8 Interesting Places to Visit in Jigawa State

Places to visit in Jigawa

April 19, 2021

Located in the north-west geopolitical zone of Nigeria, Jigawa State was created out of the old Kano State on 27th August 1991 with its capital in Dutse. Dutse in Hausa means rock. Not only is the city full of rock formations like the Dutse Rock Range, but other parts of the state are rocky too.

The state is populated mainly by Hausa-Fulani but there are also Manga (a Kanuri dialect) and Badawa. Jigawa flawlessly blends culture with modernization to create an environment suitable for tourism. If you have been dreaming of visiting, here are 8 interesting places to visit in Jigawa.

8 Interesting Places to Visit in Jigawa State

1. Birnin Kudu Rock Painting

Anyone interested in ancient history has to include this astonishing place in their ‘Places to visit bucket list. Birnin kudu lies in the south of Jigawa State and it is noted for the presence of a large number of rocks and their fascinating ancient paintings which are of the oldest rock paintings in Nigeria.

Dutsen Habude is believed to have been used in ancient ceremonies and rituals.

The different paintings are eloquent information on the styles of the early settlers in the area. Dutsen Mesa art depicts different styles of domesticated cattle, now extinct in Nigeria. The Dutsen Murufu art depicts short-horned bulls. Dutsen Atiye & Yawozo cave have paintings depicting cattle and geometric signs, as well as handprints. The popular Dutsen Habude is believed to have been used in ancient ceremonies and rituals.

Dutsen Mesa rock art depicting a domesticated cattle.

2. Baturiya Bird Sanctuary

This place is a bird watcher’s dream. It is located in the Kirikasama¬†Local Government¬†Area of the state. It provides a natural habitat for over 378 species of migratory birds from places as far as Europe and Australia.

This site has been visited by Prince Philip and Prince Charles of the British Royal Family.

Different species of birds at Baturiya Bird Sanctuary

This is definitely an interesting place to visit in Jigawa.

3. Ringim Dyeing Pits

Ringim Dyeing Pit is an ancient dying pit in Ringim Local Government Area, used in the dyeing of clothes. Many tourists are fascinated with the authenticity of the process and the maintenance of a long-lasting traditional method of dyeing fabrics. If you’re lucky enough you might be gifted one of the beautifully dyed fabrics.

A dye pit being prepared for the dyeing process

4. Emirs’ Palaces

Jigawa has a total of 5 emirates in Dutse, Ringim, Gumel, Hadejia, and Kazaure. The Emirs palaces in all the cities are major attraction centers mostly as a result of their unique and rare blend of indigenous and contemporary architectural designs.

The Hadejia palace is an important landscape located right in the heart of the town

The Dutse palace in Garu, recently renovated by the present Emir has become a major tourist attraction for its design and a rich display of artful colors and symbols.

The Emir’s palace in Ringim

The Arewa symbol is also dominant in the palace art and design. Go along with a high-quality camera during your visit as you won’t get tired of snapping pictures.

The Emir’s Palace Dutse with the Arewa symbol design

5. Amaryawa Rock Ranges

The range of Quasite Rocks located at Amaryawa in Roni Local Government area could provide mountaineering activities for the tourist.

I advise you to wear the most comfortable trainers for this amazing hike around these rock ranges.

6. Wawan Rafi Lake

If you’re searching for the perfect location for a family picnic and recreation time then Wawan Rafi situated in Kazaure will do just right.

The lake has a scenic environment and is a holiday resort that offers water sport activities such as fishing, boating, Golf courses and other recreational activities also take place there.

Wawan Rafi Lake located in Kazaure

7. Captain Philips’s Tomb (Kabarin Mai tumbi)

Captain Philip’s tomb is one of the numerous interesting places to visit in Jigawa. Captain Philips, locally called maitumbi (pot-bellied), made his first entry to Hadejia on 16th December 1903 on his way from Machina to Katagum, where British rule had already been established. In the course of the war, Captain Philips tried to personally capture Emir Muhammadu Mai Shahada but was fatally stabbed and injured by the Emir in self-defense.

He later died of his injuries on 12th September 1906 and was buried together with other British casualties at a place very close to the barrack, now called bariki or old G.R.A in Hadejia.

Captain Philip’s tomb located in Hadejia

8. Dutse Museum

The museum in Dutse is another interesting place to visit in Jigawa. This museum has a range of historical artifacts and crafts that would capture your interest once you step into it. In it, there are paintings, art objects, musical instruments, weaponry, traditional costumes and clothing, and many more.

The entrance of the Dutse museum located in the capital

An ancient pair of shoes found in the Dutse Museum

Some of the items found in the Dutse museum

If you enjoyed 8 places interesting places to visit in Jigawa, you might also like top ten interesting places to visit in Kano.

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