How To Impress A Woman On A First Date

how to impress a woman on a first date

Written by JB Mairubutu

April 30, 2021

In this article, we will be looking at how to impress a woman on a first date. I will be sharing my experiences, be ready to have an interesting read. How to impress a girl on a first date is a lot of work for some men. It makes them nervous, and some people because of this end up having a bad first date. 

Lol, this reminds me of my first experience. It was awful. A day before the date day, I couldn’t sleep. My nerves were kicking and guess what it ended up being an awful one. It was a learning curve for and from that experience other dates I had turned out great. I’d be taking us through 12 ways of impressing that beautiful girl on a first date. Leggo!!

12 Ways To Impress A Girl On A First Date

1. Don’t Be Too Nervous

Alright, it is fine for your nerves to come kicking because you’re going to have a date with someone who gives you butterflies in your stomach. You know how it is, the pressure of making a first good impression. It is okay! But don’t let it ruin your date. Take a breath, tell your inner spirit to be calm. It is just a moment to get to know her. 

If a woman notices that you’re too nervous it might unsettle her and if you aren’t careful it is gon’ ruin your evening. Be calm, bro. Check this out to see how to overcome your nervousness.

2. Don’t Arrive Late

Bro, don’t do that. I have a girlfriend I’m head over heels for and our first date? I arrived an hour before the time. Too early? I wanted to make sure everything was in place before her arrival. I had to be there before time and guess what happened, the venue I had planned to use wasn’t available cos of Covid-19. Quickly, I made arrangements for another. This happened because I arrived on time. Imagine if I had arrived late, she would have been out there fuming. It is best to arrive early than late. If you’re late it could affect the mood of your outing. Take note. 

3. Get To Know A Little About Her

Before the date make sure you know a little about her. It will help you two have a smooth conversation. Let us call my girlfriend Maimuna. Before our first date, I’d know a little about it through the daily calls and chats on WhatsApp. When we met, our conversation was just beautiful. It was as though one was having his favourite meal. 

4. Don’t Panic

Ladies might not be interested in you if you panic on your first date. It will be embarrassing. When we met with Maimuna, she noticed how confident 

I was. I welcomed her with a smile full of confidence and I carried myself displaying a good amount of this virtue. She would always tell me that it was one thing that made her fall for me. Here is an article of things you can do when you get a panic attack before a date.

5. Ask Questions About Her

This is very key. A date is supposed to be a medium to get to know each other. You can start by asking questions about her; it could be career, family, school etc. Don’t mop at her. She would be happy to answer those questions and it gives her a good feeling that you care so much about her. 

6. Don’t Be Rude

In as much as you want to get her to talk and create a beautiful atmosphere don’t get too carried away by making expensive jokes that will come off rude. It is a big turn off, she might end up leaving you or never pick your calls after that day. 

7. Make Jokes

A woman will fall for a man who makes her laugh effortlessly. You needed to come and see Maimuna on our date. She was grinning from one ear to the other. Boy, I cracked her up without even intending to. I tried not to go overboard, I was respectful with my jokes. This created a bond between us and it is one of my best dates since I ever started dating. 

8. Give Her Compliments

Bro, women love men that appreciate the little things about them. Tell her you to look nice, you smell good, this dress is beautiful. Maimuna hear word for my hand dat day o. I threw lots of compliments her way. I could see the joy jumping from her within, it broke into smiles and giggles. I knew I was doing a great job. Complimenting her doesn’t make you a weak man, it does the opposite.

9. Pick A Comfortable Place

Your first date might not be in an expensive place but make sure the place is neat and comfortable. You would converse better in a comfortable environment. I took Maimuna to a restaurant that wasn’t rowdy. I needed a place where we would converse smoothly. So, don’t take her to a crowded place for your first date. Don’t do that. Check out places to go on a first date.

10. Smell Nice

Bro, this isn’t up for debate. I’m not asking you to smell good for the lady but yourself. It will help your confidence big time. Thinking of when to use your favourite perfume? Yes, that’s the day. Smell nice but try not to use very strong perfumes so you wouldn’t knock people out. Something mild but nice. 

11. Look Good

This is defnitely one way to impress a girl on a first date.It doesn’t matter the attire you wanna appear in, just look good. What I did when I was meeting Yemi, I chose one of my favourite colours, blue. Oh boy, I look good in blue! It was the first time we were seeing, I wore my favourite colour and had a great hair cut. She liked what she saw. This is how to impress your girl. Look good, don’t gamble this at all.

12. Don’t Talk Too Much

 It is called a dialogue for a reason. A conversation between dia( two). Do not bore her by doing all the talking. Oga, don’t be tempted to talk too much. Allow her to talk to. Allow her to get to know you. Allow her to ask questions about you too. Don’t go talk about unnecessary things. Ladies don’t like guys who talk too much only if you’re a parrot. You can check this article to help you improve your communication skills.

If you follow these 12 steps on how to impress a girl on a first date, you will look for me and thank me. why? You will have an awesome date.  Check this article also for tips to strengthen your relationship.

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