7 Books That Every Entrepreneur Should Read in 2021

7 Books That Every Entrepreneur Should Read in 2021

If there’s one thing that I’m sure of, it is that learning never stops and reading a book is one way to aid learning. Elon Musk is an avid reader. Barrack Obama makes it a habit to read every night while Mark Zuckerberg reads a book every two weeks. More so, Mark Cuban reads for more than three hours every day. Bill Gates on the other hand reads about 50 books per year. With that, I decided to come up with 7 books that every entrepreneur should read in 2021

All these successful self-made entrepreneurs have one thing in common- reading books. Entrepreneurs don’t have much time at hand but they are voracious readers.

Here, I picked 7 of my own top books that every entrepreneur should read in 2021.

1. Poke the Box: When Was the Last Time You Did Something for the First Time? by Seth Godin

This mind-questioning book by this marketing superstar; Seth Godin explains the logic and thinking behind complaining about failure without actually doing anything remarkable.

It doesn’t exactly advise you on what to do but rather opens up your mind and lays a foundation on a mind refurbish. It probes and pushes one to think of inventing or starting something new, remarkable even.

Poke the box is the push that one needs to create and learn from change.

There is a phrase he made that has stuck with me- “Our economy is not static, but we act as if it is…”

Seth Godin advises entrepreneurs to stop waiting for a road map but rather draw one now.

2. Deep Work (Rules For Focused Success in A Distracted World) by Cal Newport

This is one of the 7 books that every entrepreneur should read in 2021. Focus is a skill that allows you to quickly master complicated information and produce better results in less time. There is so much noise outside your head as an entrepreneur, inside your head even. This noise causes distraction and it affects one’s focus as an entrepreneur.

Are you the kind of entrepreneur that gets pessimistic when you other entrepreneurs around you doing well? Or you are so insecure and distracted by your own and others’ voices?

The American non-fiction author and Computer Science professor wrote this book just for you.

Deep work expresses impact in a connective age like this. It states why focus is needed and goes on to provide four rules to make that happen for you as an entrepreneur.

3. The Power of Broke by Daymond John

Daymond takes one on a ride of how starting a business with a low budget can actually turn out to be an entrepreneur’s greatest competitive advantage. He started to sew t-shirts in his room and would go out to sell by the roadside.

The branding consultant shared with his own experience how the power of broke forces you to use your resources more efficiently. It forces you to connect with your customers more authentically, and market your ideas more imaginatively. It forces you to be true to yourself, stay laser-focused on your goals, and come up with those innovative solutions required to make a meaningful mark.

This is a book that every entrepreneur should read in 2021.

4. Start With Why by Simon Sinek

There are lots of thought-provoking fundamental questions in this masterpiece by Simon Sinek, one of which is, “Why are some people and organizations more innovative, more influential, and more profitable than others”

Start with why is wrapped in simplicity and interactive tone, you would almost guess that the author is a TED talker, and his talk starts with why is the third most popular TED Talk in the world.

It makes an entrepreneur question why are they are starting that business and re-strategizing. This is sure one of the 7 books that every entrepreneur should read in 2021.

5. The Art of War by Sun Tzu

If you are interested in wisdom-oriented books, this is a jackpot. The Chinese strategist made several noteworthy quotes in The Art of War but three stuck with me.

Ponder and deliberate before you make a move

There are five essentials for victory: He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight. He will win who knows how to handle both superior and inferior forces. He will win whose army is animated by the same spirit throughout all its ranks. In addition, he will win who, prepared himself, waits to take the enemy unprepared. He will win who has military capacity and is not interfered with by the sovereign.

The principle on which to manage an army is to set up one standard of courage which all must reach.

Times when you need a pat on the back or a light scold to get up and do something as an entrepreneur. During times when you need to strategize but you don’t have the muse or will, this is a book to read.

6. To Sell is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others by Daniel H. Pink

The New York Times business bestseller and author of Drive and A Whole New Mind explain how humans have the instinct to want to sell. Every day, more than fifteen million people earn their cash by persuading someone to buy what they are selling.

An entrepreneur is someone that knows how to persuade and get their products sold. Enhancing that persuasion spirit in you is made possible by to sell is human. The American author managed to make this book entertaining and informative. In my opinion, this book is specifically made for entrepreneurs.

