Yobe State is one of the States in North-East Nigeria. The State is bordered by four states of Bauchi, Borno, Gombe, and Jigawa. Yobe is totally cool with lots of awesome places to visit. This article will show you 8 places you should visit in Yobe. You can also check 10 places to visit in Plateau state here.

Places to Visit in Yobe

1. Dagona Birds Sanctuary

Located in Dagona village of Bade LGA, this sanctuary is where birds of different species from Europe and other continents of the world come to roost during winter.

This sanctuary has since been declared a National Park and commissioned in 1990 by Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh.

2. Dufuna Canoe— The Oldest Canoe in Africa

River Yobe is another awesome place you must visit in Ybe. If anything, it accomodates Dufuna Canoe, the oldest canoe in Africa. The canoe was discovered by a Fulani Herdsman in May 1987, Dufuna village while digging a well.

The canoe ‘almost black wood’ said to be African mahogany, as ‘entirely an organic material’. Various radio-carbon tests conducted in laboratories of reputable universities in Europe and America indicate that the canoe is over 8,000 years old, thus making it the oldest in Africa and 3rd oldest in the world. Little is known of the period to which the boat belongs in archaeological terms, it is described as an early phase of the later stone age, which began rather more than 12,000 years ago and ended with the appearance of pottery.

3. Bula Tura Oases, Nguru

This is a dune in a semi-desert zone near Nguru. It has a scenic beauty of the daunting landscape and the oases in the desert prone areas – northern part. You should totally visit this place while you’re in Yobe.

4. Old Daniski Settlement

The old Daniski is situated on a flat hill about 12 kilometers north of Fika, the headquarters of Fika LGA and it used to be the administrative seat of the Bolewa people in the 16th century. Of historical significance today in Daniski are the ruins of emirs’ palaces and graveyard, old Daniski storage system (Silos), and an ancient well.

5. Daura Old Settlement

It is situated about 11km south of Dogon-Kuka off Damaturu- Potiskum road in Fune LGA, the settlement is a historic attraction located between three hills. An ancient well of over 200 years and some ancient walls standing up to 4 feet high offers a nice site for tourists.

6. Fika Town

The Bolewa founded Fika town in 1805 after they migrated from Daniski hill in search of a good place for settlement and it is currently situated along Potiskum–Gombe road. This town is still significant as it serves as the administrative headquarters of present-day Fika LGA.

Fika Emirates Council

It was the administrative headquarters of the then Fika Emirate before the Emir moved to the present headquarters at Potiskum in 1924. The old palace, Emirs graveyards, and collapsed city wall are some of the historical monuments found in the town today.

7. Goya Valley

This is probably the deepest Gorge Valley in Nigeria and it is situated north-west of the old Daniski settlement in Fika LGA. Besides being a contemporary habitat for a variety of wild animals, it used to be a safe hiding place for the Karai–Karai and Ngamo people during inter-tribal wars. This is an awesome place to visit in Yobe.

8. Tulo-Tulowa

Also known as “The Desert Land of Hope”, Tulo-Tulowa is located in Yusufari LGA of the Yobe State and it is a mushy oasis with abundant water in a low valley providing a magnificent picturesque view in the desert.

The Desert of Tulo Tulowa in Yobe
While on a visit to Tulo Tulowa

9. Birnin Ngazargamu

Situated 30 kilometers east of Geidam, headquarters of Geidam LGA, Birnin Ngazargamu was founded by Mai Ali Gaji, a famous Kanem Borno ruler in the 14th century. The ancient city used to be an international center for learning, trans-Saharan trade. It was also the administrative seat of the old Kanem Borno Empire.

Birnin Ngazargamu
Birnin Ngazargamu in ancient time

These are the 9 awesome places you should visit while a visit to Yobe. Where else have you visited? You can tell us in the comments section below.

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