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Written by Khadija Garba

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September 14, 2020

One amongst the many desires of every girl is having really long beautiful hair. Hair they can wake up and twist into whatever style comes to their mind. The dilemma of the average Nigerian girl includes not having long attractive hair (in length or quantity). This is a major reason why a lot of hair products keep selling. They all have one thing in common; ‘hair growth’ as a market strategy. Girls patronize these products with the hope of more “Rapunzel hair.” However, in some realities, they end up crippling the little hair they have been managing for decades. There is no standard manual to this hair thing, it’s either you are born with it or along the line, you got really lucky. 

But if you have natural hair and you want It to keep progressing in all departments (length, quality, and quantity), below are tips you should consider putting into practice. Some of these tips can also be used for infants and toddlers to grow with nice Afro hair. 

Tips for Effective Hair Growth

1. Stick to One Hairstylist

There is a funny belief which states having too many hands ends up crippling your hair. Whether you believe that or not, it’s important you treat your hair a little bit sacred. Don’t just let any random person dress it at any time of the day. Preferably, get a woman who can weave, make a braid, and plait using thread, etc. This gives you access to multiple hairstyle choices while keeping your hair comfortable with one person as a routine.

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Also, if anyone makes your hair twice and you don’t see any progress, I encourage you to try out another place. There are also some people whose hands and plaiting techniques are harmful to the hair. For effective hair growth, avoid them.

2. Choose Anti-Dandruff Hair Products

Dandruff is naturally harmful to the hair. That’s why it’s in the favor of your hair if you buy those shampoos, conditioners, creams that have ingredients fighting dandruff. This keeps you from unnecessary itching which most times results in wounding the scalp. Also, try as much as possible to stick to one company except if you’ve noticed damages while using any product. This can help your hair growth

3. Do More Didi Braids

Didi braids are the infamous “Zane/Hannu-biyu” hairstyle in Hausa. This braiding style is mostly done for children because it has the ability to drag out more hair especially in areas that barely have any hair. As an adult, you should do more of didi because it is responsible for hair growth and quantity enlargement. It makes the head fuller with hair. So also, it drags out the hair around the forehead, increasing the frontal hairline. It’s also a great tool to keep your forehead away from looking bald.

3. Use Shea-butter

During the process of plaiting, always carry Shea butter along with you. Shea butter is essential for hair growth. Using Shea butter on the hair gives it baby softness and prevents unnecessary hair damage. Stop mixing all types of oil to use on your hair, as this mixing sometimes promotes splitting and loss. Even though it is believed to hold dirt more due to its oiliness—using it as hair cream needs you washing your hair each time you’re going to make a new one— it is a very good tested and trusted for hair maintenance.

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The really concentrated and unadulterated one is rich creamy in color. That is the one you should always buy and use. 

4. Always Keep Your Hair Oily

Don’t wait until it’s time to make a new hairstyle before you start looking for creams. Pink oil remains a very good moisturizer especially immediately after washing the hair. So if you wash your hair, sit in the front of your mirror, pick up your chosen pink oil and comb. Oil it while combing even if you have plans to make your hair immediately or not. Dry hair withers too easily. Also, endeavor to oil your hair on a three/five day’s basis even if it’s not loose. 

5. Plait Two/Three Weeks Daily

Some of us will make their hair and won’t bother with it until five weeks later when it has lost all its lines and tidiness. Having that habit is so unkempt and unhealthy. Now, making the hair on a weekly basis might seem too soon, while monthly is a bit long to stick with one hair. Try as much as possible to make new hair twice every month— after fifteen days or at most three weeks.

I am positive with this proven and effective natural hair routines, you will see changes in growth of your hair and its overall well-being.

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1 Comment

  1. Maryam Saleh

    Do you want to know what to use that yields faster results for hair growth? Do you want the “Rapunzel hair” you’ve always wished for? Rice water is the answer to your prayers. It is very simple to make and use.
    Get a cup of rice, preferably local rice. Wash thouroghly and add 2-3 cups of water and leave for few hours(2-4 hours precisely). Squeeze the rice before filtering the water. You can use immediately, refrigerate or keep overnight; but it will ferment.
    Before using the rice water, wash your hair first. Then use a spray bottle to apply the rice water to the scalp before drenching the hair completely or use a cup or bottle to drench the hair completely. You can use when the hair is loose or plaited, it works either way. Make sure it reaches the scalp. Use a shower cap to cover the hair for an hour or two and rinse hair completely with water and you’re good to go. Repeat the procedure twice or thrice a week or even everday. It will take weeks but you’ll be surprised by the results. With this procedure and the other tips listed above your hair will be a sight to see.


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