5 Proven Ways You Can Be Happy At Work

6 Tips to help you stay happy at work

Written by Brai

Abdulganiyu Ibraheem otherwise known as Brai is a mass communication student from Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. He developed an interest in writing ever since he was in high school and hopes to be an advert content creator working in a manufacturing company. Brai is also a fashion designer whose optimism is high in owning a big fashion designing house, sewing different kinds of cloth for men and women

June 14, 2021

Work can be stressful, but that doesn’t mean happiness can’t be achieved.

Zach Holmquist

I was always glued to this statement made by Zach Holmquist whenever I was off to where I worked as a fashion stylist in a fashion house before my admission into the university. Though the work required much time and attention, I was compassionate about it. I always try to create an environment of happiness for myself. With that, I would know I am not robbed of two benefits, which are fat income and happiness. So, therefore, I took some measures which I will be sharing with you today, that has helped keep me in staying happy at work.

Before I start, I will like you to know

What It Means To Be Happy

To be happy means allowing yourself not to be unhappy. According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, to be happy means showing or causing feelings of pleasure and enjoyment. Which, therefore, literally means that you are far from being hapless.

So, here are some helpful tips you need to know that will help you stay happy at work the same way it has helped me.

5 Tips That Will Help You To Always Stay Happy At Work

1. Embrace Self Compensation

This is mostly what I  do when I started to feel less motivated on the work at hand. By trying to bribe me with the posit that “if I can finish this work effectively and efficiently from this time to this time”, then I would be compensated with a menu. So with this, it kept me happy throughout the work because I know something is waiting for me as a reward.

You don’t have to wait for compensation from anyone to motivate and make you happy at your workplace, if you know you meet up with your expectation and that of your employer on the job given, then it will be nice to give yourself some incentive. Doing so, will not only make you happy but also boost your productivity because you have task yourself and you know there is something as a reward.

In short, promise yourself some reward after work. This will help in keeping you happy for the rest of the day.

2. Work Out

Early morning exercise for at least 30 minutes makes the body energetic, active and fulfilled at work. This has been proven by health practitioners to help releases toxins which always leads to weariness and tiredness. Thus, engaging in early day exercise like jogging, press up, walking, rope skipping, swimming, and the likes will make you satisfied that your body is all set to combat the work ahead.

Therefore, it will leave this sign of happiness on your face even before you get to your place of work.

3. Always Smile

When you smile, it leads to the release of dopamine to the brain which helps give happiness a chance.

A smile does not only have a positive effect on your body but also has more to do in-term with your productivity because a customer who knows you to be the smiling type will never trade that smile with your competitor that has a frown or glower face on. Check out the top 10 reasons why you should smile every day.

Always have a reason to wear a smile, whether fake or original.

4. Have The Picture Of Your Loved One On Your Desk

One of the ways to remain happy and excited at work is having a portrait of your loved ones. This particular picture will stand in place of her at work. And because you won’t want to disappoint her, you will try as much as possible to work not only effectively, but with a sense of happiness in you.

If there is no room for a portrait on the desk, try to picture her in your head. This will go a long way, because, when you see your love you’ll feel happy and excited.

Same as when you think about them, your brain will react the same way.

5. Listen To Your Best Music

This reminds me of when the day is getting boring at my place of work and will want to slow down my pace,  What I usually do is turn on my music. And before I know, the vibe is back. Though at first, I didn’t know how that works for me, until when I went on a visit to my uncle’s office who is a therapist. Coincidently, he was speaking about music as a tool for getting rid of your sad and boring moment.  However, It was there I was made to know that music helps in the release of dopamine to the brain also as does smile which therefore makes you happy.

You should try this too.

6. Get Enough Sleep

Be sure to get enough sleep, at least 8 hours on a stretch. This will help in relieving you from weariness, tiredness and help recharge the body’s batteries, therefore, making you well recharged and happy the following day. A lot of people work throughout the day and night. But it will be an advantage for you to know that there is happiness and relief in that sleep you did not count as anything.

You should totally check out these 13 proven tips that will help you sleep better at night.


In conclusion, although Happiness altogether is a highly subjective experience,

According to Shawn Achor In his book titled The Happiness Advantage” stated that a company with happy employees could increase their sales by 37% and productivity by 31%, which directly contribute toward building a high-performance work environment and improves the quality of life for all people involved with the work.

So be happy at work now. You can also check out how these 10 tips will help boost your productivity in the workplace.

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