7 Ways You Can Discover Your Kid’s Passion

7 Ways You Can Discover Your Kid’s Passion

There is a connection between your happiness and your passion. Therefore, passion is an unquenchable longing and determination for something, either positive or negative. Discovering one’s interest at an earlier stage enhances a successful future profession. In addition, bring the feeling of joy and satisfaction to the soul. However, it’s the responsibility of every parent to discover their kid’s passion. Similarly, it’s beneficial to learn about how to find your child’s interest.

This serves as a guide to secure your kid’s future.

How to Discover Your Kid’s Passion

1. Observe Your Kids Critically

There is an inborn strength and abilities in everyone. These abilities are natural and performed with fewer struggles. Therefore, through observation, you can denote the natural strength of your kids. Ensure you keep a close watch on their behaviours, their shopping choice, and how they relate with their peers.

In addition, the things that make them happy and are easy for them to carry out. Perhaps, your child finds it fun to assist in preparing the meal. This attitude is a pointer to your child’s interest in catering.

2. Get Closer to Your Kids

Certain kinds of interest are not visible to detect easily. However, as a parent, you can find your child’s hidden interests by drawing closer to your kids. In other words, a healthy relationship with your kids aids you to discover their passion effortlessly. You must have a conducive atmosphere for communication with your child. 

Through effective communication with your kids, you can find out their interest from their words and from the things they love to talk about the most. Therefore, you need to learn about the activities that increase the love bond between you and your kids.

3. Ignite Their Creativity

Oftentimes, a spark of creativity in your kids reveals their hidden interests. That’s why you shouldn’t wait until they are much older to find out about their interest. Instead, engage them with activities that enhance their creativity.

When your kids have a high emotional and intellectual quotient they become equipped to go for the things that make them happy and fulfilled. 

4. Explore With Your Kids

Are you a parent, who is Keen on how to find your child’s interest? If yes, then you must be ready to go on adventures with your children. Locking them up within the four walls of your house wouldn’t reveal their interest. Rather, it restricts their passion. Our world is vast and filled with lots of exciting places. Therefore, allow your kids to view the beauty of the world they live in and feel the joy it brings.

During the adventure, your kids are exposed to a variety of things that can make them happy. In their happiness lies their passion. This activity includes camping, swimming, visiting wildlife parks, festivals, fishing among others.

5. Get Involved in Their Academic Activities

Furthermore, your kid’s academic performance influences their interest. This is because, beyond the scope of learning to read and write, they are exposed to various perspectives of life through the different topics taught. They learn about the lifestyle and cultural practices of others. Gradually, they start to develop an interest in the things they read about. 

As a parent, how to find your child’s interest wouldn’t be stressful for you if you cherish your child’s academic performance. Ensure you select the right school for your child and assist in doing their homework. Furthermore, read informative books together with your kids. In addition, employ the help of a private tutor if need be to enhance their academic performance. 

6. Random Selection

While you wait to discover your child’s natural interest. You should get them engaged with activities that may later turn out to be their interest or activities that the majority of children find fun doing. Your kids get to try lots of options and develop interest for any. This activity includes


Sporting activities enhance the immune system and keep the brain alert. Therefore, it’s not compulsory for your child to have an interest in the sport before you enrol him/her in sporting activities. However, go for a sport that is suitable for their age and keep a close watch on them not to go extreme.

Music/Musical Instruments

Music is food to the soul. Music goes beyond the production of sound. Rather, it awakens a dormant passion in one’s life. Similarly, you can employ this method to discover your child’s interest. Although music may not be their passion it will guide them into their passion by inspiring them. 

Vocational Skills

Academic knowledge may not be sufficient to discover your kid’s passion if it’s not visible. However, when they learn certain vocational skills it begins to surface gradually, as they pick interest in a certain skill such as tailoring, art, and craft, interior design, hairdressing, and its sort.

