7 Reasons Why Relationships Fail

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July 2, 2020

The truth is that a failed relationship sucks, especially to the person who cares more. There are tons of reasons why happy, sad, beautiful, confused, or even complicated relationships fail but the popular reason people go for most is a lack of communication. This article will tell you 7 of the commonest reasons why relationships fail.

As exciting as the beginning of some relationships starts, it may fail at some point and it gets you thinking, “What went wrong?” You are all happy—giddy even— and glowing, glad you found “the one” dedicating all your love and affection, not knowing a bomb is about to be dropped on you. Future all mapped out with your partner, but for some reason, you are made to make changes without them. 

Getting in a relationship means having a responsibility towards your partner. If you don’t want such responsibility because you know, you won’t be able to keep up, why get into a relationship at first? You want to be able to be with as many people as possible, and also want your partner to be seated at a corner, gullible and oblivious to the fact that you are after others and, still expect them to stay with you after finding out about your habits? That’s a confident expectation that should be rewarded with a smack across the face. 

Well for starters, we put in our all sometimes in places that don’t even deserve a tiny bit of us and later on become devastated because of it. If only you could read a person’s intention by looking at their forehead, things would have been easier settled, wouldn’t you agree? 

You have ever been in love and it got sideways and when love is spoken about, you are adopted to a habitual eye roll and an invisible gag because you have experienced love for, with the wrong person, and it was but a sour experience that makes you shun any rainbow that finds you. Sincerely speaking, when asked what love is, the only reply that comes to mind is “some stupid hallucination that makes you do dumb stuff, that you might end up regretting” but come on, let’s not look at it from one point, yeah? let’s be positive. 

You tell me, what was the reason behind your failed relationship? It might sound absurd, but it’s still a reason. It might be anything or nothing at all. 

1. Lack of Communication 

We are stuck between expressing ourselves and just letting it slide. Sometimes, it proves to be difficult to have a civilized conversation with your partner without having a heated argument and making the issue at hand escalate. Communication is key they say. But what if during communication, it is nonsense that is being said? Is it safe to say “communication is a padlock without a key? or “communication is key but comprehension is the padlock?” You just have to get down from your high horse and have a decent talk, to clear the air. If I am dating a dimwit, and anything I say would be used against me and no correction is going to be taken, then I beg your pardon, communication is not my ideal way out, and that would probably be the reason for our crash. When you have a problem with your partner, let it known to them. Though you might not get the required action, at least you have said your mind. 

2. Insecurities 

This plays a bigger role in why we experience failed relationships, but we are not ready for such a conversation. Liking a person leads to many things and not being confident in yourself can make you chase your partner to the hills. Sometimes your partner has every right to feel insecure because you are open to everyone and you don’t respect some limits. You should keep everyone at arm’s length, not that —to stay away from everyone— because you are in a relationship. 

There are certain things that you do thinking “it’s just for fun” but it is having an impact on your relationship that will mostly lead to complaints, to petty fights, and finally perhaps to a massive breakup. I am not going to blame any gender because, when it comes to this, anyone can be a victim. 

3. Lack of Contentment 

You have something nice but you are greedy you want something else. You have a beautiful/handsome partner but as soon as you see some other pretty, fine person, you want that person. Some don’t care about looks, YES, they do exist. I don’t know where to place those that like others because of their wealth which is a pitiful trait honestly. You are in a relationship, then boom, someone wealthy pops up, all your senses vanishes in the thin air.

Know your self-worth and have some shame will ya? I know everyone wants something good but are you willing to sacrifice something reasonable and worthwhile for someone with lots of money that would probably last? Some reading this are probably saying “I am not going to suffer; is it not free money? As long as I get something, I am staying”. Not judging anyone but know your self-worth and have some dignity or pretend to have one. 

4. Incompatibility 

Ever fell in love with someone, but you’re just totally not in sync? Or your life priorities differ? You can love someone all you like, but sometimes,but sometimes love only isn’t enough. You want to settle, get married, and start raising a family, but your partner is noncommittal? Or you’re aiming to be a career working wife, but your partner insists on you being a strict housewife? Frustrating right? Don’t get me wrong, Love is very crucial but without compatibility in the mix, it is bound to die. A slow painful death too. 

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5. One Person Putting many efforts 

You love someone dearly. The connection is there, you can feel it. Only one problem. You put in all the efforts, while the other doesn’t seem to care. You call, send texts and gifts, and constantly check on the person while they can’t even do the bare minimum of calling. With time you feel unloved, frustrated, and tired of the whole thing. You reduce your efforts and the relationship continues downhill from there till it eventually fails. Sounds familiar? A classic example of why relationships fail. 

6. Lack Of Trust 

Married couple fight

Let’s face it, one of the reasons why relationships go downhill fast is lack of trust. You find yourself in a beautiful and loving relationship. Everything feels right as you have to find the perfect one. Then everything went downhill. Why? They don’t seem to trust you. Every action of yours becomes questioned and every movement scrutinized. Checking your phone becomes a regular thing. Find yourself in this kind of situation? address your partner’s insecurities otherwise, it will be a recipe for disaster. 

7. Jealousy 

Ah! The most common reasons why relationships fail. A little spice of jealousy doesn’t hurt in a relationship, in fact, it shows one cares. But when it gets too much to the point that someone starts doing unreasonable things all in the name of jealousy? It is a clear sign that relationship is heading for the rocks. Quick advice. Seek help immediately to get your relationship in order. Otherwise, it is only a matter of time before you start referring to it as your former (and toxic too!) relationship. 

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There are lots of other reasons why relationships fail, like Jealous friends, unsupportive partners, lies & deceit, family issues, genotype, and lots of other reasons that will just keep coming. 

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