7 Powerful Signs That Shows You Have What It Takes To Be An Entreprenuer

7 signs that you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur

Written by Aisha Zakari

Zakari Aisha Saliu is a passionate cook who loves to travel and meet new people. Her exposure to places and people is her strength in learning new recipes. She is a diverse and passionate writer on topics related to personal development, humanity, relationships, entrepreneurial skills and life in general.

June 27, 2021

Having the right measurements to a recipe is what makes it a success and as such, there are ingredients entrepreneurs need to make them achieve their planned and assumed goals.

An entrepreneur is someone who plans and organizes a business plan with the sole aim of taking monetary risks in the hope of income, profit and achievement of success.

You may have had thoughts and imaginations about starting your own business, owning a company or simply a restaurant cause you’re that good at being a cook/baker but never quite took a step towards such a realistic dream. You may have an array of side hustle but never brought them to reality so you second guess to not pursue that dream at all.

In this post, I’ll be telling you in one way or another, you have what it takes, the power to be an entrepreneur if you’re willing to. If you can connect with one or even two, you should hop on the next side hustle that you find interesting, hop on the next business plan and make it a reality, ignore all restrictions and get out of your comfort zone.

You definitely have what it takes.

Here Are 7 Signs That You Have What It Takes To Be An Entrepreneur

1. Inquisitiveness

Are you always too curious? Are you overly interested? If you’re nodding your head right now, then you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

Curiosity is a spice needed in a great entrepreneur. As one, you should have the ability to think and imagine how and why this is the way it is, how this piece of work is achieved and what was put to make it a masterpiece, passionate about finding out how a recipe on TV was made and make the next move to find that out.

You should think big and out of the box if you want to be a successful entrepreneur.

2. Ability To Plan And Manage Time

One who fails to plan plans to fail

This powerful adage has always been with us for the longest and will continue to be. It is a motivation, a startup for you who have dreams, desires, goals and objectives. Defining your goals and having more than one dream never did hurt anybody.

Are you someone who has a routine you are committed to? Are you someone who is committed to reading to acquire more knowledge? If so, you’re showing a sign of responsibility, dedication and leadership. Those are essential tools you possess in you to be an entrepreneur.

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3. Tactical And Logical Skills

In a nutshell, I put to you that a tactic is a method whereas a strategy is a plan. Successful people and potential entrepreneurs, like yourself, use a method to execute a plan to achieve a long-term goal.

Take for instance, in the movie industry where we have TV series. I mean how LONG, right?!! But how beneficial, productive and apt for them!!

They keep you glued to your gadgets to know when the next season will be released (tactic) and eventually, they hit the must-watch and top-rated list (strategy to achieving a long-term goal) if the series is a great one.

You should have the patience to execute a plan effectively even if it takes series of trials and challenges but do not admit defeat.

Your plan should be a great one, then it will be a hit! Patience they say indeed is a virtue.

4. Effectiveness And Efficiency




Time has to be put in to make a meal have an inviting aroma and taste delicious, the same way time has to be invested in making a plan achieve success. You should know and understand that time is a precious asset.

You should use it wisely to improve yourself in a field you lack and be productive.

5. Perseverance

Nothing worthwhile comes easily; work, continuous work and hard work is the only way to accomplish results that last.

Hamilton Holt

This is one of my favourite quotes. Life is full of challenges but are you one who no matter how many trials and challenges life throws at you; you pick yourself back up? If you’re such a person, then being an entrepreneur should be on your to-do list.

Some successful people never talk about how many times they must have stumbled before picking themselves back up the top.

I’ll indulge you to always remind yourself about just the first sentence like I do “Nothing worthwhile comes easily” You need to be willing to invest the time, the struggle to achieve a lot. Zero work done is no work done at all. With every bumpy road, negative comments, be resilient and persevere.

Every accomplishment has its hurdles, struggles and finally triumph and victory but only with hard work, perseverance and positive vibes.

6. Persuasive Communication

Communication is interaction and human connection in one. Networking is that connection you need to tell others about your business objectives. You can have brilliant ideas and tactics but if you can’t get them across to your target audience, you and your ideas won’t get anywhere.

You should have a general interest in people and their desires, gain a different perspective about life. If you value relationships and want to be successful, you should surround yourself with people who will make you grow.

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7. Finance And Budget

You thought I won’t be adding this? Nah, I saved the best for last.

Finance is the ultimate deal-maker and deal-breaker to bringing your business to life or never at all. Cash-flowing, brilliant ideas are the ideal items to success, they work hand-in-hand to achieve a planned goal, improve your ideas and branding and increase your potentials for newer and bigger opportunities.

Are you one showing this wonderful sign of what it takes to be an entrepreneur? If so, why not try something new and challenging?


You’re already a go-getter and a goal-getter. Entrepreneurs are special people who instead of waiting for the next big job hop on the next plane to make themselves better by using their inborn talents. They are people with the determination to either fix problems or create problems to solve.

Subsequently, they are people who are determined to be of assistance to others in one way or another.

If you have one of these, then that’s a start to success. Entrepreneurship is a productive and beneficial ride but filled with ups and downs.

Understanding that change is constant and change is needed, take this chance to write what you are and can be capable of and put that plan into a long-term goal because entrepreneurship is where you ought to be!

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