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Written by Anita Ayibatari

July 29, 2020

Between home and house, is there any difference? Is a home really a house? People often use them interchangeably in various contexts but then, they can both be different words and have different meanings. In this light, what then is a home, and what is a house? A house simply put is the building where a person or people stay in and home can also be defined as the same thing. But then again, a home can also be said to be a place of refuge, rest or care; an abiding place of affection. Little wonder people talk about making their houses home.

A home with this next light can be said to be a place where even if the world just crumpled before your very eyes, it can still give you comfort. A place you are loved, revered, and respected. A place you feel at peace with yourself. A home should be a place where you are comfortable and know that your sanity can be restored. So look at it again, is your house a home? Do you feel at home in your house?

Here are some characteristics of a home to help guide you.

Characteristics of a Home

1. A Home Is Full Of Comfort

One of the first things that comes to mind about a home is comfortability. This has nothing to do with your comfortable furniture but all to do with how you feel when you’re there. A lot of people prefer not to go back house because they’re uncomfortable. That can’t be called a home.

2. You Find Happiness In Your Home

Happiness should always be found in a home. Where there’s no happiness in the home, there’s bound to be issues. A lot of people dwell in places they’re unhappy in and this can bring a whole lot of negative vibes in the home.

3. Home Is Where There Is Peace

One should rather live under the bridge than in a place where every day is plagued with havoc and unrest. A lot of people suffer from anxiety when they’re home, with no peace of mind. This can be very terrible. Little wonder people will prefer staying over at a friend’s place or stay out all night before they head over to their house to sleep.

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4. No Home Survives Without Unity

The one for all, all for one should be adopted in a home. A home should have a sense of unity and togetherness, love for one another, and not be like a war zone where everyone is selfish.

5. Laughter and Joy Are Essential In Every Home

A home should be adorned with bubbling vibes, continuous laughter, and full of joy even from the littlest things because they matter the most.

6. You Feel Warmth In A Home

People should feel welcome whenever they come to your house because of the warmth radiating, not the cold unwelcome approach.

7. A Home Is Where Love Is

What can function without love? Nothing. If your house lacks love, then there is a big problem. Love must exist in the home so that peace too can follow suit.

Effects of Staying in a House and Not a Home

In as much as there are advantages of staying in homes, there are also disadvantages of not staying in homes. In other words, what are the effects of staying in a house?

1. Preference of Other Houses

You ever had that friend that prefers your house to theirs? That’s one of the signs. They always need a getaway from all the drama in their own houses.

2. Feeling Less Loved

People that grow up in homes tend to feel unloved because of the constant negativity in their houses. This can lead to so many other issues.

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3. Feeling Like A Burden

Wherever they go, they tend to feel like burdens on people and might begin drifting apart so as not to feel too clingy.

4. Psychological and Emotional Trauma

Being in a negative environment exerts its toll on the mind and brain, this is not an exemption.

5. The Urge to Leave

The idea of changing location and starting afresh somewhere will always be on their minds. This can be harmful.

Transforming a House Into a Home

1. Love One Another

The essence of love cannot be overemphasized. For a home to be home, love needs to be felt and should be shared by everyone.

2. Be Comfortable

The house needs to be comfortable for everyone. Things might go sideways if it isn’t.

3. Have Peace

Nobody likes being troubled or being worried about situations all the time. As much as possible, the home should be peaceful so everyone can coexist.

With all these in mind, any house can become a home. All it takes is a little consistency and extra work from everybody involved.

Unfortunately, some people might have read this and felt some way because their houses aren’t home yet. It is not the end of the world for you. It can be accomplished. A house should be filled with positivity and light so that even those from outside can partake in the joy radiating from the house. It will be a pain and a big shame for your house to be feeling like a morgue. Whatever it takes, transform that house into a home. Else, you’ll keep running forever.

So look through again and ask yourself, is your house a home? If your answer is no, try to find out what is wrong and then correct it so your house can become a home.

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