7. Measure What Matters by John Doerr

Whether you are a seasoned CEO or a first-time entrepreneur, you’ll find valuable lessons, tools, and inspiration pages of measure what matters. I’m glad John invested his time to share this with the world.

Reid Hoffman

This review made me want to grab a copy of this piece so fast.

Measure what matters is a book for all levels of entrepreneur and it expresses explosive growth.

This book makes an entrepreneur a better entrepreneur, and an even better manager.


The growth as an entrepreneur is directly proportional to reading insightful books that every entrepreneur should read in 2021, like the ones I have listed above.

Decide today, to read one of them.

5 Reasons Why You Should Master Self-discipline

5 Reasons Why You Should Master Self-discipline

Many see self-discipline as a very difficult trait to develop and attribute it to characteristics belonging to only a few. When it comes to the aspect of self-development, it is easier to discuss a range of topics in this area than discuss self-discipline.

Years of living in a boarding school have thought me a lot about self-discipline and the traits I developed have helped me achieve goals I thought were never possible thereby making me stand out amongst my peers. Simple habits like waking up early and going to bed early can tremendously groom you to be focused and help you achieve your objectives easier.

As simple as it might sound, self-discipline is a very powerful trait, and if possessed by an individual can keep you ahead of many. At first, developing a structured disciplined path might seem difficult, but just like a muscle, the more you work on developing and using it, the stronger it becomes. Self-discipline is not limited to career growth, imbibing a disciplined routine in your normal day-to-day activities such as health, lifestyle choices, relationships, financial decisions, and a personal life choice always boosts your self-esteem and keeps you on top of your game.

The formula for mastering self-discipline is simple, begin by setting a goal, find motivation, Identify obstacles, replace old habits, be consistent, push yourself regardless of how you are feeling emotionally follow through with your intention and hard work. Still, wondering why you need to master self-discipline?

Reasons Why You Should Master Self-discipline

1. It Helps You Gain Self-control and Inner Strength

We live in a time where everything is available with a single click; we are bombarded daily with a chunk of options for every issue. Having a sense of control of your decision can go a long way in helping you stay focused on your goals.

It might be developing a healthy routine to shade some weight or daily habits to help you achieve your career goals, mastering self-discipline will help you develop that self-control to keep you focused and going.

2. Self-discipline Keeps You Going and Motivated

The past few months have been a tough one on everyone with the Covid19 lockdown. Many got infected with the virus, some losing loved ones, jobs, and everyone has to stay away indoors without socializing for months. This took a toll on everyone directly or indirectly and in a situation like this, we all need a source of motivation to keep us going and never giving up.

Life will always throw lemons at you but you need to make lemonade out of them. Having a strict regime to help you achieve your set goals will help you stay motivated to keep going and never giving up.

3. Boost Your Self-confidence

Self-confidence is a trait many struggles with, in my last article, I share a list of tips and advice on how to overcome low self-confidence and stand out amongst the crowd. If you are on a journey to build your self-confidence, mastering the art of self-discipline will make it easier for you to achieve your goal.

Developing a disciplined regime will keep you going making it easier for you to achieve your goals thereby giving you that self-confidence boost.

4. Keeps You Focused on Achieving Your Goal

One in five people are procrastinators and 20 per cent of U.S. men and women are chronic procrastinators, they delay at home, work, school and in relationships.

Dr Ferrari

This statistic is also not different from in other places around the world. To beat this habit of giving up on your goal, you will need a schedule and set of disciplined routines to keep you in check.

Mastering self-discipline will keep you focused on your goals and make it easier for you to achieve them.

5. You Become the Best Version of Yourself When You Master Self-discipline

Everyone is panicking about robots taking over their jobs in the future, although machines and modern technological innovation are already taking people out of the job market. Sooner or later modern technology will advance to a level where only experts in a field will be required. Don’t panic, this might take a while to fully come to existence.

Robots and machines are fully dependents on people, so robots and machines will still need experts to manage them. This breeds room for competition and the need to improve your skills and expertise to be amongst the best in your field.

Mastering self-discipline in all areas of your life including education, career, and skills accusation will make you a better version of yourself and make it easier for you to be recognized amongst the top in your area.


