How To Manage Depression

Person suffering from depression

Written by Anita Ayibatari

July 8, 2020

Depression this has now become so popular in the vocabulary of many Africans and Nigerians. Before now, it was believed that Nigerians cannot be depressed. For whatever reason that was believed, we can see that that is a lie. Nigerians are faced with a lot of depression coming from different angles including family, work, society, the economy, the government among other things. Yet many don’t have any idea how to manage depression or what it is all about.

Contrary to popular beliefs, Depression isn’t limited to a particular person, religion. Depression has become so popular and along with it, suicide has followed suit. According to WHO, more than 264 million people suffer from depression worldwide, and it can lead to suicide.

Depression can be seen as a state of mind where someone doesn’t feel happy or has low morale which lasts over a long period and can subsequently lead to self-inflicted injury or suicide. It is important to note that depression has built over the years due to past experiences or how one feels. Depression doesn’t occur on a single day, and no one wakes up and decides to commit suicide because of it. It is more of a steady buildup of events that might lead to suicide or self-harm.

What they don’t tell you about depression is that sometimes it feels a lot less like sadness and a lot more like the emotional equivalent of watching paint dry

Alexis, Tumblr

At some point, all humans are faced with depressing thoughts and situations. What matters is how we overcome them. More so, people around us also play a significant role in these cases. As family or friends, it is important to pay close attention to how our loved ones feel or talk and behave. This is essential as we can learn a lot from people’s behavior. An example can be of someone who just got his/her heartbroken. Such a person will feel down. People around them should monitor them closely. They should advising and encourage them to get them back on their feet and jolly again.

The causes of depression might include relationship issues (heartbreak or cheating), loss of job, sickness, betrayal, financial constraint, social media, loss of a loved one, insecurity, among others.

How does one manage depression? Is it even manageable? Of course, it can be, and we shall be seeing how.

1. Stay Around Positive People

It is important that in times like these, one should stay around people who uplift the spirit and not those that only bring bad vibes or make fun of the situation. Optimistic and supportive friends, family, and relatives might help in this regard.

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2. Do Things That Make You Happy

Ever feel sad and nothing makes you happy, even the things you enjoy before? that might be depression. In times of depression, it seems nothing in the world can make you smile. To manage it, don’t run away from them, engage in those activities.

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It might not make you smile or laugh at the moment, but it will give you comfort and peace and will help in the long run.

3. Go Out

It is very advisable to go out during depressing times, don’t stay locked up but then. You shouldn’t go to places that remind you of how bad you feel. Take strolls (with someone if need be), observe nature and travel, visit a park, or anything. The most important thing is to go out. It helps you manage depression.

4. Cry

Crazy suggestion huh? Cry if you need to. Don’t try feigning strength in times like this. It is okay to feel vulnerable sometimes. If you feel like crying, please cry. It might help you feel good afterward.

5. Rant

A lot of people feel the need to talk about what or how they feel in depressed times. Talk about it. Say your mind. Free your heart.

6. Avoid What Makes You Feel Depressed

If you get burnt by fire, would you want to put your hand in it again? Some people might want to try again nonetheless but that is plain wrong. If it makes you feel depressed or triggers it, avoid it. This simple tip can help you manage depression.

7. Listen to Good Music

Music is the universal language of the world. Listen to the ones that inspire you the most. Listen to happy uplifting ones instead of sad ones. They would only make you feel bad.

8. Give Yourself Time

Time is magical and beautiful. It heals even the most unbearable pain. Take your time, don’t rush your comeback. Time will work its own magic. With time, all things will be back to normal. You might just be passing through a bumpy phase. Giving it time will help you manage depression.

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Depression is like a war—you either win or die trying.


9. Don’t Stay Idle

They say an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Do something— good things. Just make good use of your time. Plan activities. Read an inspiring book. Watch a movie. Just whatever you do, make sure it will uplift your spirits and mood. 

10. Plan

It sounds wrong, right? But the good plans are somehow born out of bad experiences. Yours can’t be different. So plan for the good days in the rainy period.

11. Avoid a Replay

If possible (because nothing is certain), try avoiding a replay of events. As a popular saying goes ‘Once bitten, twice shy’.

12. Join Therapy Groups

Aside from being with people who are positive oriented, it is also important to be in the midst of those who have been through similar situations. They can tell you how they overcame theirs. This will be a source of encouragement.

13. Turn Spiritual

It is important at these critical times that you intensify prayers. Read and listen more to the noble Book. Listen to religious sermons and lectures. Turn spiritual, it will help a great deal.

14. Seek Medical Attention

Seeking professional help is also an important way of managing depression. When seem in vain, consults the experts, they know better. There are lots of organizations that offer these services and you can find them online. Seek help now, the earlier the better.

It is important to note that different people react differently to different situations. While Some people might prefer to be open, others prefer to keep it on the low. Whatever the decision of the person involved, it is best to follow it in a way that is acceptable to the person but then, help should be provided.

Depression can be very hurtful, no one can deny that. But then again, a lot can be born out of the desert periods. Take Dubai as an example. It was once a desert, but now, it has become one of the most visited places in the world. All that matters is what you see. Don’t feel alone because you’re not alone and you’ll never walk alone (like Liverpool).

To every hurting heart, we stand with you! This too shall come to pass.

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