April Fools Day And The Security Joke In Nigeria

April's Fool And The Security Joke In Nigeria

Written by Ashphat Adam

Ashphat Adam is currently a Law student. Though her birth name is Hauwa, she is mostly referred to with her middle name. Writing comes as second nature to her, give her something meaningful to write and she is going to wing it. Getting to know her is like being trapped in a maze. Movies, series, anime, animation, you name it, she is all into them. Books are her peace haven and things art-related. A therapist without the degree lol! Don't worry, she won't give you horrible advice.

April 1, 2021

April as a month has been widely believed to be a month for foolery and humour which are sometimes dark. At Least it has been named to be such. But what about Nigeria’s Insecurity? 

Should it be a joke also? because It seems so. An everyday joke. Whereas one problem arises, another is eager to surface. 

It is always known that as a country, problems will arise and efforts will be put to find a solution. But our security is either too stubborn to be solved or it just does not care.

We all are aware of wild animals yeah? Imagine all those wild ferocious animals during a famine. Obviously, at the perception of anything especially anything flesh or meat, they rush to devour it. They are ravenous, the only thing that matters is hunting. That is how a country without security looks like.

Security should be first and foremost, the most important thing a country should focus on. If the people of a country cannot be protected, can the country be called a country or a survival ground where only the luckiest can survive? Just like a gladiator in ancient Rome, win or be crushed.

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A lot of fingers are being pointed here and there. While some are trying their best to tackle this problem of insecurity and the invasion of bandits, some are mere mute spectators. Some are the source of the fire, they ignite and relax to see how things will unfold, hoping it will be to their advantage. Some don’t care, as long as it won’t affect them. It is just like a video game that gives you a lot of freedom and the ability to do a lot of stuff your way, to your liking but the difference is, this is reality and it is a major debacle. If a movie will be made out of this, it will be fit to refer to it as ‘A Security Joke.’ Don’t you think? April fools day while in Nigeria, a security joke.

Education is also among the topmost important categories in a country and it is a shame to see that lack of security is putting education in peril. Parents are holding their breaths while sending their kids to school, students are losing interest in studying thinking “why risk going to school when my life could be in danger?”

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Travellers are always hyper-aware of bandits lurking around with nothing better to do but endanger their lives at the request of someone or for their selfish reasons.

The series of frequent kidnappings is, unfortunately, the new normal for these bandits, targeting softer areas, innocent victims, and demanding ransoms. This is a mockery of this country’s security. A security joke. A terrible, reckless joke. We are all aware we have security agencies formed to tackle such problems, but it is proving to be a needle in a haystack.

As for the solution, everyone has a different perspective. to some, it is to defend yourself or wait to be stamped upon. Any sane person would prefer defending themselves but defending yourself may or may not lead to bloodshed in the case of The Herdsmen who are going through or went through a gruesome time. One time you are herding freely, in a peaceful way, and next, you know you are being attacked in different ways and retaliation can only solve a little of your problem. Waiting to be stamped upon may or may not lead to bloodshed but come on, stamped upon and there won’t be bloodshed? that is a rare find if you ask me.

Those responsible for Nigeria’s security should make haste to bring an end to these unreasonable misfortunes happening like rainfall during spring. April will continue to be April Fools Day, and a security joke should be something of the past.

There are different security agencies with each having its own unique roles. Nigerians will just have to keep their fingers crossed and hope for the end of this insecurity nightmare.

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