When it comes to topics like self-discipline, there is never enough tips and strategy to help guide you to achieve mastery. Self-discipline is a vital skill if included in your daily routine and all aspects of your life such as daily routine, house chores, education, career, relationship, and self-development would go a long way in moulding you to be the best version of yourself thereby making you amongst the few successful lots. It is also one of the daily habits of successful people.

There are books, materials, and videos that can guide you step by step on how to master self-discipline. With hard work and consistency, you will be a master of self-discipline. The secret of your success lays in your daily routine.

Finally, what are some of the ways that have helped you become more disciplined? Tell me in the comments section!

7 Failproof Ways to Stop Bedwetting in Children

7 Failproof Ways to Stop Bedwetting in Children

Amalala Mai pitsarin kwan ce

Ya tsula ya koma tsulawa

Da ya tsula sai da ya kai Sokoto

The above is a very popular song used to shame those who bed wet as kids. They are asked to serve punishments like carry their beds or stand naked while siblings and other family members sing the above song. This is a familiar scenario in most homes in the north where a child’s bed wets. 

Bedwetting is the loss of bladder control while sleeping at night. It is scientifically known as Nocturnal enuresis. Bedwetting is a standard developmental stage among children below the age of 5 because the child is yet to develop nighttime bladder control and only becomes a cause for concern when the child is above the age of 7.

It has been confirmed that the number of boys that bed wet is twice that of girls and that 2% of adults suffer from bedwetting. The percentage may be higher but most adults are too ashamed to talk to their doctors about it.

In most cases, people have reported dreaming that they had woken up to relieve themselves only to wake up and find that they did it in their beds.

Causes of Bedwetting

There is not an exact known cause for bedwetting but these are common factors that contribute;

1. A Small Bladder

The child’s bladder may not have developed.

2. A Hormone Imbalance

Some people do not produce enough anti-diuretic hormones (ADH) to slow down night urination.

3. Sleep Apnea 

Bedwetting is a sign that a person may be suffering from sleep apnea (The obstruction of breathing during sleep.) Urinating during sleep may become more frequent as the sleep apnea worsens.

4. Diabetes

When blood sugar is high, it may lead to bedwetting.

Other signs include passing a large amount of urine and increased thirst.

5. A Structural Problem in the Urinary Tract or Nervous System

 Bedwetting could be related to a defect in the urinary or nervous system.

6. Chronic Constipation 

Muscles that control urine and stool are the same, so when constipation is prolonged it may lead to bedwetting.

7. Genetics 

Bedwetting is mostly transferred from generation to generation though it is not clear which genes are responsible for the transfer.

In many cases, bedwetting has a genetic pattern, inherited from a parent, aunt, or uncle.

Tips to Deal With Wetness

To manage bedwetting here are some tips to help

  1. Spread out sheets and clothes in the air for proper drying
  2. Put a waterproof cover or pad over your mattress or sheets to keep them dry.
  3. Wear absorbent underwear or pads to bed.
  4. Use special skin cleansing cloths and lotions to prevent your skin from getting irritated.
  5. To help reduce the stench, Add a few pinches of salt to a bowl of warm water and sprinkle on places that have been soaked with urine e.g rugs, mattresses, etc. Scrub out and allow for drying

How to Stop Bedwetting

1. Manage Daytime Fluid Intake and Urination

Work with your child to make a habit of urinating every two or three hours during the day, even when they don’t feel the need. Have them urinate twice at bedtime — once an hour before they go to bed and then again right before they go to bed. This is one of the ways to stop bedwetting.

Encourage your child to drink plenty of fluids early in the day, rather than waiting until the end of the day to quench their thirst. Children who participate in sports late in the day should hydrate before their practice or game, then try to limit fluid intake during the evening.

2. Minimize Discomfort at Night and Provide Easy Access to the Toilet

Use a waterproof mattress cover and keep a clean set of sheets and sleepwear at hand in case a change is needed. Set a goal for your child of getting up at night to use the toilet. Help your child understand that it is more important to wake up every night to use the toilet.

To stop bedwetting, make sure the child has easy access to the toilet and provide a portable toilet if necessary.

