How to Make Nut Milk for Lactose Intolerants

Tiger Nut Milk

Written by Aeesha McOseni

September 5, 2020

Nut Milk, like nut butter, are non-dairy plant-based products. With the high prevalence of lactose-intolerance in people, nut milk is a safe heaven. Also, another major debate point for nut milk is that they are cruelty-free and sustainable for the environment.

Nut milk gained popularity with almond milk. Ever since a lot of nuts, seed, and plant milk has emerged. Nut milk is quite easy to make and require very few raw materials. When compared to dairy milk, nut milk may have varied nutrients and health benefits. But nut milk de-homogenize rather quickly, which means, when left to sit will separate easily.

This can be a disadvantage to some people, rather funny because the solution is a little bit of shaking. This factor has made a lot of commercial nut milk manufacturers add loads of homogenizers and chemicals to the milk.

To avoid consuming these unnecessary chemicals, you can make your own nut milk at home or start your small business using organic nut milk. I firmly recommend getting accreditation from food agencies like NAFDAC before starting a food business.

Note: When making nut milk commercially, it is very important to add the list of nuts that are used in the production Including nuts that might have been produced using the same equipment.

The most common plant-based milk in Nigeria are tiger nut milk and Soymilk, other nut milk can be made from almond, cashew, coconut, hazelnut, etc. Some nut milk might require boiling or pasteurization. You can sweeten them naturally with dates, stevia, or sugar.

Even though nut butter cannot replace diary butter in cooking and baking, nut milk can easily do that. Here’s how you can easily make nut milk for people with Lactose intolerance.

Procedure for Making Nut Milk

Equipment Needed

1. Grinder, size depends on the quantity.

2. Nut milk bag or Sieve

3. Bowls or buckets

4. Milk jar and funnel

Steps for Making Nut Milk

1. Sorting

I’m always a preacher of sorting irrespective of the grade of nuts you’re working with. This helps guarantee the quality of your nut milk. Ending up with a final product that has a foul smell or bad taste is not worth it. When sorting, remove all bad, spoilt, and decayed nuts.

2. Soaking

Most nuts will require soaking for at least 12 hours. This makes them softer and easy to grind. This also allows easily peeling for the nut that has the pericarp in place.

3. Grinding

Grind the soaked nuts with at least 2 parts of water depending on the required thickness of milk.

4. Sieving

Sieve the blended nut through a mesh and squeeze until all milk has been extracted.

5. Boiling

in most nut milk, this process is not necessary but in soya milk, this process is inevitable. This is because soya beans is a legume and cannot be consumed raw.

6. Packaging

Pour the nut milk in milk jar or any other container for storage. For commercial production of nut butter, label the jars with the date of production, best before the date, and batch number. Also, list the nut used and a possible trace of other nuts for possible allergen information.

Using the pulp: The pulp left after the production of nut milk should not be discarded. This pulp can be dried and used in making food, pastries even cheese. The pulp from almond and coconut milk is dried and used as for non-gluten flour. The pulp from coconut milk is used in making keto-swallow dishes.

Note: The only nut milk that can vary from this process is the coconut milk.

7. Storage

The nut milk can be stored in milk jars or bottles. Nut milk will stay a day or two without refrigeration and up to 5 days when adequately refrigerated. When the milk ferments or have a bad taste or smell, it is better to throw it out. When left to stand nut milk might separate, shaking it up is all the trick that is required.

How to Make Tiger Nut Milk (Kunun Aya)

Tiger Nut Milk also called Kunun Aya can be made with these easy steps.

Fun Fact: Though not commonly known, tiger nuts are not actually nuts.

Ingredients Required

1. Three cups Tigernuts

2. 8-10 cups of water

3. 8 Dates or sugar or stevia (optional)


1. Soak cleaned tiger nuts in warm water for 12 or more hours until they’re bloated and squishy. Considered the strength of your blender in the process. Core the dates and remove the seeds, and soak them too.

2. Discard the water and blend the soaked nut and dates until completely blended. Add water until you achieve a desired thickness and consistency.

3. Pour the blended mixture through a sieve and press gently until you’ve extracted all the milk.

4. The milk can be served chilled as a refreshment, or used in baking or for cereals.

5. The pulp can be dried and used as flour in baking.

How to Make Plain Cashew Milk

Ingredients Required

1. 2 cups raw cashew nuts

2. 4-8 cups Water

3. 6 dates (optional)


1. Soak raw cashews nut in water for at least 12 hours. The longer you soak the nuts, the more creamier the milk becomes.

2. Discard the water and blend soaked nut until completely blended. Add water until you reach the desired thickness and consistency.

3. Sieve the mixture until you have extracted all the milk.

4. The creamy milk can be served chilled, used for cereals, or frozen as sorbet.

How to Make Coconut Milk


1. 1 Deshelled medium-sized coconut

2. 1 liter of Water 


1. Cut the coconut up into tiny chunks. If your blender is not strong enough to blend coconut, grate the coconut skin.

2. Pour the cut or grated coconut in the blender. Blend in batches and add water gradually until it is all well blended.

3. Pour the mixture through a sieve or nut bag and press firmly until all the milk is released.

4. The milk can be served chilled, used for making coconut yogurt, coconut rice, or creamer for tea and coffee, etc

5. The pulp can be dried and used as coconut flour in baking or keto-swallows.

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