7. Allow Your Kid to Mingle With Their Peers

Most parents are scared of their kids being influenced negatively by their peers. However, peer group relationships also have their advantages and benefits, such as inspiring your child to become creative. As your child sees their peers excelling at a particular thing. They are inspired to try.

In addition, kids are free among their peers to express their real selves. Hence, among their peers, they begin to showcase their strength. 


Having learned about how to find your child’s interest. What matters most is the amount of support you give to their interest. Your support enhances the growth of their interest. Whereas, little support kills their interest. Always, ignore your child’s weaknesses and give more attention to their strengths. Therefore, if your kid’s happiness matters to you, then don’t hesitate to find their interest.

Finally, share with us how you’ve been able to discover your kid’s passion.

How Sharo Festival is Celebrated in Northern Nigeria

How Sharo Festival is Celebrated in Northern Nigeria

Sharo is a Fulani word that literally means to flog. It is a prominent and long-term practising tradition in Fulani culture whereby two suitors vie for a girl’s hand in marriage through flogging competition. It is performed to prove if a young man has come of age and is mature to take a spouse. A suitor has to withstand the trial of caning in order to eliminate his rival if he happened to vent his vigour. This article will tell you all about sharo festival in northern Nigeria.

Who are The Fulani People?

Fulani people are known to inhabit mainly parts of West Africa with a high population in Nigeria, Niger, Cameroon, and Chad. They are also found in some North and Eastern African countries. They speak Hausa, English, Arabic, French, and Fula or Fulfulde language.

The Fulani people are predominantly Muslims and are known to be adherents of Islamic doctrines. They usually have straighter hair and lighter skin in complexion.

The men are mostly nomadic and pastoral herdsmen as they are known to move around with their cattle. They are known to be brave, courageous, and hard-working. One of the events to examine bravery in Fulani culture is through Sharo festival.

Who is Eligible to Participate in Sharo Festival in Northern Nigeria?

Sharo is usually organized between two male adult suitors seeking for girl’s hand in marriage. In the event of the competition, the forthcoming groom will be accompanied by friends and family who at the same time would be nurturing him to withstand the brutal process to ensure that he did not sob or shed even a drop of tears, and if he unfortunately does, he is then being considered weak and would instantly be rejected by the bride’s family.

Sharo is also observed by some Fulanis during the dry season when guinea corn is ready for harvesting and it is also celebrated during the Eid-el-Kabir Sallah festivals. In such cases, it is usually held in open places such as fields, village squares, and marketplaces.

The occasions are usually graced by prominent people from within and outside the Fulani nation and Nigeria as well.

The Sharo Tournament

The sharo festival in northern Nigeria begins with various forms of skits from maiden dancers and tricksters, though, the central focus of the festivity only begins with the arrival of bare-chested, unmarried young men who are accompanied to the centre ring by beautiful young girls. Enraptured spectators cheer on in anxiety as contenders and challengers set the ball rolling while families of the contenders watch and pray not to be disgraced by their sons because it is shameful for a family whose son cannot endure the pain from the flogging.

On the flip side, conscious of the fact that pain has its edge, candidates usually recite mantras during the flogging rite which serve as some form of traditional fortification in preparation for the festival. These severe floggings often leave scars on the proud contenders who believe the scars are marks of courage and a successful transition to manhood. Other youths acting as referees observe the proceedings closely, ensuring that the strokes are fairly struck.

The contestant puts up his whip and flogs his rival at least ten times. He must by any means endure this without wincing or showing pain, lest he is branded a coward.

Families of the competitors watch the Sharo event with bated breath, hoping that their son makes it to the end because it could be quite humiliating for those who fail. While this happens, contenders recite mantras during the flogging. If a suitor however gives in and can no longer withstand being flogged, he instantly loses to the stronger competitor.

Photo: travelhubnigeria.com

The Reward for The Winner

At the end of the festival, the survivor is celebrated into manhood and is permitted to marry the girl over which the competition was carried out or any girl of his choice. If he desires to and can withstand more pain in other competitions, he can marry as many as four wives, as long as he can maintain balance amongst all the four wives.

