How Nigerian Man Built House Using 14,800 Plastic Bottles

How Nigerian Man Built House With Plastic Bottles

Written by Ummu-Salma Ahmad

Ummu-Salma Ahmad is a student and a freelance writer mainly working on entertainment and news reports. A bibliophile who loves to eat.

January 29, 2021

A Nigerian from Kaduna, Yahaya Ahmad, an engineer and the director of a non-governmental organization, Developmental Association of Renewable Energies in Nigeria (DARE) has built a house consisting of three rooms, a toilet, and a kitchen using 14,800 plastic bottles he had picked up. The plastic bottles were filled with sand before laid horizontally and tied using a string to reach the height of the house built.

The house which is located at unguwar -Yalwa on the Kaduna Zaria road has inbuilt cooling during the day and warming at night.

“It’s the cheapest house that everyone can construct without spending much money because the building materials are available on the streets and trash dump centers,” Mr quoted as saying.

“It is the cheapest house to build in this generation with waste plastic bottles on the streets polluting our environment and causing more problems like flood and other disasters in the communities,” he added.

To create a safer environment given how plastic is hard to dispose of, his organization decided to use it to build a house that is resistant to fire and bullets as well as earthquakes, deforestation, and desertification.

According to him, the house is: “20 times stronger than brick walls houses and can last for over 300 years if constructed properly and carefully. It is fireproof, bulletproof, earthquake-resistant, and can adapt to all kinds of climate changes, desertification, and deforestation.

The house is the first of its kind in sub-Saharan Africa and it was more convenient to build as the circular shape adds strength to the walls as well as a pleasing appearance and only took 14,800 plastic bottles to build.

Mr. Ahmed’s organization has trained many youths and more training is currently ongoing on how to build these types of houses in Nigeria and some parts of Africa. His goal is to curb the contamination of our environment and waters by plastic waste as well as create job opportunities for the youth.

What do you think of this great feat?

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