How To Be a Better Writer

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Written by Anita Ayibatari

August 18, 2020

Writing is an art no one has mastered completely. No one is perfect. Everyone is on the verge of improving themselves so that they can be better than they were yesterday. However, some are better writers than others. A good author is the one that captivates the hearts and minds of the reader and drives the point home. Some writers are good at making their readers believe whatever they write and possess the uncanny ability to change minds. But then, how does one become a better writer? This article will help us see how we can improve ourselves.

Tips On Becoming a Better Writer

1. Have an Insight on the Topic

You cannot write on a topic you have no idea about. You’ll probably just write a whole bunch of rubbish. So, whatever topic it is you have chosen, ensure you have a little idea on it. This will give you a good foundation to work on. Have in-depth knowledge of the topic before you commence. This is a good tip for someone who is striving to be a better writer.

2. Write Consistently

Consistency is one of the great keys to being a better writer. For you to write better, you have to write consistently. It doesn’t matter if they are long treatises or short articles, just make sure you’re writing. It will help you. If you’re a book lover, you could write book reviews or even movie reviews.

3. Read

You cannot be a good writer if you don’t read. Read other people’s works and see where you can improve. As you write, you have to read through it. Read and read extensively. It’ll help you become a better writer.

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4. Research

As a writer, —especially if you’re a journalist— a lot of work should be put into research. Know the truth and tell it as it is. People will be looking up to you to provide in-depth information on any topic you’ve chosen. So, research, go deep, and find the truth.

5. Learn from Experts

Being taught is another important tip that will help you in becoming a better writer. Be willing to learn from others. This way, you can add to your writing skills. New writing rules are constantly added whilst old ones are discarded. So, for you to be on the leading train, you have to learn. Only then can you improve. There are lots of classes you can learn from.

6. Be Objective

If you’re not objective enough, you can’t be a better writer. While writing, keep your opinion aside, and act impartially. Report both sides of the story. Mention all arguments to the case. That way, you’ll not only improve on your writing skills but other people will look forward to reading your impartial analysis.

7. Be Versatile

Eating one particular meal daily can be tiring over time. The same applies to writing. As a writer, you have to be versatile and vast. Keep your audience guessing, don’t bore them with a particular pattern. Some days could be fun whilst others could be serious. Just always keep them on their toes.

8. Keep It Simple

Some writers think being a good writer, is about using big words. It’s not. One of the secrets of becoming a better writer is writing what people can easily comprehend. People don’t want to have a dictionary by their side anytime they read your work. They won’t come back the next time. It is good to have them flummoxed with big words once in a while, otherwise, let them breathe.

9. Work on Your Vocabulary

Ever read a work and saw grammatical blunders? Guess everyone has experienced that. True, no writer is perfect, but it’s always good to proof-read and use the right words at the right time. Mistakes show we’re human but try to limit them.

10. Make it Interesting

Even as you keep it simple, make it a fun read for your audience. Let them smile, laugh, or cry. Bring out the emotions in them. If you’re a fiction writer, it won’t hurt to kill off a character or two. Keep them in suspense and have unpredictable endings. Be fluid and flexible. Also, relate to the story because that is how your audience will also relate to it.

Writing can be stressful as you have to work with your brain. Writing can be fun though very demanding. No matter how hard you try as a writer, there will always be those who will criticize your writing style. Focus on your good traits and keep working on them. No one is perfect after all. Keep improving, be disciplined and consistent. Work on your bad sides, and see how you transform into a better writer.

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