Five Easy Snacks You Can Make For Breakfast In 5 Minutes

Five Easy Snacks You Can Make For Breakfast In 5 Minutes

Written by Ashphat Adam

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May 22, 2021

Whenever food is mentioned, I know all the food lovers get interested. Are you a lazy food lover or a hardworking food lover? Being lazy is not a crime, you are just conserving energy right?

There are moments where you will be running late for work, classes, an interview or something that needs your attention very early in the morning and you have no idea what breakfast to make quickly.

You can easily grab a granola bar or an apple. Or even better, you can easily make one of these easy five minutes snacks for breakfast.

There are a lot of easy five minutes snacks you can make for breakfast and it is sure to make your stomach full and ready for the day.

Five Easy Snacks You Can Make For Breakfast In 5 Minutes

1. Pancakes

Pancakes are one of the easy five minutes snacks you can make for breakfast

Pancake is a divine and easy five minutes snack to make for breakfast. It is yummy and amazing! It is easy to make and easy to digest too.

All you need is your flour, baking powder, sugar (or Nah depending on if you have a sweet tooth or not), butter, milk, eggs.

How To Prepare Pancakes

Mix your flour and baking powder in a bowl, keep them separately. In a different bowl, separate your egg white and yolk. Whisk your eggwhite or you use a mixer until it turns foamy. Keep the mixed eggwhite separate. Put your egg yolk in a bowl and add your warm milk, mix thoroughly, and add your melted butter.

Add your milk, butter and egg yolk mixture to your flour and baking powder mix before adding your eggwhite. Mix thoroughly. You can also add vanilla extract or chocolate chips, or bananas for a more yummy flavour.

Your non-stick pan should be ready by now, and you add a little bit of butter or a teaspoon to be particular. Put a cup of your pancake mix in the pan and cover in low heat for some seconds and you are done. Just to be sure it’s done, you can insert a toothpick in the pancake and when it comes out neat, you can be ready to put it in your mouth. You can go ahead and serve in a plate, your choice if you want a syrup over it or honey or fruits with butter on the pancake or any other thing. 

2. Grilled Cheese Roll-ups

Grilled cheese cakes are yummy and can be made in five minutes

As the name suggests, they are going to be rolled up and it is super duper easy to make.

All you need are a loaf of bread, preferably sliced bread, and your sliced cheese.

How To Prepare Grilled Cheese Roll-ups

Remove the brown parts of your sliced bread and get your rolling pin to roll over the bread. After that, you place your sliced cheese on your sliced bread and roll them together, in a rolling mat way.

Place on pan with already heated butter in and leave till it starts turning to a brown roast colour and you are ready to serve. Can be eaten with different dips or rather a sauce and is enjoyed with tea or coffee.

3. Super Fluffy Omelette

Super fluffy omelettes are one of the easy five minutes snacks that you can make for breakfast

Ingredients for this easy five minutes snack include; 3eggs, butter, salt, pepper.

How To Prepare Super Fluffy Omelette

Separate the egg white and yolk, whisk separately then mix before putting it in a pan already on low heat for a few seconds before adding butter by raising the egg mixture gently. Cover the lid for 5 minutes before sprinkling salt and pepper, you can sprinkle some other stuff too, and your easy five minutes snack you can make for breakfast is ready to be devoured. 

4. Egg Sandwich

Egg sandwich is among the easy snacks for breakfast

Ingredients needed here are eggs, butter, mayonnaise, mustard paste, the main is sliced bread, without which you can’t make a sandwich.

How To Prepare Egg Sandwich

Get your sliced bread and cut off the brownish sides(if you love them, then you can leave it) on your pan, add your butter before adding your eggs, can be 8 eggs, add a little bit of mayonnaise and a teaspoon of mustard paste.

The addition of salt to taste and pepper for a little spice is all up to you.

5. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is another popular easy snack you can make for breakfast in 5 minutes

This is another easy healthy easy five minutes snack you can make for breakfast.

Ingredients here are also as you desire. You can make different sorts of oatmeal with your oats. Here all you need is a cup of rolled oats, bananas(mashed), milk (any you prefer), vanilla extract, honey or sugar.

How To Prepare Oatmeal

Add everything into your saucepan excluding the honey or sugar. Leave in medium heat, stir until desired consistency. It is ready to serve and it’s better to serve hot. Add honey/sugar and you can also add blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, kiwi and a lot more to make your easy 5 minutes snack you can make for breakfast a little bit fun.

We are at our limit folks, though I won’t mind listing all the amazing easy five minutes snacks you can make for breakfast but unfortunately this is my stop. If you enjoy these, make sure to check out 10 northern Nigerian foods everyone must try at least once.

Adios amigos.

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