Budgeting For a New Baby in Northern Nigeria

Budgeting for a new baby

Written by Amina Lawal

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August 31, 2020

How much do you have to budget for a new baby? This question is one of the most worrying for soon to be parents. Before having a baby, there are some things you can do to get a rough estimate of what your costs will be. And then, you can start saving! If all of these stats scared you off from having kids for a while, trust me it might be for the better. But don’t worry— part of the expenses included in the estimates are for nonessential items. You probably noticed that parents with higher incomes reported spending more on their kids than those with lower incomes. So It all depends on the status of the family. Still, here is how you go about budgeting for a new baby.

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Budgeting For a New Baby

1. Housing

If there is room for a new member of your family, then awesome! All you need to figure out is how much your utilities and food costs will go up. But, if you need to move, try to save away the difference in rent. That way you can figure out if paying that much for housing is feasible.

2. Medical Costs

You can’t plan your delivery date, but you can estimate your delivery costs. The hospital bills might vary. If you decide to go to a government clinic—where they deliver for free— all you have to do is bring materials such as hand gloves, bandage, cord clamp, for the delivery. You can also choose a private clinic where the costs range from 30 to 50 Thousand Naira.

3. Maternity Clothes and Food

For the pregnant woman, you can buy some extra-wide, stretchy, and baggy clothes. But after a while, you may need to add some items in your wardrobe. You can thrift for them, shop for them – whatever is in your budget. And, you also need to determine whether you will be making any changes to your diet. Pregnant women require more nutrients and an additional 300 calories per day. Fortunately, some of the healthiest foods are cheap and can be bought in bulk (like veggies).

4. Baby Gear, Clothes, Food and Diapers

While college and university education is usually considered the costliest expenses for parents, the costs start right away. These take a significant chunk of funds and should not be ignored when budgeting for a baby. Figure out how much baby gear costs in your area and make a list of everything you need. The good thing is, that most of this stuff can be reused for the second child. Speaking of which, don’t be afraid to use hand-me-downs! Babies grow out of things so fast, and these clothes are usually left as good as new. This would cost an estimated 100 Thousand Naira to 200 Thousand Naira depending on your budget or how much you saved up.

5. Naming Ceremony

In budgeting for a new baby, one has to consider the naming ceremony. The naming ceremony is a celebration of family and life. It is the celebration of the birth of a child. In a Muslim community, the father is expected to slaughter two rams for a son, and one ram for a female. Each ram cost between 30-50 thousand Naira. There is also the cost of food, drinks, and other refreshments for the grand naming ceremony. This ranges from anywhere between 200-500 Thousand Naira only.

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