7 Reasons Why All Men Should Learn How to Cook

Why all men should cook

Written by Khadija Garba

A graduate of English Language, Khadija Garba grew up in a small town in Zaria. She is a writer whose random thoughts and beliefs get penned down. Not to mention she derives happiness and fulfillment going through her own published works. Khadija has an addiction for early morning cup of black coffee, Japanese 2D animations (anime), manhwas then finally, English novels. Romance remains her favourite genre.

October 14, 2020

For centuries, the Nigerian kitchen has always been a marked female territory, a boundary the male is not allowed to trespass for long. Even today, a lot of women don’t like guys staying for too long in their kitchen.

This is because an outsider being in your comfort zone while you are not around usually ends up with you coming back to see a lot of ‘mess’. And in most cases, one amongst these three is bound to become a reality if a guy stays too long in your kitchen:

1. Misplacement of utensils which will annoy the owner especially when they’re in a haste to use something and it’s nowhere near where they kept it last time.
2. Extra sweeping and mopping for the day. Most times guys are not conscious of maintaining orderliness and cleanliness. A kitchen is a place that needs constant cleaning and arranging and if as the owner you’ve done the job, redoing it can get annoying.
3. Presence of Pests. When the hygiene of a kitchen starts going hazy, roaches and rats are bound to start camping around. If you are an Arewa Nigerian student you must have heard of ‘Yan Matan Kaduna’, especially in hostels. Small scrubs and drops of food, lack of timely dishwashing are what invites them.

Now Imagine someone who’s not equipped with the necessary skills being around your kitchen for long. Chaos, right?!

It should however be noted that there are circumstances where men are conversant with the kitchen, maybe as a result of being in a household where the female daughters are not too available and a very few instances where they (the males) just like been around their mom/the kitchen. It is however not the northern Nigerian average reality.

Now, the last two decades has been making a lot of changes to the whole world at large. Everybody goes to school and women are encouraged to be working-class citizens. A home is a place where anyone is almost always never available especially on weekdays. People wake up to report to school or their place of work as early as 8 in the morning and most cases don’t return until afternoon/Evening. This has mostly put a strain on preparing meals because in between taking care of one’s self and trying to make ends meet, the day is gone.

For reasons like this, cooking has sparked a lot of debates online. A lot of awareness is been raised on cooking being a general survival skill, not just a luxury only one gender should bear. I mean it sounds somehow for me to come home late from work after probably branching the market to prepare meals for us whilst my hubby has been home for hours probably, doing nothing serious.

This is why I made a list of all the reasons why all men should learn how to cook. Enjoy!

1. A survival Skill

This 2020, I remember one of my friends coming to me for cooking tips. Why? This pandemic had a lot of businesses temporarily closed. People were stranded outside their comfort zone, etc. Not everyone could afford to eat out all the time. Being able to manipulate foodstuff to produce meals translate to being able to survive anywhere at any time. It has nothing to do with women’s fight for equality if you look at it from a survival point of view.

You don’t have to wait on anyone to nourish your surviving. The way I see it, this is an important reason why all men should how to cook.

2. A Backup Plan

There are days when things won’t go as plan. Your mom could go out to come home early to prepare dinner only for her to overstay. Your partner could decide to branch somewhere after closing from work only for them to get stranded there. Or they could even get sick. How then would you assist them if you’re not familiar with house chores? Cooking is one of those chores that have to be carried out on at least once every day. You being able to maneuver your ways in a kitchen means you become a support system. This is another reason why all men should learn how to cook. The people around you will be able to count on your help during situations like these.

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One time I and my mom traveled, left very early in the morning, didn’t come home until evening. We came home and met a mess of our kitchen, not to mention they didn’t bother cooking something for our tired souls. We were all pissed. A not-so-pleasant experience that day was.

3. Less Dependence on Your Partner

Women are really emotional beings. In times of intense misunderstandings or anger, there’s a high possibility your meals won’t be gushing in as they’ve used to. I’ve seen instances where husbands go skinny each time the woman does ‘yaji‘ (a Hausa term for a situation where a woman goes back to her parents home during unpleasant misunderstandings or when her man starts ‘misbehaving’ too much). If all men should how to cook, this won’t be the case. They end up having to scrabble between teas and miserable meals.

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This is even worse for the types who don’t like eating outside. Imagine being in a situation where you’re too dependent on someone and they start acting up (misbehaving). Annoying right?! I mean a part of you will even link up their reason for the attitudes is because you’re waiting on them. That’s why they’re doing things to get at you! The human mind is crazy but it’s better when you have the needed capabilities to carry your weight around, never imposing too much on anyone.

4. Women Find It Cute

Are you trying to woo an interesting stranger you’ve just met huh?! Trust me being an expert in kitchen affairs is bound to score you pointers. Women find it endearing! What better reason for all men to learn cooking than impressing a girl you like? Maybe because cooking has always been a female chore so meeting someone with the possibility of relieving that stress even if it’s on a seldom basis does seem like a welcomed easier development.

The image of my man staying with me while carrying out my kitchen duties sounds too juicy of an offer to just ignore. Indomie and boiling water or rice doesn’t really count because a lot of guys just manage to acquire how to use a gas cooker. Nothing deep in the grocery manipulation department. You should only claim ‘I can cook’ when you can prepare soups/stew and your Jollof rice can stand up to any occasion.

5. A Form of Affection

Have you ever wondered how you can be affectionate without using money? Knowing how to cook got you covered.

Breakfast in bed!

Coming home to a surprise meal!

Baking cookies with the kids!

Girls fantasize about their man doing all these things for them. So if you’re looking to make your woman’s day, see more of that genuine heart-melting without risking a kobo (except for the food items.) Possessing kitchen skills is a good way to go about that. And not just partners, even mothers find it heart-warming. I mean my son making me a surprise special meal! That will definitely get me teary. Another reason why all men should how to cook.

6. Just For a Change

Do you know which category of women enjoy changes especially in the taste of food? Pregnant women! They crave something new more than anyone else. A pregnant woman can cook her food and end up not eating it. One time, my sister-in-law asked me to cook her food because her nostril and taste bugs were acting up. Imagine if my brother was a cook, she’ll have definitely enjoyed maximum varieties for a change. It doesn’t have to be for your partner alone, how about your siblings/children enjoy a change from their usual mummy-cooking-routines.

Children also have a cheery look when they discuss daddy cooking. It is after all believed that men make tastier meals than women. Do you hear that, men? Learn how to cook.

7. A Source of Livelihood

Men in the kitchen for the money? Yap! I’ve met a few of them making good money off cooking. Every skill comes in handy. The future sometimes can get really funny, one can never know the situation they might find themselves in. This year’s pandemic is a good example. A lot of people had issues with the white-collar jobs that they had to resolve to use one or two skills they have at their disposal to survive.

The world is vigorously changing, you shouldn’t be left behind because you have an ego that won’t allow you to be better for the sake of the people around you and those you love.

After all these reasons why all men should learn how to cook, I bet you don’t have an excuse not to.

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