8 Ways To Foster Your Kids Creativity

8 Tips To Foster Creativity In Your Kids

Written by Happiness Hassan

Happiness Hassan is an eloquent writer and an avid reader. She is obsessed with her faith and loves assisting women to become a better version of themselves. Her progress in life is a direct impact of her parent's endless support. That's why she is keen on self-development, parenting, and family niche. She realizes how a healthy relationship between parents and their kids can make our world a better place. In her spare time, she listens to motivational audios. In addition, she enjoys decorating, dancing, singing, and crossword puzzles.

March 31, 2021

A large percentage of parents fail to realize that creativity is not inborn. Rather it’s learned through quality training. As a result of this, they spend their entire life criticizing their children for not performing up to their expectations. Likewise, the thought on how to encourage creativity in a child without experiencing stress keeps brooding through their minds.

Children at a tender stage are quick learners. Hence, it’s more beneficial to boost their creativity at such a stage. In this post, I will share 8 practical steps you can foster your kid’s creativity.

8 Ways To Foster Your Kids Creativity

1. Get Them Engaged With Creative Activities

Idleness and unproductive activities kill creativity in a child. Get your kids engaged in reasoning activities that enhance their intelligence quotient, encourage them to think outside the box and do the extraordinary. These activities might include puzzle games, crambo, quantitative and verbal reasoning, camping, or treasure hunting.

It helps groom your child to view life from a broader perspective, outside the four walls of their classroom.

2. Freedom Of Expression

Kids everywhere irrespective of their location love to live out their true self, most especially amongst their peers. As a parent, your role in such a scenario is termed observation. Learn to study your kids while they display certain behaviors without scolding. That way, you can also learn other important things about your kid, including ways to protect your child from pedophiles. The moment you scold that child fear of expression is inputted into his heart.

By observation, you detect what your child is keen about. Peradventure, you bumped into your child who had turned your living room in a trash bin with old papers, paints, and pencils used in drawing. Of course, I can relate to that initial annoyance to spank that child, seeing the mess the house looks like. Even at that, don’t shut that child up, allow them to express their creativity while you watch.

In essence, it’s a pointer to your child’s interest.

3. Provide The Necessary Resources

When your child’s interest is known, step further by providing the needful resources to foster your child’s creativity. Are you parents who are interested in learning how to encourage creativity in a child? Then learn from Khadija’s story.

It was lunchtime, everyone was at the table except Khadija who was busy in her room. What could she be doing her mom ponders as she heads for her room. She had repeatedly called her name, but Khadija was engrossed with something no-one knew about. On entering her room, she found her daughter stitching pieces of paper together to form little paper dresses and straps of her old dresses scattered around the room.

Khadija was so focused on what she was doing she didn’t notice the presence of her mom who watched her six-year-old daughter in amazement. Immediately, it dawns on her that Khadija was interested in fashion. The next day she ordered fabrics, buttons, sewing thread of different colors, and tape. Hence, she has succeeded in enhancing her daughter’s creativity in fashion by providing the needed resources.

4. Ask Questions

As a parent learn to stretch your child’s curiosity by asking them reasoning questions. Their imaginative faculty gets utilized as they think of answers to the questions asked. Usually, not related to the normal arithmetic and vocabulary studies in their school. Questions like; why is the sky blue and why do you have two eyes.

These set of questions deepen their curiosity as they attempt to provide an answer.

5. Show Interest In Their Creativity

To foster your child’s creativity, avoid criticizing their attempt to do something extraordinary. Always compliment your child whenever they show you something they love doing. For instance, your child walked up to you with a book containing a poem she had composed for you as a birthday present. Being a loving parent who is learning how to encourage creativity in a child, don’t start by highlighting the grammatical errors or spelling mistakes in her poem.

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Rather, begin by complimenting her beautiful composition, showing how grateful you are, indicating your interest in her passion. Furthermore, don’t restrict your child’s creativity because it isn’t what you want for that child, neither should you pressure them into a field they show little interest in.

6. Teach Them Different Methods Of Solving Problems

Build your Child’s creativity by instructing them on how to create an alternative course of action when faced with a challenge. This is perfectly illustrated in Ali’s story. This young boy lost track of his mom in the market. However, he was able to locate his mom by putting a call through with the help of a trader cellphone.

In a nutshell, Ali would have spent hours crying in search of his mom, perhaps spending a night at the police station before being found by his parents. However, that wasn’t his story because before the incident his parents had taught him their respective phone numbers for emergencies.

7. Broader Knowledge

Ensure your kids acquire skills most especially soft skills which are rarely taught in normal academic settings. Acquiring more knowledge exposes them to a range of options. Also, enroll them in classes that enhance their interest. Perhaps, Your child produces Melodious sounds by skillfully hitting sticks on tables in the house. To encourage creativity enroll him in an instrumentalist school. Where he gets to learn and practice with various musical instruments.

8. Inculcate Reading Habit

To encourage creativity in a child also entails reading books to gain more knowledge. Your child gets to picture what they read from a book. They begin to create mental possibilities of the story plots in that book. This habit broadens their creativity. Also, the more your child reads, the more they learn more about other fields of life and how things are done in different places around the world.

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It also helps to build their vocabulary and enhance quick understanding.


As a parent, learn to lead by example. It is vital when unveiling the steps on how to encourage creativity in a child. You shouldn’t expect your child to learn various methods of problem-solving when as a parent, you perform one task every day using one method.

Likewise, you can’t force them to read while you watch TV shows. You should join them. Preferably allocate a time for it. If you enjoyed this, you can find out how you can understand your child better here.

What other way have you found out to foster your kid’s creativity? Share with me in the comments box.

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