What is DJ AB’s biography? Now and in a few years to come, when people talk about remarkable artists from Arewa (Northern part of Nigeria) the name DJ AB would rank high on the list. Where was he born and what are his influences?

DJ AB’s Biography

Early Life and Education

Haruna Abdullahi is an Arewa artiste with the stage name DJ AB. He was born on the 30th of December in the year 1993 and was raised in Kaduna state. DJ AB is a songwriter as well as a rapper that mixes English and Hausa language in his songs. His genres of music are rap and RnB. 

While studying in Federal Government College Malali, in Kaduna state, he and a couple of his friends started making music. They recorded a couple of songs that never dropped until around 2014 when he produced and dropped ‘Yar Boko, a song about wooing a high-class girl which instantly went viral.

He then went on to drop more hit tracks like Totally, Su Baba Ne, Babarsa, Soyayya, and more. His biggest song in terms of streams and numbers is Da So Samu Ne featuring other artists.


As a child, DJ AB often listened and watched Micheal Jackson. His passion for music can be accredited to Lil Wayne as he was a huge fan of his music. He also looked up to PSquare, Wizkid, Davido, Dbanj and is a long time fan of Burna Boy. His extraordinary commitment to music is reflected in his ability to combine both schooling and music as he is currently pursuing a degree in Quantity Survey student at Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. The artiste dedicates his weekends and days off while in school to work.


In 2016, the artist received TheKeaAwards. He also received the Northern Pandora Awards for Best Northern Nigerian Singer in 2019 and was nominated for two more awards that same year. Recently, he was signed to emPawa Africa, a talent incubator program that supports artists all over Africa.

Other Projects

On 27th December 2020, he dropped a new EP ‘The Four Horsemen’ which was made in collaboration with Deezell, Yungkheengz, and BOC. People seem to be going bananas over it.


Outside of work, the artist can be found watching anime as most of his childhood memories are linked to him watching a lot of cartoons so it’s no wonder that he’s a huge anime watcher. A particular childhood memory of his he remembers clearly was of him almost getting drowned by a bully when he went swimming without his parents’ knowledge. He also plays a lot of FIFA and enjoys hanging out with his friends to cool off. The artist also enjoys food a lot.

Challenges Faced in the Music Industry

Despite having a huge success over his songs, the artiste has faced a couple of challenges while at it. Some of these challenges are financial as people would rather download a song for free instead of streaming it for the artist to make back the money he sunk into his projects. The artiste believes that unity between the Northern artists would also strengthen them and create a strong community of talented individuals, rather than everyone doing it alone.


His deepest desire is to leave a legacy worth remembering. He also wishes to become a music icon and to represent Arewa and the Hausa culture internationally. Attributing his success to his fan base, he continues to show his appreciation and respect to them by being great at what he does. He also urges them to continue streaming his music and he will continue being the champion that he is.

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