3. Talk with your Child’s Primary Care Provider About Medication

Some children are helped by a medication — DDAVP®, or desmopressin — taken as a pill before bedtime to reduce the amount of urine produced at night.

4. Avoid Blaming or Punishing your Child

Bedwetting can damage the child’s self-image and confidence. The best way to prevent this is to be supportive. Parents should reassure the child that bedwetting is a common problem and try to avoid blaming or punishing their child. Remember, your child cannot control the bedwetting, and blaming and punishing will just make the problem worse.

If you or your spouse wet the bed as a kid, remind your child that mommy or daddy had the same issue and eventually outgrew it.

5. Enforce a “no Teasing” Rule in the Family

No one is allowed to tease the child about the bedwetting, including those outside the immediate family. Do not discuss the bedwetting in front of other family members.

6. Encourage Responsibility

Have your child help in the clean-up process. Make clean-up easy. To increase comfort and reduce damage, use washable absorbent sheets, layer sheets among waterproof bed covers, and use room deodorizers.

7. Monitor your Child’s Bowel Movements

Constipation can interfere with the complete and efficient emptying of the bladder. To stop bedwetting in children, talk to your paediatrician if your child has trouble with constipation.


Enabling your child scale through the bedwetting stage is quite challenging and requires a loaded truck of patience while you adhere to the steps listed in this post.

Also, what do you plan to do differently henceforth to help your child overcome bedwetting?

You Won’t Believe How Waking Up Early Will Change Your Life

You Won’t Believe How Waking Up Early Will Change Your Life

Did you know that scores of the world’s top executives wake up very early?  It is not because they can’t sleep the whole night and day but they know waking up early has many benefits. They believe that the earlier you wake, the more time you have in the day, which also helps in planning yourself for that day effectively. 

Furthermore, it is also advantageous to wake up early because you will feel less stressed and feel this burst of glee that you are in control over your life and everything is in order. 

Though most people find it difficult to wake up early because their body is already used to waking up late irrespective of what time they sleep. But mind you, waking up early doesn’t have to be a one-day transformation, it requires a gradual process. 

A typical example of that is like a person who is visiting the gym for the first time and wanted to go for a heavyweight for start, maybe probably a 50kg bench press. More so, if the person is able to press one up, he won’t certainly be lucky to go for the second. Why?  because his body is new to the new development and needs a gradual familiarization to be able to adapt to it. Maybe you start with 5, then to 10, and later 15, etc, till you reach 50kg. The same method was applied to waking up early. You just introduce the new development to your body.

 Maybe you are a type that wakes up at 7: 30 Am every morning, you can adjust more effectively if you ease into it, and tackle it in bite-sized chunks. I recommend you start by trying 10min interval, I.e you try and adjust to 7: 20, then if your body is getting used to waking up at that time, then you keep adjusting till u finally succeed in making it down to 5: 00 Am. 

How Does Waking Up Early Change Your Life?

Early risers are onto something. From lowering stress levels to helping one to be in control of the day. Waking at the crack of the dawn has many advantages which can change one’s life.

1. It Boosts Your Productivity

Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

Benjamin Franklin

Your productivity is greatly influenced by your daily routine, and the latter is determined effectively by what time you wake up, and thus one of the benefits of waking up early.

This reminds me of when I got a freelancing job on a particular blog site, whereby a topic was always assigned to me in the middle of the night and to be submitted same time the following day. Good and fine. It was going on well since I have nothing else to do for the day than to wake, say few prayers, take my bath, scarf down some food and be ready to tackle the assignment given by the blog site. But the story changed when a brother of mine who owns fashion apparel called on to me to join him in the business because of the workload and agreed to pay me well if I can actually help. 

Well, who doesn’t want to earn more money in addition to the one he is making?  I took the job and always resume at exactly 9:00 am and close at 5: 00 pm in the evening as regarding our agreement.

With the coming of this new job, I had to strike a balance so as not to be a barrier for the other. In view of this, I woke early at 5 am in the morning to finish up with the freelancing job before setting out to the fashion house.  The two jobs were actually a burst of glee to my bank account at the end of the month. 

2. Waking Up Early Changes Your Life Medically

It has been medically proven that waking up early enables you to reap the benefits of good health which prompt an energetic and healthy you.

