simplicity of content helps to reduce uncertainty while communicating.

Perhaps, you have lots on your list to communicate, begin with grouping your words into sections to aid a quick understanding of your listeners. Learn more about the tips for effective communication.

2. Concise

Almost everyone is guilty of violating this principle of communication. However, been concise implies you go straight to the point without the inclusion of the needless. To master this act, you must value your listener’s time and be disciplined not to waste it with unending talks. Learn to be brief and communicate the necessary words.

This reminds me of how I messed up my project presentation due to my inability to summarize my points within the allocated time slot. Unknowing to me, I kept on speaking about what I felt was important. Not until I decided to go into my presentation proper, then I realized I had a few minutes left. I lost my composure immediately because I had not made emphasis on what my presentation was all about in detail. The supervisors and listeners assumed I wasn’t prepared and asked me to leave the podium. But that wasn’t the case. Rather the issue was my lack of conciseness.

3. Complete

No one is propelled to take action when what has been communicated is incomplete. The next course of action of many listeners is to discard what has been heard. Immediately assume you’re simply entertaining them.

Also, suspense kills the eagerness to listen or read further. Hence, complete as one of the 7 C’s of communication ensure that all communicated words are whole encompassing all the necessary details.

4. Correct

This aspect of communication emphasizes the importance of structure and organization of grammar, diction, punctuation, and vocabulary while communicating. Ensure your words are well spelt, have no errors, and are pronounced correctly.

Incorrect spelling and pronunciation mislead the listeners and creates doubt concerning what has been communicated. Endeavour to cross-check your words before delivering them.

5. Courteous

Maintaining a good manner and regard for others while communicating saves you from the stress of arguing with them.

Always check out your tune while communicating because calm and gentle words are effective tools for convincing others and eliminating misunderstanding. Likewise, your physical behaviours such as your body language should portray respect for your listeners. 

A courteous attitude is crucial while communicating most especially those in charge of customers services in various organizations. Indeed, six out of every ten calls received are from customers who are angry and dissatisfied with a particular service. The best way to resolve their complaints is by responding to their needs with courtesy instead of responding harshly, aggravating their anger.

6. Concrete

The 7 C’s of communication also deal with the accuracy and reliability of what is being communicated. In essence, concrete means that your words are based on a precise source and not an assumption attempting to convince others.

Some years back, I was a victim of a false product advertisement communicated by a group of persons who claimed their products were antidotes for facial inflammations. Meanwhile, they were merely interested in the sales of products. Their information was not rooted in any reliable source. And lots of persons fell victims and experienced worse facial conditions than the Initial state.

7. Cohesive

Every statement communicated should aim at a particular objective and not be spoken haphazardly without focus. Therefore, been cohesive while communicating requires a flow and connection between words either spoken or written. 

You can attest to the fact that no one enjoys reading a novel in which its scenes are not well arranged with links from one story plot to another. This is because you end up been confused without understanding the main storyline of the book. 

How Do You Remember the 7 C’s of Communication?

Your brain gets to familiarize itself with the 7 C’s of communication as you read them frequently. Moreover, If you’re a salesperson, a boss at the office, or an employer. You must master these principles to maintain a mutual relationship in your business and office. Next, become Conscious, have these principles in your mind as you go about with your daily activities.

Finally, practising makes you remember the 7 C’s of communication faster. Don’t wait until you are asked to deliver a speech at the office or an occasion before you practice these keys. Start immediately with your family, friends, and neighbours. And to the larger society.


The application of the 7 C’s of communication is often difficult to practice all at the same time. But then, you can improve drastically through the realization that all the principles are interconnected. For instance, you need to state what you want to buy in a simple and brief manner, containing the exact details of what you want, well pronounced and communicated with etiquette to the seller. Likewise to every other aspect of life. 

Therefore, share with us some of your applications of the 7 C’s of communication in your daily activities.

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