8 Weight Loss Exercises That You Can Do At Home

Easy weight loss exercises you can do at home

Written by Ajibike Maryam Olaitan

Ajibike Maryam Olaitan is a motivational writer whose write-ups talks about basic issues and how to get by them. She is also a selfless person and a good listener. When she's not writing, she's trying to learn new things that might be helpful to not just her but also people around her.

July 21, 2021

Over time, I have come to realize that you don’t necessarily have to register at a gym or join a weight loss community to lose weight. You can achieve your goal in the comfort of your home. I know its hard to do it alone, sometimes you just say “I have tried for 2 weeks I deserve a break” or “I woke up too late and I feel tired” or you might even use my favourite line “I will work out after this movie”, the movie really doesn’t end and I end up not doing anything. But you have to push yourself to work out at home before going to a gym.

There are tons of weight loss exercises you can do at home, without any equipment and you would still get the results you want. Making that choice to lose body fat, to be fit and healthy is all the motivation you need. So, let’s get straight into it.

Easy Weight Loss Exercises You Can Do At Home

1. Walking

Walking is one of the easiest exercises you can do at home

This is by far the most interesting weight loss exercise you can do at home because you need to constantly be on the move. You shouldn’t be sitting in one place for a long time, you should get up to drop your plates in the kitchen, get up to get the remote, take a stroll. In doing all of these walkings around the house, you would realize that you would burn more calories than just sitting on your couch all day.

Walking not only helps you burn calories to lose weight, but it also reduces pain, improves mood, reduces stress and improves overall body posture. The list goes on and on.

2. Dancing

Dancing is one of the weight loss exercises you can do at home

I wonder why people wait till there is a special occasion before dancing. Truth be told, dancing is an exercise we tend to neglect and put in the “pointless section”.

What you do not know is that dancing works the whole body, you don’t need a step guide, all you need is a rhythm and you are good to go. So, whether you are on your desk trying to write like me, or in the kitchen doing the dishes, you can move your body.

3. Jump Ropes

Jump rope  is one of the weight loss exercises you can do at home

Jump roping takes us back to when we were little, but this time we are not doing it just for fun but also to lose weight. This is a cardiovascular weight loss exercise you can do at home to burn lots of calories, strengthen the feet, reduce injury risks and also keeps the entire body fit.

Personally, I find jump roping to be very effective not just for the body but also for the brain because as you jump and swing your arms simultaneously, your brain improves its coordination ability.

4. Jumping Jacks

Jumping rope is an important weigh loss exercise you can do at home

This is another exercise you can do for your body to thank you. Jumping jack aids in weight loss, balances the heart rate, improves stamina and flexibility.

5. Squats

You can try squats as one of the weight loss exercises you can do at home

Just like most people, when I hear squats, I think bigger butt. But the truth is, squats not only helps to get a bigger butt, but it also helps strengthen the muscles of your upper and lower body, strengthens the thighs, cores and back.

6. Planks

You can try planks as one of the weight loss exercises you can do at home

This is one of the most common abdominal weight loss exercises you can do at home. Planking strengthens the arms, the neck and back.

It also tightens the belly and also strengthens the entire muscle.

7. Jogging

You can try running as one of the weight loss exercises you can do at home

This is another really effective weight loss exercise you can do at home, yes you heard right, you can jog right in your sitting room or your room. You don’t have to go outside to jog, you can do it on the spot without moving an inch.

Jogging is a cardio exercise that helps you burn more calories depending on how much effort you put into it, it helps you cover more steps, which in turn aids in keeping you healthy and fit.

8. Mountain Climbers

The first time I came across this exercise, my mind went straight to climbing Mount Dimilang in Adamawa state. I became really fascinated when I realized that I can climb the mountain right in my home, I don’t have to travel to Adamawa or Plateau to work out.

Mountain climbers boost up your heart rate, improves your balance and also makes you agile. Mountain climbers not only work the lower body but also engage the upper arms and cores.


Everything and anything count as an exercise, trust me, you don’t have to start big. You can start by doing 10 squats and increase depending on how strong you get. You can also create challenges for yourself, challenge yourself to walk 3000 steps in the house, thank God for technology as we have apps to help you count your steps, like the pedometer-step counter. I challenged myself to complete 200 jump ropes a day until I graduated to 1000 a day.

Let me share with you, two more weight loss exercises you can do at home; stay hydrated and get enough sleep. I don’t know how else to stress these two, but no matter how many seconds or minutes you spend planning or the time you spend working your entire body, if you don’t stay hydrated and get your required beauty sleep, you will not see results. This is because your body wouldn’t have time to repair after every rigorous workout you do. Whatever you do, always remember to drink water and get enough rest.

So, if you haven’t worked out in a long while and you would like to try the above, feel free to, or you are a workaholic and you would like to share with us what type of weight loss exercises you do at home, feel free to do so in the comment section. You can also learn how to stay fit at work.

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