7 Best Ways to Improve Your Problem-solving Skills

Written by Fatima Sheikh

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August 30, 2021

If you want to go far in life, develop problem-solving skills. Communication skills are essential to help you achieve your goals but having problem-solving skills will always come in handy. One thing I have learned in life is, problems never end therefore we need the skills and expertise on how to handle them because we are going to encounter them.

Problem-solving might sound technical and seem like a complicated skill to acquire, but with consistency and practice, you will master it. From the first stage of identifying a problem to finally getting a solution to the problem, an effective problem-solving technique is a tool that can make both your professional and personal life easier.   

What are Problem-solving Skills?

These are simply a set of strategies and methodologies to help you identify a source of a problem and also find the best effective solution to the problem. 

How to Improve Problem-solving Skills

1. Take Notes

Form the habit of note-taking. Pen down your thoughts, observations, and ideas. As simple as this might sound, this habit helps you recognize patterns from past observations. 

A problem solver is very critical about the pattern and occurrence of an event, their constant journaling helps you sharpen your problem-solving skills. 

Additionally, the habit of writing things down rather than simply thinking about this is a power that needs to be exercised.

2. Improve Your Mindset

A problem solver should be open-minded and willing to view both problems and solutions from different perspectives. Your view and approach are very important to solve a problem; your mindset has a great impact on the outcome of the problem if you believe there is a solution and vice versa.

3. Have Mentors and Role Models

Having mentors or a guide especially in the aspect of career and personal skills development can goal a long way in simplifying your growth journey.

When enhancing your Problem-solving skill, having a mentor comes in handy to guide you on patterns, methodologies, and knowledge learning sources. 

4. Improve on Your Decisions Making

Decision-making is a skill in itself and also a problem-solving strategy when you can make choices. 

“Life is a chess match. Every decision that you make has a consequence to it”

P.K. Subban 

I cannot stress enough the importance of having decision-making expertise to help you solve problems. You might be a leader in your team or faced with a decision making 

5. Take Risks

Risk-taking is literarily the shortcut to being an expert in every field. You can only improve your problem-solving skills when you take risks and try out new strategies and solutions. Try out new things until you have overcome the fear of failure.

Make mistakes, but most especially learn from your mistakes.

6. Ask Lots of Questions

Make it a habit of asking solution-based questions to help you solve problems. Asking questions will serve as a guide and direction to finding a solution. Efficient communication is established by asking the right questions. Perfectly asking meaningful questions, ask and frame questions in a solution-oriented manner.

The how and what challenges you to find solutions and expand your thinking by going beyond what we already or normally believe is true.

7. Recieve Feedback

How do you know you are making progress on a task at hand? Ask for feedback. You might be working individually or as a team, asking for honest feedback will go a long way in shaping your problem-solving skills.

These opinions will guide you on improving your weaknesses and remaining consistent with your strengths. 


From identifying a problem to establishing a solution, problems solving skills are skills every individual must possess. No matter how smart you think you can run away from problems, they will always find you.

So build your problem-solving skill and stand out. Read materials, make research, get a mentor, and most importantly make mistakes.

What else do you think will help improve your problem solving skills? Tell me in the comments box.

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