How Arewa Twitter Reacted To Groom’s First Matrimonial Phone Call

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Written by Ummu-Salma Ahmad

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December 29, 2020

It is common knowledge on Nigerian Twitter that there’s always a topic that causes outrage on Arewa Twitter every day.

The most recent topic that stirred their interest is a video of a groom in Kaduna state placing a call to his bride after the wedding fatiha to let her know that she was now his wife.

The groom and and his bride (Credits: just_Lastdon)

Phone calls from brides to their grooms and vice versa asking if their wedding Fatiha had been conducted has become a recent trend in Arewa (Northern part of Nigeria) due to the nature and process of getting married in the northern culture.

The people of Northern Nigeria, who are predominantly Muslims practice abstinence before marriage, so it is only natural that they’re excited to call their spouse and tell them that they’re legally bound after their wedding fatiha. While some people find the act romantic, a lot more find it repulsing and cringeworthy.

The video at issue is of newlyweds Aliyu Haidar and Maryam, which garnered a lot of attention on the streets of Arewa Twitter. Comments ranging from why the video was captioned “The first Halal call” to why a bunch of grown men were expressing their joy for their friend by shouting uncontrollably have been made.

Twitter users said it was cringeworthy and extremely childish. Questions have been asked by several users on why newlyweds feel the need to make that phone call after their wedding fatiha.

However, the most asked question has been why the bride called the groom “Yaya” which is a Hausa word used to refer to an older sibling. Sometimes it is used to refer to older cousins too. A lot of people surmised that they were cousins, and that was why the bride called him Yaya while others concluded it was a way of showing affection and respect to her groom.

Although most of the energy the video received was negative, there are still a number of people who found the exchange between the newlyweds romantic. They said it was sweet and yearned for a union of their own. They countered the attacking group’s comments by asking them to let people do what they wish to do, and it was no one’s place to tell the bride what to call her husband.

There were a few clashes between those celebrating with the new couple and those who criticised them because they felt the couple were lacking of bashfulness. They described the act as unappealing. Moreover, they vowed not to do it when their time to get married comes.

It is easy to have an opinion on things one is yet to experience, only time can tell what one would do if they were in the same position, after all new experiences can be overwhelming. Arewa Twitter is a hub of different opinions, both appalling and pleasing. It is left for one to choose which side to pick or if they don’t want to pick a side at all. And if they do, are their words tactful or they are offensive and lacking of logic.

Meanwhile, what do you think of this new tradition of calling the bride after the marriage is made official? Do you find it cute and romantic or do you think it is cringeworthy? Tell us in the comments section.

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