CEDDERT Training Workshop On Community Participation In Advocacy And Monitoring Of Subeb Projects In Giwa, Kagarko and Sabon Gari Local Governments

CEDDERT Training Workshop On Community Participation In Advocacy And Monitoring Of Subeb Projects In Giwa, Kagarko and Sabon Gari Local Governments

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July 5, 2021

The training workshop organized by CEDDERT on 1st July 2021 started a few minutes after 10. This is a follow-up training to the last one conducted on 16th June 2021.

The first speaker explained what advocacy and workshops are, stated that the objective of the training is to instil the culture of learning in the participants and have a list of needs. He mentioned that schools need to have the basic needs; classes, tables, chairs, etc. to be able to compete globally. He cautioned the over 60 participants on the need for strategic thinking planning to ensure their schools have all they need.

The first speaker delivering his remarks

After his talk, he promised that a committee will be established by CEDDERT comprising representatives of the three local governments to ensure all projects are delivered, as well as visiting the schools in two weeks time to enquire about their needs and check their advocacy plan.

After a short tea break, the second speaker also lectured on how to engage in advocacy, and the basic steps one needs to conduct a successful one. The procedure for developing a NEEDS assessment was also outlined. After the talk, a take-home assignment was given to the participants to know the mission and vision statements of their schools, as well as develop a need assessment for submission to SUBEB or the Ministry of Education.

Some of the participants listening attentively while the speaker delivers his lecture

Some of the participants then chipped in, in a question and answer session where one advised the others on the need for consensus before reaching out to any conclusion on the NEEDS assessment and the need for flexibility in terms of the services to be offered, and everybody should be carried along. Numerous others commended CEDDERT, and one particularly noted that a primary school in Kagarko which is 77 years old and many other schools have additional classes, all thanks to the centre.

One of the participants from Kagarko, narrating how CEDDERT has helped them attract infrastructure to their schools

Others from Giwa, also mention how politicians are helping out schools and lamented on the state on insecurity in the LGA which has seen many schools relocate.

One of the female participants from Giwa, narrating their achievements gotten so far.

After a closing prayer, the event closed by 1:30, and the participants lined up to take their lunch before everyone left.

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