It will also give you the time to perform a bit of physical exercise and to meditate which will eventually help in getting you a sense of order in life, making you feel happier. 

3. You Get Quality Sleep

This gives room to have that better sleep quality. With this, your body tends to be relaxed before the crack of dawn. And mind you, when you retire to your bed early for instance 9: 00 pm, and wake up around 5:00 am, the quality of the sleep you will have can never be compared with when you sleep at around 12: 00 and wake up around 5 am.

While you will be having 8 hours sleep in the former, you will be having 6 hours in the latter. 

4. One of The Benefits of Waking Up Early Is You Get Higher Academic Scores

When the University of Texas in the United States of America conducted research on the categories of students who scored better grades, it was concluded that those who rise early fall in that category. 

The brain tends to assimilate so well early in the morning when reading than any other time both in the day and at night. The reason is that the brain is not under any form of pressure, it has already been relaxed. So, therefore, it will be easy to understand and assimilate whatever you read at that time which will definitely reflect in your scores. 

5. Rising Early Has An Effect on Your Hormones

Waking up early as can affect two of your body’s natural hormones which are cortisol and melatonin. 


Also known as hydrocortisone, this is produced by the adrenal cortex upon that mediates various metabolic processes (such as gluconeogenesis), has anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive properties, and whose levels in the blood may become elevated in response to physical or psychological stress.  


This is a vertebrate hormone that is derived from serotonin, is secreted by the pineal gland especially in response to darkness and has been linked to the regulation of circadian rhythms

6. Waking Up Early Enables You to Pray

As Muslims will say “prayer is the sword of Muslims”, the same goes with the Christian. One of the benefits of waking up early very early in the morning makes it possible to sit comfortably and ask God whatever you want and complain to him about the problem/s you are encountering begging him to grant you your wish.

Compare to when you wake up late and still have other things to do, you will hardly say a prayer before you leave your house. Waking up early to pray to your lord will actually go a long way in changing your life from that you don’t want to that which you want. 

In conclusion 

Go to bed early and wake up early. The morning hours are good.

Jeff Bezos

Beating or Scolding? Which is the Correct Way to Discipline Your Child?

Beating or Scolding? Which is the Correct Way to Discipline Your Child?

The act of spanking children for behaving badly is stored up in the subconscious mind of most parents. Therefore, beating, scolding, spanking and its sorts come like a reflex action. It seems to be the fastest and effective tactic to show disapproval over a child’s wrong deed. However, as a parent, these are negative modes of disciplining your child. These methods are effective for a short period and cause long-term damages to a child.

Discipline is all about guiding, instructing, and training a child about the Dos and Don’ts of behaviour. In essence, teaching them to comply with the right code of conduct. However, when kids go against these rules they are being forced to face the consequences of their actions through punishment.

It’s disastrous to beat your child without stating their wrong, It passes the wrong message of cruelty to them. Besides, this creates more tendency of repeating that same wrong. Therefore, in this post, we shall be evaluating other alternatives to beating your child. 

What are the Effects Of Beating Your Kids?

1. Beating imbibes Fear in Your Child

Violence towards kids ignites fear in their hearts. They begin to view you as a taskmaster instead of a loving parent. Subsequently, your presence starts terrifying them. These sets of kids wouldn’t love to try anything new or explore with their peers. Due to fear of being spanked by their parents if they do something wrong.

2. Poor Cognitive Abilities

Victims of negative discipline lose touch with their minds and brains. They experience difficulty thinking through logical questions or manage their emotions. The danger is this since such a child no longer reason appropriately they indulge in wrong behaviour innocently and get punished. This circle continues and eventually, the child’s mental health becomes deteriorated.

3. Physical Injury

Mostly, beating a child results in physical injury. Due to uncontrollable anger, parents go the extra mile in ensuring that children sustain injuries to serve as a reminder. However, this is the wrong way to discipline your child. The physical scars might heal, although the internal scars last longer. 

Recently, there have been cases whereby in the act of disciplining a child, the object used gets in contact with delicate organs of the body such as the eyes. Resulting in further intense damages. Hence, to avoid regrets, learn to apply the alternative method of disciplining your child.

