Challenges of Adulthood

Adulthood Challenges

Written by Anita Ayibatari

July 21, 2020

Who said being an adult will be fun? Either they don’t know what they’re talking about, or we were deceived. Big time. Adulthood had always been a time a lot of people have been waiting and planning for, a period where they’d decided they wanted to achieve some crazy goals and ace them. Nobody told us that we grow up we would have to pay bills, get married, get a job, buy a car, build a house, get children, pay school fees, buy clothes, send money to family and friends, travel to the village for ceremonies and lots of other challenges. No one told us all this. We all expected that adult life would be a time we could be free to do anything we ever wanted and desired. We are free but then again, we are not!

Now, the buzz of the moment is being a business owner. People will say don’t get a job instead; “Be your own boss.” As if it is that easy! Entrepreneurs cry real tears and go through insurmountable turmoil just to get to where they are. Long story cut short, adulthood storm on its own with lots of challenges to encounter. A lot of us adults wish secretly to be children again and have people do stuff for them so they wouldn’t have to bother about anything anymore. So, for those that are all too hyped about leaving the house so they could live the dream without external influence, you should start reconsidering the idea. A lot of adults are searching for ways to go back in time and become children again.

What are these challenges one encounters during adulthood?

1. Job

Of course, this should be the number one challenge. Nigeria as a country is where getting a job is not easy. Getting a job is a job on its own. Then when someone finally recommends you for a job, there’s the hassle of waking up early, beating traffic, dealing with people, trying to stay on the job, climbing up the ladder, and managing the stress from work. Sounds easy, right?

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2. Money

As an adult, everybody expects you to have money. No one will accept that times are hard or you are struggling to manage. It doesn’t matter if your salary is late, meager or you’re laid out of a job. You just got to provide. Sorry. Especially if you’re the first son.

3. Responsibilities

Did someone just say responsibility? As a Nigerian child, you are responsible for yourself almost immediately you’re through with school. Some parents might help out until after service. After that, O.Y.O (On Your Own) is your case. The worst is when they hand over your younger sibling for you to take care of, you’re just finished.

At this stage, you can change your middle name to responsibilities.

4. Marriage

Ah, marriage! Are you approaching 20 and still single? Get ready to keep constantly hearing your parents talk about grandchildren. and remember not to mention that any of your friends are getting married either. The talks will just increase. And once you’re married, you’ll think that’s the end of your worries. They are just starting. You get to take care of a grown adult other than yourself and be responsible for their actions. Pretty fun.

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5. Kids

At this stage, you’re already wishing to be one yourself. You quickly transition from the role of a newlywed to a parent. That doesn’t seem easy. You get to —in addition to your spouse— take care of a new bundle of joy. You take charge of their responsibilities. And just when you’re settling in the role, another one arrives. Just what you needed.

6. Peer Pressure

While you’re dealing with all these adulthood challenges, you struggle to keep up with what your ‘mates’ are doing. If you slack in discharging your responsibilities, society will be there to ask you; “Can’t you see your mates?” A typical Nigerian will ask you this question as if we’re not meant to be different. This particular phrase has pushed a lot of people into early graves. So, you find yourself juggling with all these responsibilities, and challenges adulthood has to offer at the same time keeping up with what society is pushing you to. Sounds perfect.

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In general, everyone expects your adult life to be all worked out, not minding the fact that you are not perfect. No one is. Not even celebrities and the public. Adulthood is not easy and is full of challenges. Our parents should know this, as they’ve been true it all. In the long run, take life easy and live at your own pace and will. Don’t let anyone rush you but do things that make you happy and enjoy life to the fullest.

Being an adult isn’t easy but then again, nothing is. Enjoy yourself and have fun. Everything will eventually fall into its place at the right time. And to all those pushing us, we forgive you. To you experiencing these and other challenges adulthood has to offer, one day you’ll look back at it all and smile. And to you who can’t wait to grow up to an adult, Are you ready to go through that frightening experience of going to the doctor’s appointment all alone?

Because that’s what adulthood is all about.

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