If You See These 9 Signs From Your Partner, They Don’t Love You Anymore

Written by JB Mairubutu

March 5, 2021

No one has said that love wouldn’t or doesn’t fail and this is why you see lovers or partners who were heads over heels each other turn to strangers. It leaves the whole neighborhood wondering, how did the love they shared disappeared? Love doesn’t only fade, it can die. Love or a relationship that is on this path always comes with drama. The Z world type or K-drama. The signs that your partner doesn’t love you anymore are often wrapped in body language and with no time, it might end up becoming quite abusive. 

In this article, we will be giving you signs of why we think your partner doesn’t love you anymore. Once you see these signs, It will be best if you just move on so you don’t get too hurt or die of blood pressure. You can also check here for a list of red flags you should avoid in your relationship.

9 Signs Your Partner Doesn’t Love You Anymore

1. They Avoid You

Sometimes relationships beef or squabbles can lead to partners avoiding each other but it doesn’t go on for too long. It is momentarily. When a partner notices that he or she is being avoided for a long period it is a glaring sign that the other partner isn’t interested anymore.

In Nigeria Nigeria pidgin, you will hear, “ matter don tie wrapper, Agbada don hook wire.” This means the relationship has hit a cul-de-sac. The love is either dead or about dying. 

2. Communication Begins To Die

When communication in a relationship moves from “blah, blah, blah, blah” to “Okay” to “K,” this shows that there is a problem. It might not be a problem if it’s for a short time but when it is for a very long period, just forget about it. The relationship has become a worn-out attire. No relationship can work without proper communication. None at all. Therefore, when a partner who used to enjoy talking to you starts to drop off during conversations, it is a sign that the partner doesn’t love you anymore.

3. When They Become Secretive

Nothing breaks off relationships faster than secrets. Keeping secrets is a breach of agreement in a relationship. It is a deal-breaker for most people. When they start to keep so many secrets, accept the fact your partner doesn’t love you anymore.

When these secrets get discovered eventually, the trust is completely broken and hard to repair.

4. Gets Angry Easily

Whenever a partner starts to flare up at the tiniest of things, it is obvious that he or she dosen’t love you anymore. I remember watching a film where the husband was angry at his wife for always giving him chicken at night. This is a very crazy reason to be angry at your partner for. It is laughable but it happens. Whenever partners are falling out of love, they get angry like restless bush babies.

When you see this, it is a sign your partner doesn’t love you anymore.

5. When They Go MIA

He or she doesn’t text or call as often as before. If you ask questions you’re either hushed up or work is used as an excuse. When you try to spend some time with them, they cook up funny excuses. This is a sign that they no longer want to be with you. 

6. They Forget Special Events

Fam, this can be so painful. Imagine on your birthday or let’s say anniversary you don’t get that special or treat from your partner. Wow, it definitely will hurt like a stab from a knife. This can make one start thinking of one’s life. Whenever a partner starts to act insensitively towards special events, they don’t love you anymore. 

7. No More Loving Words

This is a big, big sign that your partner is getting tired of you or the relationship. The moment you’re no longer embellished with endearing names, forget it. They aren’t into you anymore. Everyone needs to feel loved and loving or endearing names are a big part of you.

When you start to hear Hauwa instead of Baby or Sucre or John instead of Babe or Beau, it is time you accept your loss and move on with your life. It can get so bad that when you tell your partner you miss or love them you get an okay or thank you instead. Are you serious? I say I love you and you’re telling me to thank you! Hah! Please, take 600 years of suffering.

8. Stopped Caring About Your Feelings

One partner tends to be insensitive towards the feelings of the other partners if they get tired of the relationship. They may not care about how you feel so they won’t mind if your feelings are being hurt. Most times, they do things that they know would hurt you badly, why? Because they don’t care about how you feel anymore. 

9. Comparing You With Others

Don’t you see how Sule behaves? Maimuna, would never have said those things to me? Can’t you be like that?

When these words start simmering into your relationship it is an indication that you aren’t wanted anymore. Your status moves from being the most wanted to unwanted. When you start to see this, it is obvious that the relationship is now second hand. You’re no longer loved. 

10. When They Tell You They Need a Break

Now, this is it! This sign here is more glaring than ever. I remember my ex telling me she needed a break. I was like break for? And she answered she needed some ‘me’ time. The foolishness in me blinded me from seeing that she no longer loved me. I kept begging for weeks until I was given the banger. “I stopped loving you, I’m seeing someone else!” Wow!

Most times, when a partner tells you that need a break, you’re being told that you aren’t needed anymore. Do what? Mooooovvee. 

These signs have shown that your partner doesn’t love you anymore. You shouldn’t force things and move on. If you act like one with a coconut head, you might end up at the receiving end of abuse. Physical abuse might follow. To see all the signs of physical abuse, check our blog series titled Purple Ribbon here. 

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