This is per Islamic law which allows a man to marry more than one wife.

During the Sharo festival which is done to demonstrate bravery, not only should a prospective husband be able to win, he must also show no sign of being in pain or cry during the flogging.

The Prestige of Sharo Flogging

When the tournament is over, players are left with numerous scars on their bodies, but this is seen as a sign of vitality. The scars prove that the individual underwent a true test of bravery, virility, perseverance, and survival.

Is Sharo Tradition in Conformity with Modern Civilization?

Many people consider this tradition uncivilized and their reasoning may not be far-fetched because it can be viewed as a form of torment or infliction of bodily wounds.

In worst cases, things have gone wrong and a young man once lost his life to serious flogging when the cane hit the back of his head, rather than his back, in line with the rules of the game.

The Sharo festival is still celebrated by some Fulani ethnic tribes to this day and for them, it remains a show of strength and adulthood.

What do you think about sharo festival? Will you partake in one for the person you love?

How to Stay Happy and Motivated at Work

How to Stay Happy and Motivated at Work

Work can be stressful, but that doesn’t mean happiness can’t be achieved.

Zach Holmquist

I was always glued to this statement made whenever I was off to where I worked as a fashion stylist in a fashion house before my admission into the university. Though the work required much time and attention so as to meet up the deadline, but because I was so compassionate about it, I always try to create an environment of happiness for myself.

With that, I would know I am not robbed of two benefits, which are fat income and happiness. So, therefore, I took some measures which I will be sharing with you today, that have really helped keep me in staying happy at work. 

Before I start with my happiness tips, I will like you to know what it means to be happy

To be happy means allowing yourself not to be unhappy. Being happy also means showing or causing feelings of pleasure and enjoyment, which literally means that you are totally far from being hapless. 

Helpful Tips That Will Help You Stay Happy and Motivated at Work

1. Learn Self Compensation

This is mostly what I  do when I started to feel less motivated on the work at hand. By trying to bribe me with the posit that “if I am able to finish this work effectively and efficiently from this time to this time”, then I would be compensated with a menu. So with this, it kept me happy throughout the work because I know something is waiting for me as a reward. 

You don’t have to wait for compensation from anyone to motivate and make you happy at your workplace, if you know you meet up with your expectation and that of your employer on the job given, then it will be nice to give yourself some incentive. Doing so,  will not only make you happy but also boost your productivity because you have tasks yourself and you know there is something as a reward. In short, promise yourself some reward after work.

This will help in keeping you happy for the rest of the day. 

2. Learn How to Work Out

Early morning exercise at least 30 minutes makes the body energetic, active and fulfilled at work. Because it has been concluded by health practitioners that it helps release the toxins which always leads to weariness and tiredness.

Thus, engaging in early-day exercises like jogging, press up, walking, rope skipping, swimming, and the likes will make you satisfied that your body is all set to combat the work ahead. And therefore, it will leave this sign of happiness on your face even before you get to your place of work. 

3. Smile More Often

When you smile, it leads to the release of dopamine to the brain which gives happiness a chance. A smile does not only have a positive effect on your body but also has more to do in-term of your productivity because a customer who knows you to be the smiling type will never trade that smile with your competitor that has a frown or glower face on.

Always have a reason to wear a smile, whether fake or original. Unless if not smiling, makes you happy. 

4. keep the Pictures of Your Loved Ones on Your Table 

One of the ways to remain happy and excited at work is having the portrait of your loved ones; mostly the one there is a chemistry between you both on your desk. This particular picture will stand in place of her at work. And because you won’t want to disappoint her, you will try as much as possible to work not only effectively, but with a sense of happiness in you. 

But maybe there is no room for a portrait on the desk, try to picture her in your head. This will go a long way. Because, when you see your love you’ll feel happy and excited. Same as when you think about them, your brain will react the same way. 

