6 Easy Steps to Learn Photography

Written by Johnson Temiloluwa

May 23, 2021

One thing I will always cherish about photography is the way it de-stresses me. It can be used to stabilize emotional and mental health – just like every other art. To follow the steps to learn photography can start from it being a hobby and it is self-taught, however, the passion and creativity for it must come from you.

Being behind the camera teaches one focus, patience and perseverance. But first, are you interested in photography? Do you take great pictures with your phone? Do you love the idea of capturing moments and making people smile?

If your answer is yes!

Then I think you have what it takes to be a good photographer, just keep reading and we’ll show you 6 easy steps on how to learn photography for free online.

1. Enrol yourself in a photography workshop

I facilitated a photography workshop sometime last year, we talked about the basics of photography, did exams and there were a lot of practicals. The workshop was interactive and there were testimonies from people – sharing the things they’ve learnt and how the workshop had helped them.

Check around, there are photography workshops around. Check online, you’ll find them there. Register and join. Sometimes, google gets it done for you, just type “photography workshops near you”.

There is always something around; online or offline.

2. Take Free Online Photography Courses

When I mentioned passion, I meant a strong and energetic will that makes one be in a “doing” state. You are passionate about photography, what then do you do to learn or even advance the skills? 

Surf the net and take online courses. There are many resources online as there are sites that are willing to teach you photography for free.

You can browse through Udemy Free Photography Courses and Tutorials, or start with Photography Beginners: DSLR Photography Camera Settings.

Skillshare and ShawAcademy also have some Photography Course Available Online.

There are sites that you don’t even have to login or actively register for a course, they produce you with relevant articles and “how to” for photography and even post processing.

Other examples include; Photo.net, PictureCorrect, Tutplus, Creativelive and lots more by searching Google.

Online courses are flexible and self-paced, just think of it as scrolling through social media with attention and notes. This is an effective way on learning photography for free online.

3. Watch YouTube videos 

I was talking to someone last week and I said, “online is the new world”. You can literally find anything, I repeat- anything you are seeking for online. 

Well curated videos draws attention, our brain engage with videos. 

As of 2020, there was an estimate of 2.1 billion YouTube users worldwide. The streaming service is particularly popular with younger internet users.

YouTube is a space where you can learn everything you need to know about photography for free online, just make the search and start watching.

See this video.

4. Master the Camera Settings

It is most likely that you have seen YouTube videos where the onscreen tutor talks about the parts of camera and mastering the art of camera. 

Now, you have gotten the knowledge, put it to use. 

You have a DSLR (Digital single lens reflex), check for the settings online and how to use it. Master the parts and manipulate the controls. 

If you don’t have a DSLR but have a smartphone, maximize the potential of the camera and master the camera settings.

Hands on deck and be practical.

This is another video is a sure bet of you mastering photography with just your mobile phone. But for DSLR it is more professional, watch this video that talks about how the buttons and controls work.

Like a wise person said, “you should understand the parts before you use the whole”. 

5. Take a Picture of Everything and Anything

The practicality you are employing after mastering the camera settings has to do with using what you’ve learnt to create a captivating image. Be random or intentional, just take pictures – everything and anything. There is no mastering without practicals.

Theory is useless without practicals. You can search Instagram for photoshoot inspiration.

6. Challenge Yourself

This is fun once you start. The moment you start beating the standards you set for yourself, the more you want to keep challenging yourself.

Create list of things you want to photograph and how you want to photograph them. Make time to try new photography hacks out. Play around with your shutter speed or exposure to bring an image to life.

In my own case, I created a list that included every kind of photo shoot I want to have when the month ends. 

That was my own spice. Learn, build and find yours.

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