Hausa people have their own unique foods. Even before the coming of British and the subsequent acceptance of other foods, Hausa people can boast of their own traditional foods.

On that note, here is a list of some common traditional Hausa foods eaten in Northern Nigeria.

List of Traditional Hausa Foods

  1.    Koko/Kamu: local pap made from a liquefaction liquid obtain from ground millet.    
  2. Kunun tsamiya: it is made from a powdered millet mixed with tamarind 
  3.    Kunun gyada: it is made from liquefaction of Groundnut with rice added. 
  4.    Kunun dawa: it is made from guinea corn 
  5.    Kunun acca: it is made from acca 
  6.    Fura: Gruel made from millet and mixed with milk and served chilled 
  7.    Kunun Masara: it is made from maize 
  8.    Kunun aya: this is a drink made from a Tigernut, it is similar to tiger milk. 
  9.    Kunun kanwa: This is made using millet. 
  10.    Kosai: Beans cake 
  11.    Dambu: Chicons made with rice or any grain 
  12.    Dan wake: Beans dumplings served with spices and vegetables  
  13.    Fate or gwate: Porridge made with grains, beans or yam 
  14.    Alale/ Alala: Moi moi  
  15.    Tuwo: This is a popular food eaten by the Hausas in Northern Nigeria. It is a Fufu made from maize, millet, rice, and can be eaten with different soups such as boabob, okro, Karkashi soup and so on.
  16.    Funkaso: Local snack made with wheat 
  17.   Zobo: is a natural drink which is made from hibiscus plant 
  18.   Alkaki: Local snack made from wheat eaten with honey or syrup 
  19.   Fanke: Local puff-puff  made with flour.
  20.   Awara: Tofu made from fermented soya beans flour 
  21.   Kilishi: Nigerian Beef Jerky 
  22.   Dambun nama: Meat floss 
  23.   Dubulan: Local snack made with flour and sugar 
  24.   Dashishi:  Chicocins made from wheat 
  25.   Gurasa: Local bread made from flour eaten with spices, or with soup
  26.  Miyar kuka: Soup made with Baobab 
  27.  Miyar kubewa: Okra soup 
  28.  Miyar Taushe: Soup made with spinach 
  29.  Miyar Zogale: Moringa leaves soup 
  30.  Miyar karkashi: Popular northern soup mixed with dried Karkashi leaves, and seasonings 
  31. Masa/ Waina: Rice cake, a fermented Snack made from rice or maize and can be eaten with soup
  32. Sinasir: Rice pancake made the same way as waina
  33. Wainan Gero/ Mashe: Waina made from millet, the same procedure with waina.
  34. Wainan Fulawa: Snack made from flour, eggs, and vegetables
  35. Didikwalo: Sweet potato prepared in a local way

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