Check Out All The Businesses You Can Start With 10k Or Less In Nigeria (2021)

Businesses you can start with 10k or less

Written by Johnson Temiloluwa

Johnson Temiloluwa is many other things creative but, first a storyteller laced with simplicity. Times when she’s not writing, she is watching movie or thinking of how to get plantain.

March 16, 2021

Are you a Nigerian and you want to start a business? You might wonder, “how can I start a business out of this 10k with me?” Oh, or you even have less? Well, I am here with uplifting news, here are 9 Businesses that you can start with 10k or less in Nigeria. Just read on.

In a country like Nigeria, there are lots of businesses that you can start with 10k or even less.

9 Businesses You Can Start With 10k Or Less In Nigeria

1. Freelance Writing

Do you weave words to make readers feel every word used or you have a delivery that gets readers hooked?  With less than 10k you can start up your writing business either by creating profiles on platforms like Fiverr or Upwork; or pitching to blogs or just creating sharable graphics for the services you offer and let your mutuals know. 

2. Hair Making Business

Do you perhaps know how to make hair? This is for you. You could start up a hair business with 10k or even less. You could start making hair for people at the front of your house or your backyard. You don’t even need a shop to begin.

3. Plantain Chips Making 

If you love plantain as I do, and you’re looking to make a business out of it; making plantain chips is a profitable business you can start with less than 10k. Plantain chips are virtually everywhere; supermarkets, shops, streets, by the roadside, and even traffic hawkers.

You could make yours exceptionally well and go to deliver to people that will sell them. 

4. Importation Of Used Clothes

The mini-importation business is one of the lucrative businesses now in Nigeria. It takes a lot of diligence but no expertise is needed. It is also one of the many businesses that can be started from the comfort of one’s home. 

Every business needs a good outlook and packaging, I’m sure you must have seen the word “thrift wears” or “thrift shop” around. It’s the trending business and it makes a lot of good cash. It takes 10k or less than to start. You just need to know how to. 

5. Recharge Card Sales And Data

Do you know that there are about 185 million mobile subscribers in Nigeria? That is 185 million active SIM cards with which people buy airtime or data every day. Don’t you think you can make something out of those numbers? With 10k or less, you can make a lot of profit from the recharge card and data business

6. Poultry Business

This is one of the most profitable businesses you can start with 10k. The poultry business is a very popular business in Africa and it has a lot of ways to work around it. Although, you need to exercise patience and do a lot of studies to know what works for the kind of birds you’re trying to rare. 

7. Food business

Are you worried about the cost of food items? You don’t have to buy a whole bag of rice to begin to sell rice. You can start small with less than 10k and expand as the profit comes in.

You can read all about the best foods to try out in Northern Nigeria here.

8. Mobile Car Wash 

A car wash can be made mobile. It will involve you transporting yourself to the clients’ house and washing their car(s) in their garage or drive-ins. 

This is one business you can start with 10k. All it takes is trust-building to land more jobs though as there is insecurity in the country and potential clients have to be sure they can trust you before inviting you to their garage. 

Your personality and communication skill comes to play a lot in this business. Knowing how to make people like you and want to work with you is also key. You can learn how to improve your communication skills here.

9. Home and Office Cleaning Services

This involves the cleaning of homes and offices of clients. It will involve dusting, mopping, washing the rooms and floors of a home or office. There are also ways you could agree with your client, wiping appliances, counter, and washing toilets might be included to increase the cash flow.

The good news is, you don’t need much capital. You only just need transport fare to move around to clients’ locations and relatively affordable cleaning services. This is quite a good business to venture into if you have the flair for cleaning and arranging things.

What do you think of these businesses that you can start with 10k or less in Nigeria? Which one will you be starting soon? Tell me in the comments box.

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