Are You Innocent or A Totally Bad Guy? Take The Quiz to Find Out!

Written by Khadija Garba

October 5, 2021

Innocence is usually associated with purity and sweetness. Innocent people are perceived as been kind and in some ways shy while being slightly oblivion to the dark side.

So, are you innocent or not?

Just how innocent are you also?

Take the quiz now!

1. Do you look forward to horror/mystery movies?

2. Do you use foul language such as cusses when you’re upset even if it’s silently?

3. During your teenage years, have you owned a phone that would have gotten you in big time trouble had your parent caught a wind of it?

4. Have you familiarize yourself with Fifty Shades of Grey in any of it forms (books/movies)?

5. Which do you prefer, Justin Bieber of J.Cole?

6. Do you ever imagine what it would have been like if you were to be the opposite of who you currently are?

7. Have you ever done drugs even if it were a huff by mistake/temptation/challenge?

8. Have you ever conspired against someone?

9. Do you encourage your friends to take revenge on something bad done to them?

10. Do you always have dirty and sinister thoughts?

Are You Innocent or Not? Take This Quiz to Find Out
Absolutely Yes!
You are an innocent angelic person. You can't even hurt a fly.
Who knows?
Your personality alternates between being innocent and being a bad guy.
Can never be me!
You're a total badass and a naughty person. I hail oo!

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