56 Different Ways Of Saying I Love You

50 ways to say I love you without actually saying it

Written by Aisha Zakari

Zakari Aisha Saliu is a passionate cook who loves to travel and meet new people. Her exposure to places and people is her strength in learning new recipes. She is a diverse and passionate writer on topics related to personal development, humanity, relationships, entrepreneurial skills and life in general.

July 11, 2021

How do you express love without saying “I love you”? People find it a bit hard to say those words but they show their feelings, love and affection more by using actions and love language. A relationship should always have more twists; couples should spice things up a little bit. Why not use something different to get your partner to blush and have butterflies in their tummy?

I’ll be telling you the love languages your partner may be showing you without necessarily saying “I love you” and how to say “I love you” without saying it. These languages and words are indeed uplifting as it makes them feel special. loved and appreciated. Let’s get right to it!!

How To Say I Love You Through Your Actions

1. Words Of Affirmation

The relationship works with affirmation and reassurances. Both parties want to be assured that they are loved and appreciated. Words like;

I never get tired of you

I’m so lucky to have you, babe

You complete me, in and out.

are reassuring. You should tell your partner how much you love and appreciate them in this way or other ways they make you feel without saying “I love you”

2. Spend Time Together

Relationship comes with commitment every step of the way. Some partner prefers spending quality time with you rather than just saying “I love you” over the phone.

They take the next flight or bus to get to you just to share their feelings, thoughts with you and to be with you. This is an effort that says I love you without saying it and is most appreciated and a love language if you ask me.

3. Getting Spoiled With Gifts

Some people’s love language is to get their partner’s gifts. Now don’t get me wrong because I don’t mean expensive gifts, being materialistic or extravagant lifestyle but by how important this gift will mean to them.

It could be a key holder for instance because you know how much your partner has been struggling with a bunch of keys. Getting them this will mean a lot as you’ve eased the struggles they go through.

The thought counts in this situation, don’t forget in this little way is how to say I love you without saying it. You can check out 44 gifts ideas for him and her.

4. Being Thoughtful

I’m a great lover. How do I know? I’ll tell you…

Being with a partner means being there for them, in their health and sickness, good or bad. I’ve found myself cooking most of the time for my partner.

Like the adage goes “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” Yes, I love cooking and when it comes to him, I do it with more love, effort, energy and warm thoughts. We all know men have a huge appetite. I know.

Why do I cook? I know he will like it, appreciate it and I’m also expressing my affection towards him and how I say I love you without saying it. Little things they say matter. Trust me, they do.

Having your partner do this or any other thing (cutting your nails, helping with the trash, sharing the bills) for you means they are expressing how much they love and appreciate you without words can say.

5. Flirting

This sparks the relationship. Some partners like to flirt even after they already have you and this is quite important. It shows they still find you just as attractive as they did from day one.

If your partner does this, you have to understand their love language to appreciate them more.

6. Public Display of Affection (PDA)

Public display of affection has to be my biggest love language. A slight peck on the cheek, a kiss, or even holding hands sends adrenaline all over you and has butterflies in your tummy in the blink of an eye.

They are small efforts but they hold huge and vast volumes. If your partner does this, this is a love language.

Words You Can Say Instead Of Saying I Love You

7. You’re my girl

8. I love your annoying-ass snore

9. I love how you make me feel

10. I like spending time with you. No, I love it

11. I love your crazy, playful self

12. I love how your eyes lit when you talk

13. I can’t imagine life without you

14. I feel blessed and lucky to have you

15. I think about you and I smile

16.You make my heart smile and warm

17. I miss you

18. I’m here for you

19. I want to grow with you

20. I enjoy your company

21. How can I live without you?

22. There’s no one, absolutely no one I’d rather be with

23.Your laugh is my favourite sound

24. I’m crazy about you

25. I lost my heart to you

26. You turn me on

27. I’m addicted to you

28. You’re always on my mind

29. You’re my ride or die

30. I love your awkward loud laugh

31. I love waking up next to you

32. I love the warmth in your eyes

33. I love kissing you weirdly to annoy you

34. I love picking what to wear for you

35. You’re my baby, baby

36. I’m all yours

37. I’m infatuated with you, over and over

38. I’m smitten by you

39. You’re my world, I’ll always run back to you

40. I’m fond of you, always

41. Je t’aime, meaning I love you in French

42. Te quiero, meaning I want you in Spanish

43. Te amo, meaning I love you in Spanish

44. I feel loved looking at you

45. I love your eyes

46. I love your smile

47. This reminded me of you

48. You’re my favourite

49. You’re the one

50. You’re worth it

51. My heart lit up thinking about you

52.You complete me

53. You’re beautiful

54. You are my superman/superwoman

55. You make me want to achieve more

56. I’m proud of the person you’re becoming


Express your love, feelings and affections by communicating in words and non-verbal ways. Saying “I love you” is essential in a relationship but saying it at the end of every phone call or text might become boring as it is already expected of you to say it as you always do.

Some people aren’t always moved by those words because they have a love language. There are tons of ways of expressing how you feel and how to say I love you without saying it to your partner.

Now go ahead, use them and spice up that relationship!

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