5. Listen to Your Best Music

This reminds me of when the day is getting boring at my place of work and will want to slow down my pace,  What I usually do is turn on my music. And before I know, the vibe is back. Though at first, I didn’t know how that works for me, until when I went on a visit to my uncle’s office who is a therapist. Coincidently, he was speaking about music as a tool for getting rid of your sad and boring moments. 

However, It was there I was made to know that music helps in the release of dopamine to the brain also as does smile which therefore makes you happy. 

6. Give Yourself Enough Rest 

Be sure to get enough sleep, at least 8 hours on a stretch. This will help in relieving you from weariness, tiredness and help recharge the body’s batteries. So, therefore, making you well recharged and happy the following day.

According to the American Psychological Association, Americans who get more sleep on average tend to be healthier, happier and safer. A lot of people work throughout the day and night. But it will be an advantage for you to know that there is happiness and relief in that sleep you did not count as anything. 


A company with happy employees could increase their sales by 37%, productivity by 31%, which directly contribute toward building a high-performance work environment and improves the quality of life for all people involved with the work.

Shawn Achor, The Happiness Advantage

In conclusion, happiness altogether is a highly subjective experience. But I will live you with the above quote to ponder. Do tell me what you think in the comments box. If you enjoyed this, you should check out these hacks that will make you very likeable at work.

12 Factors You Should Consider Before Choosing a School for Your Kids

12 Factors You Should Consider Before Choosing a School for Your Kids

The aim of education is beyond the scope of learning to read and write. Therefore, as a parent who is still contemplating on how to choose the right school for your kids in Northern Nigeria, you would need to realize that education helps in cultivating the mind. To gain abilities, skills, knowledge that leads to physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, moral, and social development. 

Presently, the population within Northern Nigeria states is increasing rapidly. This growth has paved the way for more educational institutions. Similarly, this change has thrown lots of parents into confusion about which school is best for their kids. However, a standard school isn’t measured by expensive fees, online presence, or the population of pupils, although there are factors to evaluate but shouldn’t be the basis. Hence, to make the right choice, consider the below factors.

How to Choose the Right School For Your Kids

1.  Consider the Learning Environment

A conducive learning environment influences your child’s academic performance. Irrespective of how talented their teachers are, the learning environment matters. Subsequently, the health of your kids becomes liable to harmful Illnesses such as cholera, typhoid, asthma, and lots more as they learn in a congested and dirty environment.

Therefore, check out the interior and exterior outlook of the school before you register your kids. This should also include having a comfortable learning table and chair for their pupils. 

2. Ensure the School has an Updated Curriculum

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

Nelson Mandela

In essence, we only get to see our world change when the teachings our kids receive in school are competent in combating our current world’s perplexing issues. Perhaps, what is taught is still similar to the curriculum used in the 90s. I advise you to retrace your steps from such school premises. In our twenty-first century, a standard school curriculum must have Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) inculcated into their syllabus.

This approach builds your kids to be creative thinkers and problem solvers.

3. Search for Schools With Quality Teachers

Furthermore, the learning process becomes fruitless when there are no teachers to transfer the knowledge. Similarly, an incompetent teacher will impact little knowledge on your kids. This kind of teacher would always skip topics that they don’t understand, which are important to the students. In other words, skilled teachers are needed to teach your kids. 

Even as you ponder on how to choose the right school for your kids in Northern Nigeria, be reminded that your kids only excel in whatever topics they have been taught. In addition, inquire how often the school management organizes seminars and workshops to brace up the performance of their teachers.

4. Adequate Equipment must Be Available

Effective learning is achievable as the student can practise what is taught. However, beyond the theoretical aspect of education, a standard school should make provisions for workshops and scientific laboratories. This medium makes certain courses real to the students and improves their memory retention abilities.

In addition, it must have an updated library where teachers and students can research for more information.

5.  Get the Testimonies of Others

What others are saying about a particular school tells a lot about the school. Their testimonies either positive or negative is an indicator for you to either proceed in registering your kids or reconsider your decisions. Therefore, ask questions that are centred on the relationship that exists between the school management, their teachers, pupils, and parents.

