Improve Your Self Confidence With These 6 Proven Ways

Tips to improve your confidence

Written by Fatima Sheikh

Fatima is a techie who enjoys writing. An avid reader with a passion for innovative impact in her community.

March 27, 2021

Self-confidence is always a tricky topic to discuss for many going through phases of self-acceptance and discovery. If any character traits can take you far in life, that trait is self-confidence. Self-confidence is an attribute most people lack. What then are the ways to build self confidence?

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Shyness is cute and cool especially if you are a young girl from northern Nigeria, although being able to stand up for yourself gives you further beauty and admiration.

Self-confidence isn’t a skill you pick up on the street; it’s a lifetime treasure you work day and night to accomplish. And attaining it will pave the way to so many opportunities, respect, and admiration from many.

Check out these steps and strategies that have helped me and are still helping me get through my journey of self-confidence.

6 Easy Ways To Build Your Self Confidence

1. Practice Positive Self-Talk

Life becomes easier and more beautiful when we can see the good in other people.

Roy T. Bennett

Before meeting people for the first time, we are quick to assume all sorts of thoughts we imagine they have about us. Most of these thoughts are always negative and false.

As an overthinker, I learned this the hard way. Our fears always create scenarios that aren’t true. We always imagine people to be focused on just us and can see all our faults and errors.

Kill all negative thoughts you have about yourself. Change your mindset and practice the habit of constant positive affirmations as this is one of the ways to build self confidence.

2. Take Care of Your Body

Cleanliness can never be over-emphasized. Take a regular shower, groom yourself and use soft and calm perfumes. You don’t want to meet people looking rough and smelling bad.

Dress like you want to be addressed. This is my one-time favorite trick and it works like magic. Wearing a dress you are comfortable in and know you look fantastic in will always give you that confidence boost you lack.

Cleanliness and smart dressing will go a long way to make you feel very comfortable in your skin. Dress smart, smell good and stay clean.

3. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Take it easy on yourself and stop comparing yourself to others. We are all unique in our way. We were all created differently but equal in unique ways. Someone who might be good at Mathematics might be poor in English and vice versa. This indicates strength and weakness in both subjects.

Dig deep within yourself and make a list of your strength and weakness. Be proud of your strength and accept your weakness as unique traits. This test allows you to know yourself better than others do, thereby giving you a boost of confidence.

4. Empower Yourself With Knowledge

Empowering yourself is one of the best gifts you can ever give to yourself. It is also one of the ways to build self confidence. It is one of the best strategies that can shoot up your confidence level from 5 to 11 on a scale of 1 to 10. Learn, study, make research, stay updated on the latest topics and happenings, and watch the latest programs and news. By becoming knowledgeable you are working on standing out amongst the crowd.

This means you can hold conversations on different subjects with people. As an avid reader and internet surfer, this strategy has helped me times and again.

5. Try New Things

To be self-confident, you have to learn to break out of your shell. This might seem tough at first but always proves to work. The best and easiest way to break out of your shell and away from your comfort zone is by trying out new adventures.

Whether it’s studying a different topic, going on a hike or sky diving, eating that meal you have always dreaded, or even breaking the ice by talking to your neighbor, set exciting goals and achieve them.

Gradually this will, in turn, bolster your self-belief and grow your confidence exponentially.

6. Stay Busy

I might pass for an introvert who loves her space, but staying busy is something I love and has helped me handle situations I dreaded by building my confidence.

Participate in programs, attend events and network with people, signup for a gym membership, or even volunteer for a local NGO. Of course, participating in something could lead to mistakes, but mistakes are a part of life. You haven’t truly grown unless you have made mistakes. The constant mistake will help you perfect your flaws, thereby building your confidence. You can only make mistakes when you are actively busy.


There is not an outlined shortcut to building your self-confidence. You have to make a dedicated effort to ensure you break out of your comfort zone, take up challenging tasks and roles you dread to build your self-confidence. These are only some ways to build your self confidence, there are 101 more tips to help you do that but you have to be ready to do that yourself.

Building your self-confidence isn’t complicated as you might assume, with discipline and conscious practice you will get there

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