5 Reasons Why You Should Master Self-Discipline

why self discipline is important

Written by Fatima Sheikh

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May 27, 2021

Many see self-discipline as a very difficult trait to develop and attribute it to characteristics belonging to only a few. When it comes to the aspect of self-development, it is easier to discuss a range of topics in this area than discuss self-discipline.

Years of living in a boarding school have thought me a lot about self-discipline and the traits I developed have helped me achieve goals I thought were never possible thereby making me stand out amongst my peers. Simple habits like waking up early and going to bed early can tremendously groom you to be focused and help you achieve your objectives easier.

As simple as it might sound, self-discipline is a very powerful trait, and if possessed by an individual can keep you ahead of many. At first, developing a structured disciplined path might seem difficult, but just like a muscle, the more you work on developing and using it, the stronger it becomes.

Self-discipline is not limited to career growth, imbibing a disciplined routine in your normal day-to-day activities such as health, lifestyle choices, relationships, financial decisions, and personal life choice always boosts your self-esteem and keeps you on top of your game.

The formula for mastering self-discipline is simple, begin by setting a goal, find motivation, identify obstacles, replace old habits, be consistent, push yourself regardless of how you are feeling emotionally follow through with your intention and hard work.

Still, Wondering Why You Need to Master Self-Discipline? Here Are Some More Reasons Why

1. Gives You Self-Control and Inner Strength

We live in a time where everything is available with a single click; we are bombarded daily with a chunk of options for every issue. Having a sense of control of your decision can go a long way in helping you stay focused on your goals.

It might be developing a healthy routine to shade some weight or daily habits to help you achieve your career goals, mastering self-discipline will help you develop that self-control to keep you focused and going.

2. Keeps You Going and Motivated

The past few months have been a tough one on everyone with the Covid19 lockdowns. Many got infected with the virus, some losing loved ones, jobs, and everyone has to stay away indoors without socializing for months. This took a toll on everyone directly or indirectly and in a situation like this, we all need a source of motivation to keep us going and never giving up.

Life will always throw lemons at you but you need to make lemonade out of them. Having a strict regime to help you achieve your set goals will help you stay motivated to keep going and never giving up.

3. Boosts Your Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is a trait many struggle with. I shared a list of tips and advice on how to overcome low self-confidence and stand out amongst the crowd. If you are on a journey to build your self-confidence, mastering the art of self-discipline will make it easier for you to achieve your goal.

Developing a disciplined regime will keep you going making it easier for you to achieve your goals thereby giving you that self-confidence boost.

4. Self Confidence Keeps You Focused on Achieving Your Goals

One in five people are procrastinators and 20 per cent of U.S. men and women are chronic procrastinators, they delay at home, work, school and in relationships”.

Dr. Ferrari

Dr. Ferari, a psychology professor at DePaul University in Chicago and also the organizer of the Procrastination Research Conference stated so in this research. The statistic is also said to be no different from different places around the world.

To beat this habit of giving up on your goal, you will need a schedule and set of disciplined routines to keep you in check. Mastering self-discipline will keep you focused on your goals and make it easier for you to achieve them.

6. You Become the Best Version of Yourself

Everyone is panicking about robots taking over their jobs in the future. Although, machines and modern technological innovation are already taking people out of the job market, sooner or later, modern technology will advance to a level where only experts in a field will be required.

Don’t panic, this might take a while to fully come to existence. Robots and machine are fully dependents on people, so robots and machines will still need experts to manage them.

This breeds room for competition and the need to improve your skills and expertise to be amongst the best in your field. Mastering self-discipline in all areas of your life including education, career, and skills accusation will make you a better version of yourself and make it
easier for you to be recognized amongst the top in your area.


When it comes to topics like self-discipline, there is never enough tips and strategy to help guide you to achieve mastery. Self-discipline is a vital skill if included in your daily routine and all aspects of your life such as daily routine, house chores, education, career, relationship, and self-development would go a long way in moulding you to be the best version of yourself thereby, making you amongst the few successful lots.

There are books, materials, and videos that can guide you step by step on how to master self-discipline. With hard work and consistency, you will be a master of self-discipline.

The secret of your success lies in your daily routine.

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