3 Benefits of Meditation That Will Convince You to Start Now

Benefits of Meditation

Written by Fatima Sheikh

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June 1, 2021

Meditation is gradually gaining popularity around the world. What started as a spiritual practice amongst Hindu religious practitioners is now included as a daily habit in the lives of modern-day people as a must for a healthy lifestyle. There are tons and tons of videos on YouTube teaching and recommending meditation.

Although the modern-day meditation exercise varies from the traditional religious meditation practice, meditation exercise is researched to be healthy for both mind and body is included in your daily routine.

Where Does Meditation Comes From?

Meditation originated in India amongst the Hindu religion around 1500 BCE. The Guru and Shishya (teacher and disciple) viewed meditation as a way of removing ignorance and acquire knowledge and achieve a level of oneness with the Absolute.

Centuries later, other forms of meditation developed amongst different Asian religions like the Taoist of China and Buddhists in India. By 20BCE, meditation as a form of spiritual exercise involving attention and concentration was introduced in the west by Philo of Alexandria.

Because of the numerous benefits of meditation, today it is being practised both by religious and non-religious people, without giving much attention to its spiritual origin.

The techniques have been modified and modernized to accommodate all cultures and lifestyles.

Are you stressed, feeling emotionally down, tensed, worried, or battling one or two medical conditions? Then I advise you consider giving meditation a try.

Here Are 3 Benefits of Meditation That Will Convince You to Try It Out

1. Meditation Improves Your Emotional Well-Being

Meditation benefits and practices have been developed and categorized into different types to fit different circumstances. Consistent practice of mindful meditation like mantra meditation will help you curb issues such as anger, anxiety, and mood swings. It will increase your self-awareness,
reduce stress, give you a greater sense of calm, increase your self-compassion and give you a more positive outlook towards life.

In summary, all sorts of emotional baggage might hinder your productivity and positive outlooks will be easier for you to manage.

2. Mediation Also Improves Your Physical Well-Being

Meditation might be categorized as a mindful and concentration exercise, but this series of exercises have a tremendous benefit on the physical body health of the individual.

A 2020 study of more than 6,400 participants across 60 trials showed that meditation could reduce pain in those who suffered from post-surgical, acute, or chronic pain.

Because meditation can alter the brain receptors, studies have shown that mindfulness training through meditation can benefit people battling different sorts of addictions such as substance abuse.

Research has shown that consistent meditation will improve your physical health positively by reducing fatigue, your susceptibility to premature ageing, reduce harmful inflammation, etc.

Anything that affects your emotional state positively will also have an impact on your physical outlook.

3. Meditation Increases Self-Esteem and Self-Awareness

Another benefit of meditation is to help improve self-esteem and self-confidence. Mindfulness associated with meditation boost self-awareness helping you better understand yourself, have a deep analysis of yourself and your life journey, your strength and weakness thereby helping you grow.

These deep thoughts and conversations with yourself will help you further analyze yourself through your own eyes. The result will help you accept your strength and flaws so as to know what to improve in yourself and in so doing, it gives you the confidence boost you need.

Meditation exercises like tai chi are popular in improving your awareness and self-esteem. If you are experiencing social anxiety or battling self-confidence, give meditation a try as a step to your journey to becoming better.


I love dwelling on subjects concerning mindfulness. Humans are always looking for emotional support and solutions to their emotional instabilities. Life is full of challenges and we must conquer these challenges to grow. The need for these exercises will always continue to be on the rise.

Mindful exercises like meditation might have started as a simple religious practice, but today, they have become popular and have been included as an everyday routine. There are more benefits to meditation that a single article might not contain. Further research will guide you on various
meditation styles, strategies that will fit your lifestyle and objectives.

Today meditation has advanced and can be found on modern apps and platforms for ease and convenience. Try meditation today for a healthy productive life.

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