7 Things Women First Notice In A Man

7 things women first notice about men

Written by Rebecca Bala

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June 27, 2021

They say men are visual creatures, moved by what they see so you would think only men do the noticing and checking out. Wrong! women have eyes and they check men out too.

Here is A List Of Things Women First Notice About Men

1. Face

The first thing any woman notices about a man is his facial features. How he looks, whether he is handsome or regular may not necessarily matter but how groomed your face is gives her an insight into how well you take care of yourself. She’ll definitely be checking out how trimmed your facial hair is, how healthy your skin looks, your choice of hair cut and how it accentuates the shape of your face.

If you weren’t invested in your skincare and general grooming of your face, now you know better.

2. Clothes

They say” the way you dress is how you are addressed.” That saying couldn’t be more correct. Your dressing says a lot about who you are and that is one of the things a woman is checking when she’s looking at you.

Quick tip guys, dress responsibly. Your choice of an outfit can tell if you are responsible or not. Trust me, women read all of these. Wear clean clothes. You don’t want to be walking about with stains on your shirt, looking like you slept in your clothes.

Whatever it is that you are wearing, whether it is casual, corporate or native attire, make sure you own your style. Wear clothes that fit. Nobody checks out the guy that is shabbily dressed.

Also, always wear a smile. It complements your dressing anytime any day.

3. Feet

Funny huh? But the first thing some women notice first about you is your feet. Guys, you don’t want to take this lightly. For example, when she looks at your shoe, she looks out for how neat they are and how they compliment your outfit, she can tell if you have taste or not.

Some notice down to your toenails and heels. Dirty feet and cracked heels can be a great turn off. You might want to book that pedicure appointment.

4. Communication Skills

Have you ever admired someone from afar and the moment they open their mouth to talk, the attraction is gone? I have and all that went through my mind was how someone that good-looking, could not hold an intelligent conversation. Ladies can easily notice a smart man from how he communicates whether he is conversing with her or with someone else.

Your ability to hold intelligent conversations, speak with confidence and knowledge can earn you a point with any lady even better than your looks would have. She’s checking out your use of language, non-verbal communication skills as well how matured your sound.

Check out these 7 tips that will help you communicate effectively.

5. Body Smell

One of the things women first notice about men is how good or bad he smells. A good scent can be welcoming and it makes her comfortable. No woman wants to be around a man that reeks of sweat.

Do not be caught unfresh. Invest in a cologne today!

6. Physique

You ever wonder why females drool over movie stars? It’s because of their hot body. Sometimes I wonder if it’s a prerequisite for actors. From well-defined biceps to broad shoulders to those Abs and sometimes their curvy butt, women can’t help but ogle. Your body says a lot about your strength, masculinity, your ability to protect your woman.

Women can’t help but notice when you have the full package. Sorry skinny guys.

7. Personality

How you interact with others, your demeanour and mannerism are the things women immediately notice about you. Who doesn’t love a gentleman who speaks only when needed, is confident, nice and respectful with a sense of humour? No matter how good looking you may be, a shitty personality makes you look ugly.

Don’t ask me how I know, I just know!


First impressions matter because they last and you may never be able to redeem yourself. I hope you find the list of things women first notice about men helpful. Tell me yours in the comments section!

Meanwhile, guys, you should check out the list of 25 things every guy should have in his wardrobe.

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