9 Reasons Couples Get Divorce

Couple Separated

Written by Anita Ayibatari

July 2, 2020

With the high level of divorce in Nigeria and Arewa today, everyone keeps wondering what happened between those couples? They looked so perfect together like they were meant for each other months ago. Why do couples get divorced? Where exactly lies the problem? What contributes to the alarming cases of divorce these days? Lots of reasons if you ask me.

Here are some 9 reasons why couples get divorced.

Reasons people get divorced

1. Abuse

This is one reason a lot of people leave their marriages. According to them, it is better to be alive single than dead married. A lot of marriages are faced with abusive partners on the inside whilst on the outside, they pretend to be angels. Even though not acknowledged, this remains one of the most common reasons why couples get divorced.

2. Lack of love

Let’s face it, love fades. When one doesn’t feel the butterflies anymore and the birds don’t chirp when they look at their partner or they just don’t feel any form of connection anymore. This might be a nudge for some people to walk away. Perhaps the couple too can too be blamed for that. The little romantic things were done before marriage now suddenly cease.

How about a little romantic dinner? or some flowers or chocolates to spice things up? these things increase love and lessen the chances of divorce. But there is no campaign after elections you’ll say. Unless you’re not seeking reelection I’m prompted to say.

3. Lack of patience

Patience is a virtue they say. But it seems like these generations don’t see it as such. Each marriage comes with its ups and downs, but with the right dose of patience, it can be weathered. Look at the kind of marriages our grandparents have and compare the result with today’s own. Marriages have been reported to last a few months after elaborate weddings. Now there might be other reasons why these may be so, but I know patience everything can be overcome. When something of yours is faulty, you don’t just throw it out, you work on it. The same should be with marriages.

4. Change

The only thing constant in life is change. No matter how much you know someone, there’s bound to be a change for growth to happen. Some people feel their partners have changed in ways they don’t understand and so they can’t or don’t want to cope and thus prefer to leave.

5. Other motives

It is not wrong to marry someone based on other motives like finance, fame, family reputation, beauty, or the likes. But when you marry someone solely based on those reasons, the union may break when they cease or disappear. One common trend nowadays is the art of ‘gold-digging’ by both genders. It makes one shudders at the thought of what might happen if one day the gold dries up.

6. Influence of Others

The influence of outside parties does much to determine the outcomes of marriages these days. The opinion of parents, friends, relatives, in-laws, co-workers can be harmful. Some advice is simply not beneficial to you and your marriage Despite the supposedly good intentions of the givers, acting them out might ruin your marriage. What worked for your parents 20 years ago or your friend might not work for you. What is good for another may be bad for you. The earlier you recognize this, the less chance you have of being divorced from your partner.

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7. Lies and deceits

This is one of the reasons couples get divorced. When a marriage is built upon the shaky foundation of lies and deceit, it is bound to result in divorce when the truth ultimately comes out. It is important couples get candid to each other mostly about financial status, views on certain topics, (or if you have another spouse elsewhere!) before tying the knot. waiting until after marriage before things becoming might only a recipe for disaster.

8. The “other room” factor

What goes on in the other room goes a long way in determining how long a marriage lasts or whether the couple won’t end up in divorce. Getting time to speak to each other about some of these issues and striving to ensure your partner is satisfied will go a long way in reducing the number of divorce cases we have.

9. Infidelity

One of the most common sources of tension for couples and it may be partly due to the reason above. Want to avoid getting divorced? Remain faithful to each other and then work out whatever differences it is you have with each other.

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