Here Is What The #AbayaDay Trend on Social Media Is All About

What the #AbayaDay trend on social media means

Written by Ummu-Salma Ahmad

Ummu-Salma Ahmad is a student and a freelance writer mainly working on entertainment and news reports. A bibliophile who loves to eat.

May 28, 2021

The #AbayaDay seem to be getting a lot of traction on social media, as users flooded everywhere with pictures of them clad in Abaya and the hashtag. But what is it all about?

How The #AbayaDay Originated

While Abaya has been generating a lot of buzz lately, it wasn’t until when the management of Kano State University of Science and Technology Wudil declared 27th May 2021 as #AbayaDay before the trend gained prominence. This was done by a bunch of male students who were caught on camera harassing a female student that was walking about in the school premises because of her outfit of choice. The female student had worn an abaya, a long flowing gown mostly worn by Muslim women and deemed to be modest.

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The video is the second of its kind to go viral. There’s been a recent trend of harassing females wearing it after a long talk had happened on Twitter on how females try to obtain abaya by engaging in promiscuity. Northern ulamas have spoken on the issue and songs have even been released on the topic.

Amongst the male students who were taped trying to grab the girl and her bag, seventeen have so far been identified by the university management, seven have been suspended for four weeks and stopped from writing their forthcoming examinations.

Other people also took to Twitter to show their displeasure about the harassment. Females on Twitter have also worn and posted pictures of them in their various abayas to show solidarity while using the hashtag #AbayaDay.

What do you think about the #AbayaDay? Do you think the punishment has been well served? Tell us in the comments section.

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