In a school where there is little or no regard for parents, the aftermath is often reflected in the way the pupils are treated—harshly. 

6. Consider Their School Fees

It’s believed that all fingers aren’t equal. This same principle applies to humans. It makes no sense to go bankrupt to send your kids to school and compete with your friends and neighbours. We’ve earlier established the fact that expensive fees don’t equate to a standard educational system.

Therefore, there are standard schools with affordable fees out there. Besides, there are other family needs to solve. Thus, balance your financial chequebook and learn to cut your coat according to your size.

7. Extracurricular Activities

A standard school always creates room to develop their pupils beyond academic knowledge. Especially vocational skills. In recent times, those who excel at vocational skills have aided the eradication of poverty and brought about national development.

Therefore, as you consider how to choose the right school for your kids in Northern Nigeria, inquire about a school that teaches vocational skills such as art and craft, catering, textile and design, interior design, painting, tailoring, among others. In addition, teaches soft skills like time management, stress management, communication, and listening skills. 

8. Consider the Proximity

How close is the school to your home? To select the right school for your kids, you should ensure that the school location is accessible, and its transportation fees cost less. You don’t have to go over long distances to get the right school for your kids simply look within. 

Movement over long distances can cause stress on your kids, which in turn affects their academic performance.

9. Discipline is Another Factor to Consider

The school is a medium where kids are trained on the code of conduct that is acceptable within society. This could be achieved through regular orientation for their students. Therefore, a school with no discipline is a bait to lure your kids into waywardness. Furthermore, ensure that there are set rules and regulations against violence in the school such as bullying

In essence, as you reconsider your decision on how to choose the right school for your kids in Northern Nigeria, consider a school with effective guidance and counselling units where the majority of wrong behaviours among kids are addressed.

10. Schools With High Security Should be Chosen Over Others

The safety of your kids in the twenty-first century can’t be overemphasized. Therefore, avoid schools that don’t have strict monitoring and checkup policies by qualified security personnel. This is because there have been cases where strangers disguise themselves as parents to kidnap kids from school.

In essence, go for schools where there is a legit identification before any child can be released. Also, beware of isolated schools, the kids in such schools are vulnerable to attacks.

11. Ratio of Teachers to Pupils

Students learn faster when they can relate with their teachers and ask questions on things they aren’t sure about. For instance, a class of 50 pupils handled by a single teacher won’t produce excellent students compared to a class of 20 handled by a teacher.

Therefore, to avert sabotaging your resources while your kids profit less from your efforts, avoid the school with a congested class population to a single teacher.

12. Consider Their Parent Teachers Association(PTA)

The educational system is not for students and teachers only. Parents also play an important factor in the growth of schools. That’s the essence of PTA in a school. This creates a medium for parents and teachers to discuss challenging issues, likewise, solutions.

In addition, as a parent, you get to air your view about things you aren’t comfortable with within a school during PTA meetings. 


Education remains the fastest route to develop a child’s intellectual abilities, which leads to national advancement. That’s why it’s your responsibility as a parent or guidance to ensure they get educated in the right school. In addition, even as you reconsider the available options on how to choose the right school for your kids in Northern Nigeria, ensure the service rendered is worth your payment. 

In addition, tell us what other factors did you consider before selecting a school for your child in the comments.

How 500 Year Old Kofar Mata Dye Pit Is Slowly Dying

How 500 Year Old Kofar Mata Dye Pit Is Slowly Dying

Do you know that the prominent, notable, and only surviving dye pit which is located in Kofar Mata Kano has been in existence for over 500 years and is still functional?

Research has it that textile production dates back to the early 9th century and was well known for the rich variety of designs, colours, materials, and production techniques. Of the craft used in production and processing are the tie and dye: the fabrics were formed by the weaving process using raffia, silk, and cotton and then dyed in blue indigo.

