How To Keep Fit as a Computer Geek

Fit computer geek

Written by Kabir Salisu Ali

August 31, 2020

A century ago, people eat as much as possible to be fat and happy but also work actively in the farms. They go long distances by foot, swim to chase fishes, hunt for bush meat under the scorching sun, and rain to put bread on the table. In these struggles, they exercised! They gave their body what it wants to stay fit and healthy. Now it is the era where people could lie in the bed or sit by a bedside-desk and ‘farm’ using one of the most powerful tools in the world; a computer. One no longer had to suffer physically to make cash. Progress one might say.

But do our bodies enjoy that? Is our body system compatible with that? No. The last time I checked, all the fibers of our being were crying, the fat we amass rob them of happiness and deprive them of life. The heart cries more. What a pity. While our minds consider working with computers a transformation and find it relaxing, our bodies call it the progress of a good digger, going down with every inch of development.

Why You Need To Keep Fit

The human body needs exercise to stay fit and healthy. It is during the exercise that we burn excess sugar and fats in our system that if left would accumulate in our belly, and under the skin all over the body resulting in obesity, one of the leading causes of death in the 21st century.

The pressure pump responsible for the distribution of blood and nutrients doesn’t go well with fats either. The Heart is the workhorse of the human body. High fats get it and its connecting pipes clogged, hence leading cause of hypertension, heart failure, and premature death.

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Another challenge is of constant exposure of eyes to the bright yet dooming screen lights which might lead to loss of accommodation and, God forbid, vision. One less terrible stage is the risk of backache and hunchback (kyphosis) due to bad sitting posture.

How Do You Keep Fit as a Computer Geek?

What could a computer geek that constantly sits and works with computers do to keep fit and prevent himself from the dangers of obesity, hypertension heart failure, sight loss, and kyphosis? Here are some few options.

1. Workouts

To stay fit as a computer geek, one needs to work out every morning or evening. This doesn’t have to be rigorous. It can be one of the following ways.

  1. If the office is nearby, one should trek
  2. Some push-ups and running
  3. Jumping and rope skipping
  4. Cycling or horse riding

Each is enough and could do wonders.

2. Diet Modification

Nutritional adjustment is like a bee, it stings and gives honey in return. A balanced diet is the hallmark of good health.

  1. One needs to eat to satisfaction not gorge. As psychologists say, moderation is the key to life.
  2. Why not cut soda drinks? When thirsty at work, just try water instead of fizzy drinks, this will reduce the amount of sugar going into the system and help your kidneys too.
  3. Take fewer fried foods and snacks. Shawarma, burger, sausages, and other junk meals should also be cut. Not possible? reduce to the least possible intake.
  4. You see fruits? Eat them plenty, it need not be apples, strawberries, or some expensive cherries. It can be mango, oranges, watermelon, carrots, or whatever cheap ones you could lay your hands on.
  5. Vegetables are essential too, they serve as the chief source of fiber which lowers the amount of sugar in circulation and prevents constipation. Consider vegetable oil than animal fats, your heart will thank you now.

3. Posture Balancing

  1. At work, one should find a good (and preferably adjustable) chair with a headrest to maintain good posture and prevent hunchback and aches.
  2. One should also get up after every hour or two, stretch and stroll to maintain even blood flow, it makes the brain refreshingly energized and the feet lighter and relieved.

4. Right Lighting

Use balanced brightness screens and eye-care blue-light filters if available, it will preserve good eyesight, reduces blurry vision and other shenanigans. It seems difficult huh? Don’t worry, start small and advance one step at a time, it is worth the endurance and sacrifice.

These healthy tips can make you stay fit as a computer geek.

Stay fit, stay safe!

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