How To Nail A Job Interview In 5 Minutes

This is how you nail a job interview in 5 minutes

Written by Brai

Abdulganiyu Ibraheem otherwise known as Brai is a mass communication student from Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. He developed an interest in writing ever since he was in high school and hopes to be an advert content creator working in a manufacturing company. Brai is also a fashion designer whose optimism is high in owning a big fashion designing house, sewing different kinds of cloth for men and women

June 23, 2021

Let me offer you my congratulations as you have crossed the first stage of becoming an employee. But the real work has only begun, by trying to convince your aspired employer or company that you are the right candidate for that vacancy slot during your interview. And how can that be achieved? Is it through getting yourself acquainted with the tips of a job interview?

To help unbundle your fear on how to make your first job interview a prosperous and a palmy one, I decided to wordsmith on this topic because most of those being called upon for an interview are novice on what made-up for a successful one.

On successful completion of this unit, you should be able to know the following:

1. Things to do before the interview
2. Things to do during the interview and
3. Things to do After the interview.

Let’s go!

Things To Do Before An Interview

It is very crucial to know that preparation is key for any job interview. Among the preparations to put in place before the interview are;

1. Make Enquiries Or Research About The Company

This is one of the most important first job interview tips. One of the greatest preparation you need to put in place to get you ready for your interview is getting to know about the company you are to be interviewed in. This could be done by browsing through their social media platforms and the internet as a whole. To leave you with more knowledge on how they operate, the things they do, their strength and weaknesses.

Hence, It will give you a glimpse in convincing the interviewer that you can actually be a great asset to the company which they can boast of.

2. Prepare Questions And Conduct A Mock Interview For Yourself

These two have great roles to play in your interview success. This is more or less like solving questions against examination. Prepare questions, then give them to maybe someone close to you to ask you (importantly, an experienced person in the field of interviews), and should also add their own questions.

After the mock interview, you should accept your score.

3. Wash And Press Your Chosen Clothes

After you might have known the kind of attire you are wearing for the interview, don’t just wash it, but also give it a touch of iron to be free from wrinkles.

And mind you, don’t forget to use a nice smelling perfume. Stay away from a strong one.

4. Eat Healthy For The Interview

So as not to suffer an energy slump during the interview, it is advisable to scarf down nourishing food. And avoid junk food and alcohol intake before the interview. It can ruin your interview. You should check out these foods that are bad for you.

5. Switch Off Your Phone Before The interview

To avoid any kind of distraction that your phone may likely cause you when the interview is on, you should switch it off. The reason I won’t advise muting is that even the vibration when muted can cause a distraction to you. So it is advisable to have it off.

This is a crucial first job interview tip, especially for beginers.

Things To Do During An Interview

1. Arrive Early

Don’t be surprised to find this tip in the “during the interview” slot. The reason is that most companies count the time you arrive for the interview as part of the interview. They believe that ‘first impression matters and there is no second chance to that’. So you arrivig for the interview early will leave them with the impression that you will be a punctual staff when they finally give you the job.

Therefore, try to show up in the office about 10 minutes before your appointment time.

And mind you, don’t go too early before the time of the interview. Don’t get me wrong, be early, but not too early.

2. Maintain A Good Posture

If you are to stand while you are interviewed, make sure you stand properly. Make sure your legs are about a foot wide to give you the stamina you require.

Also, if you are to sit, be well seated ad feel free to rest your back against the seatback.

3. Look, And Listen

Always have your eyes glued to the interviewer when they are dishing out questions. Make eye contact. And be very attentive while the question segment is on. Don’t lose focus. Because asking the interviewer to repeat the question on many occasions may likely jeopardize your chance of being considered for an appointment.

So, be mindful of the questions. The only way to that is by being attentive and not having your eyes off from the interviewer.

4. Don’t Be Nervous

This is among the first job interview tips you should know. I know because I am also guilty of this. And it always ruins a lot of things for me when questions are being asked by someone I think is of high rank to me. Even though I have answers to everything he is asking, but because I am nervous, I won’t be able to supply him with enough answers to what he wanted.

But thanks to God, I am overcoming it bit by bit by staying calm, taking a deep breath and then bringing a beautiful smile alive. With that, I assure you of overcoming your nervousness.

You can check out how to overcome nervousness during interviews

5. Don’t Be Overconfident

One sign of looking too overconfident is by giving yourself a lot of space and what looks like too much praise in your interview segment more than necessary. Yes, you’re expected to talk about yourself during interviews, the value and impact you can bring to the company. But speaking or acting as if you are entitled to the position will instantly seem rude, no matter how qualified you are and can rob you of a chance of being employed.

Things To Do After A Job Interview

1. Ask Relevant Questions At The End Of The Interview

Most interviewers give room for questions to be asked if there is any. So it will be of great interest to ask about what the culture of the company like; what do you stand to enjoy working with the company, and other things you would want to know about them. Doing so will leave a great impression on the interviewer’s mind that you are really interested in working with the company.

2. Thank Your Interviewer

At the end of the interview, don’t just make for the door without taking your time to appreciate your interviewer for creating a time to attend to you.

3. Send A Thank You Note

This is among the first job interview tips that most people ignore. This is a short, (not up to a page), but a personalized letter or preferably through Email (unless the employer is the type that doesn’t like computer or technology) you send to your interviewer or to every member of the employer’s staff who interviewed you.

You can check out samples on how how to send a thank-you note.

4. Try And Follow Up

Try to get in touch with the company or with the employer to remind them about you. It is not as if you are disturbing them but most employers or company are occupied with a lot of desk work which can hinder them from reminding to get in touch with you. But with a little follow up and reminder could play a very important role in the company remembering and also considering you for the job.


After applying these first job interview tips, It will be so lovely to say my second congratulations to you after you are finally considered for the job. So don’t forget to share the good news in the comment box below.

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  1. Aisha Zakari

    This was helpful..I feel like I should send an application, that’s how ready reading this made me feel. I enjoyed it.

    • brai

      Therefore, when is time for that interview, walk in to them majestically and make them know you are all -ready for them. Brai ha got you covered.


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