The first documented note about fabric dyeing dates back to 2600 BC. Dyes were naturally spin-offs of vegetables, plants, trees, lichens, and insects. Some of the dyes that have been used in ancient times were indigo, alizarin, Tyrian purple, yellow, and logwood.

Dyeing in Northern Nigeria

Dyeing in Northern Nigeria

In Northern Nigeria, dyeing was carried out in Zaria as well as in Kano. Today, only the well-known Kofar Mata dyeing pits of Kano has survived which now serves as the tourist site.

Founded in 1498, the Kofar Mata pits are said to be the oldest in Africa and are the only survivor of Kano’s dye trade – which once encompassed 13 pit complexes. Located close to the city’s central mosque and Ganuwa at the same time along the emir’s palace road, its colours have adorned the fabrics of Kano’s traditional rulers for centuries.

According to some discoveries, the founders of the Kofar Mata dye pits were the earliest smartest businessmen of Kano city. They cleverly set up this industry in a time when even the western world was yet to be industrialized. The pits have played a meaningful role in economizing the business community of Kano during its time. There are about 100 dye pits at the Kofar Mata dye pits, grounds of about 12 pits below the ground with each pit being about a meter or two from the next.

The purple cotton of Kano was once outstanding throughout Africa’s arid Sahel belt, in the days when the Nigerian emirate was a centre of trans-Saharan trade in salt and gold, rivalling the fabled riches of Timbuktu. Now more than 100 pits have fallen into dilapidation and many of them are stymied with refuse and stones.

As patronage dwindles from the dye pits, the tradition started withering with many pit owners seeking greener pastures and very few were interested in practicum.

How The Dyeing Is Done

The dyers use only 3 natural ingredients in carving the dye solution and they are the Indigo plant twigs, ash from burnt wood and potash made freshly at the dye pits. All the ingredients and equipment used are locally obtained and constructed.

The preparation of the indigo dye takes up to a month; then the fabric is soaked for up to several hours for the darkest hues. The men periodically lift the fabric from the pits to drip, saying the process needs to breathe. A dash of potassium holds the colour in. When fully prepared, it may last up to a year Many believe the solution has medicinal properties and is sometimes used for traditional remedies.

Role of Kofar Mata Dye Pit As A Tourist Attraction Center

The Kofar Mata dye pits served the purpose of attracting travellers as well as traders across the Sahelian countries to the Kano, thus making it one of the most thriving cities in West Africa.

Traders from all over the country, including neighbouring Niger, Mali, and Chad used to visit the dye trunks to buy, among other local fabrics. In the indigo-vegetable dyeing pits, various designs are folded into material before dyeing, and the fabric is often beaten to achieve a decent appearance.

Most fascinating are the techniques employed to achieve colourful looks.

How Kofar Mata Dye Pit Is Slowly Dying

The historic dyeing tradition appears to have suffered a terrific setback likely due to the economic challenges the country is facing such that the successors of the tradition appeared to have abandoned it for government jobs and or other businesses instead, forgetting the skills passed down through generations.

The near-extinction of the cloth dyeing profession is not only displeasing but also a great impairment to the once blossoming Kano business empire. The heirs of the great profession acknowledged that the founding fathers and predecessors only make a name and not money from the dye profession these days. They lamented that the business activities are not as lively as they were in the past. So the younger generation has no option but to seek subsistence somewhere.

Dyeing Challenges

When the business was booming, there were about 270 dye pits in Kofar Mata Kano with thousands of workers comprising men and women, the young and the old. It was one of the major backbones of the state’s economy. Then, the famous guinea brocade and a good chunk of clothes patronized by the high and mighty were dyed at the pit.


Due to the subsiding demand and high inrush of shoddy foreign materials usually from China into the Nigerian market, more than 100 pits have fallen into dilapidation and many of them are occluded with muck and stones. The rate at which the historic practice is being passed to the next generation is very slow as many are looking for more practical ways to make living. If demand does not increase, before long the dye profession may fade away with time.

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