11 Ways to Be More Likeable at Work

Written by Abu Hafsah

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September 13, 2021

There are two types of workers in a workplace, the boss and their subordinates. Whichever one you are, do you wish to know how to get people to like you at work? Of course, I know yes.

Your workplace is where you spend a better part of your day at. Since that’s the case, you would want to make a good or habitable place for yourself so that you could be happy. You can be happy only when you’re being liked by your co-workers, subordinates, or heads.

To be more likeable in your workplace, you need to know and have some attributes that will make it very difficult for your boss, co-workers, or your subordinates not to like you. Let’s go through them one after the other.

11 Ways to Be More Likeable at Work

1. Be Yourself

One of the ways to get people to like you at work is by being yourself and nobody else. You being the boss or a subordinate, never try to be who you are not in all ways. As the boss, your co-workers will see you as irresponsible and as a subordinate, your co-workers and boss will see you as fake and will tend not to like you, even those with your kind of attitude! You wouldn’t want that, would you?

Let them like you for who you are. You don’t have to be fake about yourself. Be real!

2. Be Consistent

You are said to be consistent if you tend to always behave in the same way, have the same attitudes towards people and things, or achieve the same or higher level of success in things you do.

Whatever you do (as the boss or subordinate), ensure that nothing stops you from being consistent at your work. Everyone loves people who are consistent in doing something as long as it is positive, except for a crazy few. Your co-workers will like you, your boss will like you, and the entire management will like you. Some of your co-workers could take you as their mentor and always be looking up to you in everything related to the work that they do.

3. Avoid Distractions

When thinking of how to get people to like you at work, stay or put away anything or anyone that may tend to distract you from discharging your duties effectively. Mobile phones are the number one way of distracting people from working. Therefore, keep your phones most of the time away from you, make and answer only phone calls that are important or related to your work.

If there happens to be this cute guy or beautiful lady co-worker you’ve been eyeing or attracted to, you need to try and focus less on them. You could change the position of your desk if it happens to be positioned facing theirs. Your head should always be on what you are doing if they happen to be passing by you, or when they do that regularly.

Just find a positive way. Your boss and co-workers will see you as a professional.

4. Be a Professional

Being professional at work means you being reliable, setting your high standards, and indicating or showing that you care very much about your job and how you relate with your boss or co-workers. It also involves you being organized, industrious, and holding yourself accountable for any mistake committed by you as a result of your actions, words, or thoughts.

Always have the interest of your job at heart. Anything related to the job should be given top priority. Refrain from calling people by their nicknames, but rather, their names. They will like you.

5. To Get People to Like You at Work, Be Friendly

Being friendly to your co-workers or subordinates is one of the ‘hows’ to get people to like you at work. Make yourself approachable for them whenever they need your help, assistance, or advice on something related to work, or even outside of it. Let everyone be your friend and be sure to have different comfort zones for each co-worker or subordinate depending on their attitudes. This is will earn you respect and likes by if not all, the majority of your co-workers and heads in the organization or workplace.

However, do not be too friendly that your co-workers will see you as unserious, after all, too much of everything is bad. And as the boss, do not be too bossy, be something in between hard and soft.

6. Be Diligent with Work

You should endeavour to have or show care and conscientiousness in your work or duties. This isn’t common in workplaces in Nigeria, most especially government-owned. You don’t need to be like everyone, always be different in a positive way. Do things the right way regardless of how pressured you are to do them.

This will make others, who aren’t like you, want to be like you, and others like you, like you more.

7. Mind Your Business

Justice means minding one’s own business and not meddling with other men’s concerns.


How to get people to like you at work? Focus only on works assigned to you and do not go beyond your area of jurisdiction. Do not interfere or meddle in other peoples’ affairs, except when invited. In that case, you should do the needful.

Looking for one of the ways to get people to like you at work? This is.

8. How to Get People to Like You at Work? Be Punctual

One of the ways to get people to like you at work is by being punctual in everything that you do. Most Nigerians are known to be not punctual in almost every aspect of their lives. If they have the chance, they come to work way after the reporting time and leave before the closing time. You for one shouldn’t do that.

Endeavour to always arrive at the right time, and close at the stipulated time. There may be some that will tag you as ‘over sabi’, don’t be discouraged, they want to be like you deep within them, but have not the balls to be so. This will make people at your work envy, like, and want to be like you.

9. Be Honest and Truthful

You are said to be truthful if you are reliable, taken seriously, respected, honoured, and endowed with a reputation. In this context, honesty and truthfulness are synonymous.

Always say the truth and nothing but the truth. Do not be deceptive to your boss or co-workers. Say, something got spoilt and your boss asks who was behind it, say you are if you were. Perhaps, the boss may get angry and react unbearably, but then, they will love your spirit of truthfulness. Now, whenever anything or a role comes up and is required to be handled or headed by a truthful person, you may be number one on their list.

Being truthful should be an outfit that everyone should wear within and outside of the workplace.

10. Be Caring

Be someone that shows kindness or concern about your colleagues. Don’t be indifferent. Congratulate your co-workers when they are promoted, advise them when they make mistakes, speak kindly to them in general and when they are been scolded by their superiors, show concern when an unpleasant thing happens to them at work or outside of work, and all that. Always make compliments where necessary.

When you are caring, you do not need to bother on how to get people to like you at work because they will. No doubt about it.

11. Avoid Unpleasant Competition

Competition is something one can hardly avoid at workplaces when you find yourself in a situation in a competitive workplace, like the banking job or you being a sales representative.

Some are pleasant while others aren’t. It is said to be pleasant when the parties competing have no grudges against each other whatsoever to attain a position, while it is said to be unpleasant when the reverse is the case. Avoid being in an unpleasant competition with your co-workers. Don’t mind them when they have grudges on you, just do your thing. If you succeed, fine, if you don’t, also fine.

When your boss or co-worker sees you like that, the respect they have for you will skyrocket


People like to be loved by everyone, except for a few abnormal ones who don’t. The above-mentioned points will go a long way in helping you get loved by everyone or the majority in your workplace.

Are you still worrying about how to get people to like you at work? I guess not anymore.

Tell me what you think about this write-up in the comments section and tell me if I missed out on any important point. Thank you.

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