4. Decreases The Love Bond

All parents desire to be closely connected to their kids and would search out activities that can increase the love bond. However, they fail to realize that beating a child makes their initial desires fruitless. It makes no sense telling your kids how much you love them and the next minute you’re spanking them. In essence, beating detached you from your kids.

5. Low Self-esteem is Often a Result of treating a Child Violently

Beating makes a child think less of themselves, and call themselves failures. They begin to feel it’s because they aren’t good enough that they get punished frequently. Gradually they become antisocial. These kids are prone to negative self-talk and suicidal thoughts since their self-esteem is damaged.

6. Violence/Anger

The more you spank a child, you’re indirectly telling that child that beating is the standard way of showing disapproval when someone does something wrong. Therefore, when offended by their peers, immediately they retaliate by displaying aggressive behaviours.

This is The Correct Way to Discipline Your Child

1.  Give Your Child Proper Training

Don’t expect your kids to do the right thing when you haven’t told them what’s expected of them. As a parent don’t allow your kids to guess their way through. Create time to teach them the Dos and Don’ts of behaviour. They deserve to know! Failure to do this makes your child feel hated when beaten for what they had little or no knowledge about. Furthermore, ensure they are cognizant of the needful skills that help in regulating their behaviours such as effective communication skills and tolerance etiquette.

2. Teach Your Child About Consequences, Instead of Beating

In addition to knowing the right way to behave, your kids still deserve to learn about the consequences of negative and positive behavioural patterns. Let them know what punishments are attached to being disobedient. Likewise, the rewards for being obedient. This will guide them in doing the right thing and save you the stress of beating your child whenever they go wrong.

3. Withdraw Privilege When Your Kids Go Wrong

This method is based on the privilege enjoyed by your kids. Therefore, when disciplining your child, don’t hesitate to withdraw certain privileges enjoyed by your kids when they go astray. This method teaches them that what they had done was wrong.

For instance, if they are caught fighting, instead of beating them, insist they stay away from TV, video games, or outing with friends for a period of time. Oftentimes, you need to take back their pocket money for grown-up kids for some time. In addition, add up to their normal home chores as a way of showing disapproval over their manner. However, don’t go extreme with this method.

4. Reward Good Behavior to Encourage Positive Manners

Kids are motivated to do their best next time when they are being rewarded for behaving right. Rewarding them with gifts gives them a reason to continue on that same behavioural path that earns them those rewards. And shy away from negative behaviours. Let them know which of their behaviours was commended. In addition, you can make disciplining your child a fun activity to do by keeping score sheets and giving stars. Whereby, showcasing a well-mannered behaviour earns them stars and points.

5. Talking Often Resolve the Issues Between You and Your Child Compared to scolding

To succeed at disciplining your kids there will be a time when you need to sit with them and talk. Talk about why he or she misbehaved, while they talk, listen attentively. Whenever kids give genuine reasons for their actions or show remorse, as a parent your anger gets to subside. Besides, No one is above mistakes, therefore, even with the rules and consequences they can still go astray. Hence, when they make mistakes, sit them down and tell them how disappointed you’re about their behaviours. Likewise, how you expected more from them. Applying this alternative shows them how much you love them.

6. Reasoning Techniques is an Advantageous Punishment for Kids

You can discipline your child and at the same time improve their intelligence IQ through reasoning techniques. Instead of beating your kids for doing the wrong thing, give them reasoning punishment. 

For instance, when your kids go wrong, ask them to write a letter stating what they did, why they did it, and a letter of apology with a specific word count. Two copies for you and two copies for themselves. It’s wise to request that they rewrite if the letters are poorly written. 

7. Be A Role Model 

Kids are uniquely designed to watch and learn from their parents. Therefore, almost every behaviour they exhibit is copied from what they see their parents doing. This is another indicator to help you in disciplining your child. First, ensure that those things you beat your kids for are not evident in your life. Perhaps, you behave like that unconsciously. Make amends! Be a good role model for your child to emulate.


Parenting isn’t an easy route to trail on. In essence, patience is a vital ingredient in parenting. This helps you not to go extreme when disciplining your child. However, If as a parent you still struggle to manage your emotions such as anger it would be difficult not to retaliate when your kid’s misbehaviour. Therefore, work on that temperament. Keep them under control.

Finally, ensure to share your views in the comment section.

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